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Today showed the the 50 DMA is going to hold we are at the bottom you will see the reversal next week mark my words.

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And away we go.....next week is going to be golden....catch an easy double from here.

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Originally Posted by kevin1612 View Post

lol...no reversal in site by the recent action rolleyes.gif but there will likely be trade opps in here just as long as you dont turn away or hold more than a coup day...or couple hrs wink.gif

Can you be anymore wrong?




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prolly give me a chance...just not in this case so far been right on with this one thx biggrin.gif
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Some people have huge short positions and they are about ready to get screwed hard!!!!!!


BOL next week...

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and still falling rolleyes.gif
sooo typical its nauseating
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The reason for the continued drop = 0 revenue 0 assets and but most importantly is Drama Queen Muscleshoals is posting on the I-hub thread. The kiss of death, I stay away from whatever that liar is posting on and in. 

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Got into this today at .025.  Looks like decent support around this area, maybe closer to .02.  Hoping to play a bottom bounce here.  Definitely won't get greedy with this though.

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Well FBCD released the 8k detailing the purchase of Super Rad.  Should be a nice opportunity for a decent flip tomorrow. 

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u think it's too late to get in in the AM?



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Assuming the public receives this news in a very positive light like I did.  I would think a gap to .035, a HoD of .05-.06 could be possible.  So just guessing I'd say you could get in after the gap.  I think this is good news but not the caliber of news to take it to .10 like others are saying.

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$FBCD lot s of chatter  this weekend worth a watch

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I see some inclines. I don't know if I want to jump on this though.

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NEW YORK, March 1, 2012  /PRNewswire/ -- FBC Holdings Inc. (OTCMarkets FBCD) is pleased to update its shareholders.  First and foremost the company will file its 14c for name change, we plan to file within the next ten business days.  "We look forward to our name change and branding ourselves going forward," said Christopher LeClerc, President of FBC Holdings.  We also in the process of finishing the web application that will, not only cater to the toy industry, but more so to the artist community as well, giving both the seller and user an individualized experience. The company is presently in negotiations with potential partners that will enable the user to have a unique and dynamic experience, while at the same time allowing wholesalers to interact with other wholesalers, retailers, consumers, and collectors.  "We feel we have a tremendous opportunity to work with partners that are highly educated and entrenched in the art and toy world, providing a platform that will build and capitalize on the use of social network, as well as industry leading functions and features in order to reach the masses," said Steven Miller, Vice President of Sales.  We plan to have a solid core of subscribers to both utilize and promote the website. We are working closely with designers and engineers that are currently working or have worked with leading daily deal sites and entertainment corporations. Additionally, "the company expects strong support and growth over the coming year, given the addition of new artists and partners the company will introduce new products, and given the new web platform will enable us to greatly increase our sales," continued LeClerc.  Lastly, the company has no plans on new financing,  the purpose of the increase was to give the company the opportunity to compensate new hires with equity in lieu of cash.  "We are a small growing business, we want to make sure of two things, one that we have cash on hand to grow the business, secondly we want the people that help us build this business to have a stake in its growth, having equity that vests over time is a great way of giving people a stake," said LeClerc.

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 As of April 9, 2012, there were 204,286,058 shares of common stock

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Company Officers
Christopher LeClerc President


He served as Financial Consultant and Equities Trader at Merrill Lynch, M.H. Meyerson and ETG LLC, engaging in financial consulting, sales, market-making and equity trading.







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Now the price is right bounced off all time low of 001 to 0016. Looks much better then it did @ 07 when that phony pumper was pushing it.

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Word around town is double 003 BREAK here shortly....CHART still has a lot of room! .

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My crystal ball is calling a MAJOR push towards the 50-SMA,  off 15 million in volume...imo!! 

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