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Wow, all these charts and faces look familiar?  How long has this place been here?

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Thread was started a few years back.

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New site Worldofleggings.com added to Adword. Opened Monday, added to Adword yesterday. Exciting stuff!! 



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Rev'ed up for a hopefully strong week with Brav. New site, added to adword, fins out in just over 3 weeks, possible stock buy back under way. Looks good in Brav land. 

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Looks like the move going into fins is underway. 

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^ Yep sure it. Down 2% on the day. duh.gif

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Even for the week.

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BRAVADA International Ltd. (www.WorldofLeggings.com)(Pink Sheets:BRAV) announced today that its World of Leggings retail stores and WorldofLeggings.com will broaden its product mix to create the vanguard in all that is women’s leg fashion. The concept of a total and complete women’s leg fashionretailer is one that fits very well with the overall perception of World of Leggings and all product permutations. Women’sfashion for the legs is a massive fashion idiom and the number of ways that a woman can dress her legs seems almost limitless.

WorldofLeggings.com will have a significantly broader mission when it comes to women’s leg fashion with OnlyLeggings.com focusing specifically on women’s leggings and jumpsuits. The intent is not only to describe the focus of each business property but to also capture as much market share. The concept of a “complete” women’s fashion retailer for the legs is one which will still focus on leggings and legging peripherals but also provide a range of other leg fashion products such asmaxi skirts and hosiery.

“In developing our business properties, I wanted to make sure that there was a very distinct feel to WorldofLeggings.com and OnlyLeggings.com and that what was achievable at WorldofLeggings.com would be effective in a real world retail setting,” replied Danny Alex, CEO of BRAVADA and World of Leggings. “Describing the exact mission of each business property ensures its effectiveness and originality in the marketplace. I had a very good sense for OnlyLeggings.comand as our business continues to grow understanding the niche we are in and our deliverables is crucial to the consumer’s perception of each business entity.”

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What a rag PR, looks like desperation. They better start hitting the buy button soon!bs_help.gif

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Not really steppin-out. Just informative on what new products they will be carrying. Something I like to know about.

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Hope you aren't wrong about your other investments like you were about this ticker. He's not a fraud. O/S has not moved coming up on half a year. Revs studily increasing as debt decreases. BRAV may well be on the verge of first profitable quarter and you will be left out as probably usual. Never saw those 002 003 levels you promised and won't ever see them again IMO. My suggestion to you is to hop aboard in 005's before this thing goes to 01+ which with what I know I'm sure it will. 






You need to be very very careful.The CEO is a fraud IMO,look at what he is doing with the dilution along at where he is spending shareholder money.My God he spent almost as much as he took in! He opens these stores just so he can take losses. He is just about maxed out of shares @ 700 mil outstanding with 750 authorized. Look for additional shares to be authorized. I envision he will never make a profit nor does he want to. He is flooding the shares with dilution and when investors find out that he authorized more shares expect a sever spanking back down to the 002 003 level. imo


Personally and imo you can do much better with other sub and penny stocks.


Best of luck to you   


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He better get moving before that report. He could use a 3 week promo to push to over .01 so we can cash out before his Earnings PR

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Not cashing out before or after earnings myself.

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BRAVADA Achieves Profitability and Another Record Quarter in Q1 2012 with 21.63% Quarter over Quarter Growth
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3:02 PM ET 4/27/12 | BusinessWire

BRAVADA International Ltd. (www.WorldofLeggings.com) (Pink Sheets:BRAV) announced today that it achieved another record quarter in Q1 2012 with revenue of $773,179.59 for the first three months of 2012, an increase of 21.63% quarter over quarter and a profit for the quarter of $9,697.69. This is significant in that the last three months of the calendar year (October -- December) are regarded as the strongest months from a seasonal sales perspective.

In addition, advertising expense decreased by $2,214.77 while revenue increased $137,504.80 in Q1 2012 as compared with Q4 2011. This reflects strong organic growth as well as further efficiencies in BRAVADA's overall business and its operating segments.

"We continue to execute in all areas of our business," replied Danny Alex, CEO of BRAVADA. "Sales of our women's leggings, bodysuits, jumpsuits and other leg fashion products continued to grow across all our operating entities. In Q1 2012, no new revenue sources were added so our revenue increase shows our ability to grow revenue within our existing business segments. We expect to continue expanding our retail foot print as well as introduce additional cost efficiencies throughout 2012. I believe this is only the mere beginning of what BRAVADA can achieve on a go forward basis."

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So first profitable Q and only up 7% on the day? Don't get me wrong it's nice but seems like it would have been more of a jump. How many penny stocks are profitable companies in any Q?

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Fins came out 38 minutes ago. we all just got news. Next week will be exciting. So should be happy they have time and opportunity to look into ticker over weekend and still not miss out on opportunity.



BRAVADA will host its conference call with shareholders at 2:00 p.m. PT today with Founder and CEO Danny Alex.

Phone:             712-432-0075      

Access Number: 432665

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I am in different time zone didn't realize why the news was late haha. Now it makes sense.

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Originally Posted by HammerTime21 View Post

I am in different time zone didn't realize why the news was late haha. Now it makes sense.


ditto that lol
saw 2 pm rolleyes.gif
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setup not looking too bad

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Real company with real B&M stores

Web sights I have personally ordered from for the wifey

Quarter over Christmas Quarter revenue increase $773,000 in sales up from $650,000 

First ever profitable Quarter! 

Worldofleggings.com wasn't even in the mix for first quarter. 

Worldofleggings.com has been added to Adword campaign as onlyleggings.com was in August when it was only making 10k a month.

Whatever WOL brings in this Quarter will more that likely be all profit minus COG. This is not including the consistent q over q increases with the rest of revenue drivers.






Some thought I was pumping Bravada but I was not. BRAV is a gem in a pile of rubble.




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