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HLNT - Highline Technical Innovations Inc.

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Highline Technical Innovations, Inc., formerly Systems Evolution Inc., is a professional service organization that provides computer software development services, computer network support, and contract staff for its clients. The Company uses Microsoft and IBM Rational tools to build software and support computer networks. The Company has two distinct divisions: Consulting and Next Hire Consultants (NHC). The Consulting Division provides software development and managed network support services while NHC provides engineering permanent placement services. The Consulting Division also provides managed network support services from the Company's network operations center in San Antonio, Texas. Major clients of the Consulting Division are the State of Texas and MedDorna. NHC's major clients are Staffing Technologies and Shell Oil USA, Inc. In August 2009, the Company acquired Hoss Motor Sport, Inc. and Highline Hydrogen Hybrids, Inc.
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wowsers, heavy accumulation as of late, would not be surprised to see a nice gain soon
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yeah that accum/dist line is nice
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Originally Posted by pennypoorgirl View Post
yeah that accum/dist line is nice
yep, one of the FIRST things I look for...
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big move coming soon
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thanks for putting this one up penny.
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indeed... ppgirl
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ty <3
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Highline Technical Innovations, Inc. Announces Updates on Company Activities

o Highline Technical Innovations. Inc.

Press Release Source: Highline Technical Innovations, Inc. On Tuesday August 10, 2010, 2:21 pm EDT

FARMINGTON, AR--(Marketwire - 08/10/10) - Highline Technical Innovations, Inc., (Pinksheets:HLNT - News), majority shareholder of Highline Hydrogen Hybrids, announced today a company update on its recent activities. Dong Feng Motors, China's second largest domestic auto maker, continues to evaluate HTI's hydrogen generator. HTI has signed an NCND with the auto maker and will update the public as information can be released.

The company has been focused on establishing dealers and has recently added eight dealers in the states of Kansas, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin and Arkansas. HTI continues to accept applications for dealers in an effort to broaden the company's exposure to the agricultural and transportation industries which are two of the world's largest markets. The dealer application can be found on the company's website under the "contact us" tab.

Highline is currently seeking approval from the United States Department of Agriculture to be a qualified technology that would allow farmers to apply for a REAP (Rural Energy for America Program) grant. More information on the REAP program can be found on the USDA website. Additionally, Highline is applying for a grant from the Green Technology Grant Program through the Arkansas Economic Development Office.

HTI will begin taping this week for a national awareness campaign with 21st Century Business Television Series. Mel Robinson, CFO, will be featured in a Q&A session focusing on the company's hydrogen application in the OTR and agriculture industries.

Highline Hybrids will be participating in Dakotafest, August 17-19. The company will be featuring its hydrogen generator applications for farming stationary engines and equipment. http://www.farmshows.com/dfst/index.po. The company will also be performing a demonstration in Breckinridge, Minnesota, August 12, 2010 at the Yaggie Farms. Demonstrations of the hydrogen generator will be done on both tractors and irrigation well pumps. http://www.yaggiefarms.com/. Irrigation well pumps having been showing significant results. Results of one recent application can be seen on the High Plains Journal website. http://www.hpj.com/journal/itwj/index_newProducts.cfm

Highline Technical Innovations CEO Charlton Coats stated, "We are extremely busy making our name and technology known. Our challenge is proving our technology is superior to those of our many competitors. Credibility is the key and we are taking the steps to establish that. In addition, we have been receiving numerous calls and emails inquiring of a possible reverse-split in our stock. The company has no such intentions and does not see it as a prudent option. We continue to take steps to build our company into a successful business entity that our shareholders can be proud of. This takes time."
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nice run today
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Took a position.
Looking forward to some great follow up news and more

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Starting to look good today - up to .0025
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I've dipped my head in this technology a year ago and felol deep in the potential and fun playing with this stuff. Geek! I know.
This might be the first to actual have a shot at becomming a real player in this new field. I know of a bunch screwing around with seeling their mayonase jars on eBay and such, but this is the first public woth a $he it. Dealership increasing at a fast rate.
China with their LOI looking into HTI as a supplier.
Arkansa Stae Patrol looking at putting these in their cruisers.
If this starts to actualy become the go too guys for this technology, then its a definite buy and accumulate for a LT play.

and if gas can hit $5.00 a gallon again wouldn't hury either.
I'm looking for a pullback to get in on this one.
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I took my sell @ .005 and sitting on free shares. Got late to the party and had to sell 2/3 for 1/3 rd free.

I had a reload set @ .004 and .0035 and after the second dip cancelled both. Its looking for a bottom on this 3rd day as the MMs are looking for cheap shares to cover the last few days of trades. Lord knows they have that 3 day dealo to find shares to cover all the ones sold over .003. Sucks, but still the best game in town if you only know the game and how the MMs play em. LOIs and whay ifs are great PRs, but not the meat and potatoes that will cause days maybe weeks of people wanting in.
The Dong Feng PR will be a block buster, 'To Da Moon' PR.
Arkanasa State Police will be a 'To da Moon' PR,
list goes on and potentrial clients are endless.
This is another GDHI. Buy low or chase in befoer the 3-day deal sell for free on first sign of weakness. Reload rinse and repeat.

.0040 is not a bad reentry. This could pop back up, but what I see is a bunch sitting on loads of way cheap shares. The dip will make many want to keep thiose gains. More downward pressure. It will get to a must buy point.0035 is what I was pegging as the floor and .004 as the ceiling till news hits. Short term prognotication here. No news for weeks to months and its back down to a comfy level of below .0025-.003
Looks like .0036 was the trigger price and would have missed that fill. I'm holding out to see if .004 is teated again. I'd love to see a bounce off .0036, I'll be buying a small chunk there. I won't miss those again. How many shares can you flip @ .0004th of a penny to walk away with more free? about 1 for every 8...that ain't bad, playing pinks with no risk.
Fellas aside from this stock, the technology is awsome. Its real and there are enough willing to slap this on their new car to save the Earth.
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this looks exciting.
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Back in today!!!!
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I got out a while back. I hit my profit target and then looked like it was gonna lose some steam, so I sold out, and then watched it still go even higher

Oh well, gotta be happy with getting what you wanted to get out of a trade, and then a little extra
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break out (.0055). .007 next resistance
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