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50% swing today,a shake and run here ??
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EMLL picking up vol and up 40%
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wow the charts on this thing are horrible.
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looking for another good day for emll w even more vol and pps
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someone bought $21k worth late afternoon here and than a bunch people jumped in!
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huge vol already 315m, eod run???
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I bought at the .0003 this am. Only got 4.5 mil shares though..
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EMLL trying to bust out,another gold play. 1/2 the shares are restricted til 2011 i believe. so the o/s is 1b or so
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held up today and vol increasing, good sign!
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EMLL is breaking out,still early here!!
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1 left @ 0007...next gold play right here!
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0007 x 0008 with 173m v nice and slow incline with increasing vol., got to luv it! should see double zero's next week
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Chart showing a nice reversal with increased volume. I usually don't enter anything under double z's but this one has the start of a nice uptrend.
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0006 x 0008 dont wanna sell now, we just starting here!
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just starting here,still time before .001 monday or tuesday
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well...that didnt take long!
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already 224m vol, .0014 hod so far! adding at this dip.
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Good day today at 57%. Steadily increasing on good volume on multiple days of trading now.

Hopefully the trend will continue tomorrow. Lots of buzz on this one due to it being a gold play in Africa's "Golden Triangle".
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Is El Maniel International (EMLL) a BUY, HOLD, OR SELL?
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thoughts about the big drop?
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