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$33,227.00 will really get a family of 4 a long way in today's society. But the point isn't relevant. If you took away all the pay and cost associated with government imagine how things would be so great! The fact is that it wouldn't work. Unions have administration. Is it fat? Probably in a number of areas yes. Do companies have fat that they could chop off in management to save money? Probably but they don't do they? Your constant griping about unions like they are the cause of everything wrong is deceitful. You have a quote in your profile about giving up one's rights. Why would anyone be in favor of giving up collective bargaining? The lack of labor strength has led to the outsourcing of jobs to 3rd world countries that have slowly but surely decimated the economy. Is that what you want? A complete obliteration of the middle class? Mott juices settled their strike by freezing current wages, taking some pension benefits and starting new hires at a lesser rate. This despite posting record profits of $550M the previous year. The workers their make less than $40K per year. Is that too much? We did the same thing to the steel industry. Look what happened to the cities in the rust belt! We are using more steel than ever in the world yet we gave those good jobs away to the 3rd world. Why? Because steel companies weren't making profit? Or because they could make MORE profit?


You contradict yourself shea. Bitch all the time about your rights and freedoms but side with corporations against the little guy. I suppose we can fully expect and trust any large corporation to do the right thing. Thats what happened back when the company towns existed and why unions started. Imagine where we would be today without the unions existence. When the corporations come after your pension, and the states come after police and firefighters and emergency workers pensions all in the name of "survival", what will you do then? Cry foul I am sure.

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Head...Unions started out as a legitimate lobbying organization that "bartered" on behalf of employees. Not anymore...They have now become manipulative, deceitful, self aggrandizing, money hoarding, THUGGISH political arms of the Liberal Progressive Democratic Party. They have been empowered through BHO's interactions with Andy Stern and the HUGE Union donations from SEIU to elect the Chicago crime syndicates most "accomplished" political player...  Barry Soetoro! Your claim that if not for Unions, the middle class will be "obliterated" is laughable. The Federal Reserve started raiding the money supply by creating inflation through printing fiat money! What have the corrupt Federal Reserve, the bloated US government bureaucracy and the THUG Unions done to benefit America? NOTHING!...Except to demand higher wages, Union "dues", higher taxes and create unsustainable entitlements that they CONSTANTLY pilfer for their own use. That's why Social Security is $73 TRILLION in the hole! My "signature" is "reflective reverence" to the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms! It's totally opposite and unrelated to the "right to work"...but the LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE pro-Union HACKS that idolize ObaMao, Andy Stern and their pro-communist movement to subvert and subjugate America is quickly MAKING it relevant to stock up on beans and bullets! The Union term "collective bargaining" is code for corporate rape! This administration is doing everything in its power to tax, regulate and "collective bargain" American small business and large corporations into BANKRUPTCY! Just look at Boeing Aircraft and their effort to build a new plant in the "right to work" state of South Carolina. Yeah,... the Unions are soooo great! Union retirees are "double dipping" in a lot of instances. They worked 20 years as a fireman or policeman, retired in their mid 40's or 50's with 80% of their regular pay, plus benefits...then started collecting Social Security. WHAT A SCAM! For every ONE retiree, it takes the "dues and pension deductions" of TEN workers to pay for it! How long will that last?...IT WON'T...IT'S UNSUSTAINABLE...!





Will you..."Fight for Communism"?...





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Taxpayers to lose $14 billion in Obama’s union payoff

Obama illegally gave ownership shares to the auto workers union who spent millions to

elect Democrats leaving US taxpayers holding the empty bag

- Michael Whipple  Thursday, June 2, 2011


Obama’s agenda is the union agenda. He said it, I believe it, the GM and Chrysler deals prove it.

Few are mentioning the theft of assets from the original creditors, the union pension bailout at taxpayer expense or the billions in funds Treasury Secretary Geithner now admits will never get repaid. Obama unconstitutionality took over a private company, overturned decades of surety laws, and paid campaign supporters with confiscated stock.

The Wall Street Journal points out  that this is not near as good as was anticipated;

“So, today, amid the bally and the hoo, many have lost track of that fact. The offering valued GM at $50 billion, the low end of the hoped-for range. You would never know it, based on everything you read and hear. Once underwriters saw where demand was (not as great as desired), they shifted from talking about implied valuation to emphasizing shares issued, the per-share price and total money raised. The different storyline painted a picture of boffo box office even though the facts, as laid out just a few weeks ago, indicate that this deal really didn’t meet the hopes and expectations of GM or its biggest shareholder, the U.S. Government.”


So even though all the media hype is pushing Obama’s mantra of what a great thing it was to destroy the constitution in taking over the auto industry, the US is still short $14 billion. Obama says “it helped save jobs, rescue an industry at the heart of America’s manufacturing sector and position it to be more competitive in the future.” according to the Washington Post. Geithner said ““We cannot guarantee their success, and at some point they may stumble. But we’ve given them a better shot,”.


An earlier IBD Editorial pointed out the sweetheart deal Obama gave the UAW:


“Given that the wasteful work rules that UAW bosses—wielding government-granted monopoly-bargaining power over employees—insisted on for decades were largely what drove GM into bankruptcy, they certainly didn’t deserve kid-gloves treatment. Yet that’s what they got.

A UAW-controlled auto retiree health care fund was owed $20 billion by GM before the bailout.

Under the White House-dictated terms, UAW-appointed fund managers got back half of what they were owed in cash, whereas taxpayers who were owed $19.4 billion didn’t get a dime back in cash.

Instead, the Obama administration “forgave” this entire loan on taxpayers’ behalf and earmarked an additional $23.5 billion for the company’s trip through bankruptcy. In exchange for the nearly $43 billion funneled to GM, taxpayers acquired a “60.8% equity stake” in GM.”


It should be noted that the UAW is one of the most politically active of all unions. The union gave $2,119.937 to the 2008 campaigns 99% of which went to Obama and the Democrats. They gave another $1,106,500 in this past 2010 election cycle 100% of which went to Democrats. That is a total of $3,226,437 in just the last two election cycles. That does not include the phone banks, neighborhood canvassing and get out the vote efforts. Since 1990 the UAW has donated $26,510,252 of which 99% went to Democrats.

Not a bad return on investment when you consider they received billions back in ownership and benefit funding.


The government is subsidizing purchases of the GM Volt to the tune of $7,500 each. By the way that $7,500 is being supplied by you the taxpayer and is not being considered in the overall loss figures on the GM union payoff scam.

The UAW also spends about a million and a half a year lobbying for important issues like card check, pension bailouts and the Buy America Act. So in reality taxpayer money was used to pay off unions so that they could then campaign for Democrats and lobby for special favors from those same Democrats. This is change alright. An increase in arrogant corruption that is off the Richter scale!


The Obama campaign is claiming the union bailout saved the auto industry but neglects to mention that Ford took no money and has recovered even better than GM or Chrysler and that US plants owned by Toyota, Nissan and others continued to employ Americans without taxpayer assistance even competing against government subsidized GM and Chrysler.


The real bailout was the union money laundering scheme that keeps union dollars flowing into Democrat campaign coffers. That is the Chicago way of redistributing the wealth. Taking from the unsuspecting taxpayer to give to the union campaign supporters.



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In Chess, this is called CHECKMATE:



The Obama campaign is claiming the union bailout saved the auto industry but neglects to

mention that Ford took no money and has recovered even better than GM or Chrysler

and that US plants owned by Toyota, Nissan and others continued to employ Americans

without taxpayer assistance even competing against government subsidized GM and Chrysler. 



Obama is a criminal.


What will it take?

Military overthrow?







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Ex-Union Member Fights $200,000 Union Fine For Working Non-Union


Unions have rules. Union members who break those rules can be placed on trial by their union and, if found guilty, can be expelled or suspended from the union. They can also be fined, as Nathaniel Musser has learned the expensive way.

Musser, a former member of the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters, according to his lawyer, could not find work through his union. So, as union members sometimes do, Musser found work on his own–at a non-union company.

As working non-union is against many trade unions’ rules, the Carpenters’ union filed internal union charges against Musser and imposed a $300,900.00 fine against Musser.

Although Musser appealed and the fine was later reduced to $200,850.00, Musser is also fighting the reduced fine as well.

According to ChicagoUnionNews.com, Musser is alleging in his court documents that the union maintained a policy that precluded members from resigning from the union.

“If he would have known about a way to resign, he would have resigned before he worked for a non-union employer,” [Musser's lawyer Stanley] Niew said.

Joe Heilgeist, identified in court papers as a business representative and organizer of Local 250, declined to comment and the attorney representing the union did not return phone calls.

Frank Libby, president of the Regional Council, said he was unfamiliar with this particular case but said the situation was common.

It makes sense,” Libby said. “He went to work with a non-union contractor while he held membership. You can’t do that. . . . He made a conscious decision apparently to say the hell with the union.” [Emphasis added.]

Note: If you are an out-of-work construction trade union member, before you start working non-union, check your union constitution and local union bylaws. As a union member (in most trade unions), you can be placed on trial for working non-union.

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SEIU plans U.S. "DAYS OF RAGE" against Wall Street

scheduled for Sept 17th, 2011 ... below 10000 Dow?!?


SEIU’s Stephen Lerner and ACORN founder Wade Rathke who formerly served as

president of SEIU’s  New Orleans branch are targeting Wall St and U.S. Capitalism.





Lerner also spelled out how to paralyze the stock market.


“We need to build a movement based on the oppression we’re going to face

and the key thing is ...  we have to say, what does the other side fear most?

They fear disruption; they fear uncertainty.”


Lerner observed that earlier this year the stock markets fell after riots over austerity

measures broke out in Greece. Said Lerner, “The folks that control this country care

about one thing: how the stock market does; how the bond market does; and what

their bonus is.”


Based on past episodes of "disruption" by the SEIU thugs, I fully EXPECT  U.S. riots similar to London.

Their plans are to occupy financial districts WORLD WIDE on September 17th ... not just Wall Street ...




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The Gov't employees are a lost cause since it is the Gov't that has

MANDATED its employees to Unionize & protect themselves against

SAID Gov't atrocities......


.... Brilliant, Huh?



.... But, only 3% of Private employment is Unionized.



Unions are part of THIS GOVERNMENT and nothing else.

Like the Wiley sage Rooster puffing himself up to appear

THREATENINGLY..... These bastards aren't even the masters

of their own hen house.


Butter-basted ROSEMARY CAPON, anyone?







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Originally Posted by Techunter View Post

Butter-basted ROSEMARY CAPON, anyone?.

Hey ... wasn't that an item on the menu at that pricey Martha's Vineyard restaurant where

ObaMocha and Mooshelle spent nearly $200 for one meal while we eat Ramen noodles?




President and Mrs. Obama are sharing in the sacrifice tonight at the

Beach Plum Restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard, which features an array

of overpriced selections for the first couple to choose from that could easily bring the bill within range of $200.


They might, for example, choose to start the meal with a $15 chunk of pizza cheese –

I’m sorry, “Fresh Mozzarella” with “Fresh Basil, vine ripened tomatoes, aged balsamic reduction, and chive dill.”

This is a good mix because some things are fresh, and some things are aged.


But the sacrifice really gets serious with the entree, where the Obamas may want to order half a chicken for $38.

Excuse me, please, “Herb crusted roasted half Katama Farm chicken; garlic mashed potatoes with steamed broccollini,

rosemary jus.”

This would be perfect for me, because when I get tired of Perdue, I always switch to Katama Farm.


There’s also the steamed twin Menemsha lobsters for $48. Isn’t Menemsha some kind of club for geniuses? I’ll take those.

But to be sure that they’re twins, I’ll need a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.


The restaurant notes, “We would be happy to split single entree items for an additional charge of $15.”

Well, of course! I’m sure being paid $15 to heap the same junk on two plates instead of one would make them very happy indeed.


So if the Obamas go with the cheese and the chicken we’re at $53 before dessert, tax, tip and booze.

Now, looks like it’s bring-your-own-drinks with a corkage fee of $10. So if we assume $10 for a drink,

$10 for dessert – you know they’re both having dessert – a 6.25 percent Massachusetts restaurant tax,

and a 20 percent tip, we’re at $93 each, or $186 for the couple.


The average weekly Social Security check for a retired worker is about $274. Just saying.

And guess what? No peas on the menu. The Obamas don’t have to eat their peas.


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Unions splitting from Democrats in 2012, Trumka says


August 25, 2011 by Ed Morrissey


The media likes to push the notion that the Republican Party will split in two because of the Tea Party, but they may have missed a real split on the other side of the aisle.  AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka announced the creation of a union super-PAC that will “build our own structure” rather than “build structures for others.” 


And by “others,” Trumka means the Democratic Party:



The growing rift between labor and their Democratic allies was on full display Thursday, as AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka told reporters that labor groups are planning to scale back their involvement with the Democratic Party in advance of the 2012 elections.

Going forward, Trumka said, the labor movement will build up its own political structures and organizations rather than contribute to and depend on the Democratic Party’s political operation. …

Labor has traditionally been a major contributor to Democratic candidates and causes around the country. Trumka said that their outside effort will help keep union-backed candidates more accountable for promises made on the campaign trail.

“Let’s assume we spent $100 in the last election,” he said, explaining the union’s position.

“The day after Election Day, we were no stronger than we were the day before,” said Trumka. “If we had spent that [$100] on creating a structure for working people that would be there year round, then we are stronger.”


That’s not just an expression of disapproval with the Democratic Party.  It’s a public vote of no confidence.  Unions spent heavily in the 2010 midterm elections; they accounted for three of the top five high-spending outside groups in that cycle.  They also spent tens of millions of dollars in Wisconsin this year in an attempt to wrest control of the state Senate away from Republicans, and failed to achieve their objective.  Trumka’s comments make it clear that he doesn’t see a great prospect of electoral success in 2012, either.

Trumka also directly criticized Obama for his inaction on job creation:


“He’s going to give a speech in a couple of weeks on job creation,” Trumka told reporters. “If he’s talking about another percent or two break from a tax here and doing something with patent control, and doing three years down the road something with infrastructure bank, that’s not going to get the job done.”


This puts the AFL-CIO into a position where the creation of a third party is not just a theoretical possibility, but perhaps a likely outcome.  The Tea Party doesn’t have deep pockets for organization, but the unions have a mostly-mandated grip on the pockets of their members, thanks to closed-shop rules in many areas of the country.  They can generate hundreds of millions of dollars for elections and candidate recruitment, especially in areas of high union concentration.  Unions might not be strong enough to run their own presidential candidate, but they could win House seats and perhaps a few Senate seats as well, or more likely just provide a competitive third choice for voters.  In fact, there’s really no other way to read Trumka’s statement but as a threat to compete with the Democratic Party on their own terms.

And that’s where the Democratic Party will suffer most.  If unions start running well-funded alternative candidates, the vote will split and allow Republicans to make gains in Congress and in state legislatures.  Either Democrats will have to start endorsing union candidates or start falling hopelessly behind the GOP in power and influence.


Even if this turns into just a one-cycle phenomenon, it couldn’t come at a worse time for Obama.  In order to win a general election, Obama needs to run to his right — and in order to keep the union funding he desperately needs, he will have to move to his left.  Either way, Obama loses, as does his party.

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A KGW-TV news crew recently tried to interview a member at the ILWU hall (local 21) in Longview, Washington about their attack at the EGT grain terminal in Washington State -- where they reportedly smashed windows, held security guards hostage, threatened police officers with baseball bats, damaged rail car brake lines and dumped out tons of grain --


This union thug is totally disgusting!




A witness at EGT identified the union goon in the video as Ronald Patrick Stavas, 45 of Kelso, Washington...

He's currently being held under  $50,000 bail in the Cowlitz County jail on suspicion of four felony charges

of first degree burglary, second degree assault, witness intimidation and sabotage. Don't drop the soap Ron!


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Nice.  They get taxpayer money and lose it, yet they are getting bonuses and raises.  While the rest of the country is still struggling, they are gaining.  The automakers should have gone under, not given to the Unions.




GM workers to get $5,000 signing bonus in deal


DETROIT — The United Auto Workers union won $5,000 signing bonuses and the possibility of sweeter profit-sharing checks as part of a new four-year contract with General Motors Co., two people briefed on the talks said Saturday.

The deal reached late Friday also includes a $2 to $3 an hour pay raise for entry-level workers over the life of the contract and guarantees more union jobs, the people said.

Both people asked to remain anonymous because the details of the contract hadn’t been reviewed by all local union leaders.

The GM deal will serve as a template for contracts to be negotiated with Chrysler Group LLC and Ford Motor Co. It would set the pay and benefits for 112,500 U.S. auto workers. It also sets the bar for pay and benefits at nonunion auto companies and other industries across the country.

The contract is the first since GM and Chrysler received government bailouts to make it through bankruptcy protection in 2009. GM earned $4.7 billion last year.

Workers have to approve the deal before it can take effect. A vote is expected within 10 days.

In addition to the bonuses, workers could get profit-sharing checks that exceed the $4,000 checks that workers earned last year.

The deal also will include creative ways to cut GM’s hourly labor costs. GM pays about $56 an hour including wages and benefits. That’s less than Ford pays but far higher than other companies such as Chrysler and Hyundai Motor Co.

A former Saturn assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tenn., will be reopened under the deal, the sources said, and new products have been promised to plants in Romulus, Mich.; Warren, Mich., and Wentzville, Mo.

GM has about 2,400 entry-level workers who make $14 to $16 per hour, about half the pay of a longtime UAW worker. The union agreed to the lower wage as automakers ran into financial troubles in 2007. AP

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Waymaker Communications, a full-service printing company based in Powder Springs, Georgia, contracted with another printing company to print some specialty bumper stickers for a client. The Bumper stickers were of GOP presidential candidates Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul. When the boxes were opened, the owners noticed some design on the front of the bumper stickers. A big and bold union label had been added: “Sign Display. Painters and Allied Trades, No. 1 Local 820.″


Waymaker has a long history with this company. The owners believe that one or more of the employees wanted to make a political statement. Of course, Waymaker doesn’t mind if union workers want to express themselves politically. But they need to do it on their own dime!

Can you imagine what would happen if some union shop decided to put a union label logo on the front of Polo shirts, Bantam book covers, and dress pants from Jos. A. Bank without permission from the companies?


This job cost the printer money because the bumper stickers were rejected. They will have to be reprinted without the union label. I wonder if the shop owners will make the union workers who decided to express themselves by sabotaging Waymaker’s products pay for the job and possible future lost business. I doubt it. The owners most likely fear retaliation from the union workers.


The unions are in pay-back mode because of heavy political losses in Wisconsin and New Jersey. Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. has shown what union leadership is all about with his comment about taking out the Tea Party “sons of bitches.” Maybe putting the union label on GOP bumper stickers is one way to do it. Let’s not forget the hundreds of Longshoremen who stormed the Port of Longview, overpowered and held security guards, damaged railroad cars, and dumped grain. Six guards were held hostage for a couple of hours after 500 or more Longshoremen broke down gates and smashed windows in the guard shack. The blockade defied a federal restraining order.


Unions are hoping for another big Democrat win in 2012. They see the Democrats as their last best hope for union power. The time is now to stand up against union thuggery no matter how small. For some non-union labeled bumper stickers, go to Patriot Depot and Vision to America.


Update: Some people have expressed dissatisfaction that Waymaker is using a union printer. Over the years, Waymaker has used a number of printers. These small shops have been bought out by big companies, most of which are union. Waymaker has tried to find non-union printers. There are lots of them . . . outside the USA. If anyone reading this article knows of a good printer that does bumper stickers that is not union, put the name and phone number in the comment section. By the way, if you are going to call and complain, be civil. No one likes a jerk, even if the jerk is a conservative.

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Government Unionized Employees: The True 1%


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Trumka: Card Check in Obama's 2nd Term‏

Many Right to Work supporters have called the last couple of days asking me what will happen now that Big Labor re-elected Barack Obama and held the majority in the U.S. Senate.

Well I can tell you, the union bosses are already scheming to seize more power.

In a revealing interview just before Election Day, top AFL-CIO union boss Richard Trumka promised that Big Labor's Card Check Forced Unionism Bill will be a top priority in Barack Obama's second term.

As you may remember, the Card Check Bill would STRIP workers of the right to a secret ballot in union elections, allowing union thugs to intimidate workers one-on-one -- or three-on-one -- into signing so-called "union authorization cards."

But Trumka didn't stop there.

He even pledged to unleash Big Labor's forced-dues-backed political war chest to oust members of Congress in 2014 who won't do the union bosses' bidding.

Not only that, the union bosses will scheme to kill pro-worker freedom legislation like the National Right to Work Act and Freedom From Union Violence Act.

And then there's "Plan B."

In his first term, Obama wasn't shy about paying back his union-boss benefactors through the National Labor Relations Board.

Now that Obama is no longer accountable to the voters, we must be on high alert for an all-out assault on worker freedom through the federal bureaucracy.

The good news is, Right to Work remains popular.

This week, voters in Michigan -- long considered a stronghold for Big Labor -- rejected the union bosses' ballot questions to expand their power over workers and taxpayers.

And in January when the new Congress is seated, the ranks of U.S Senators who signed a Committee survey 100% in favor of Right to Work will increase.

But we knew the union bosses would do whatever it took to re-elect Obama.

And they're already demanding payback.

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