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Please excuse my ignorance, I have only recently been trying to learn Forex, I have spent most of my on and of efforts the last few years attempting to lean about equities.

I have read online that scalping is frowned upon, and brokers will even go as far as to reverse trades or disallow profits from short term trades/scalps, because you are essentially trading against them? I was wondering if anyone could let me know if this is true.

I have been using a demo account, but so far most of my trades have been rather short term and I'd like to know if that would be okay to do in live trading.

Thank you
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I would think that brokers want you to scalp because each time you make a trade, they get a commission.

as for short term trading, it is fine to do with a live account. I got away from doing those kind of trades because it didnt work for me. I do more swing trades now but if you are able to do it successfully go for it
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I have never heard of an issue with this in FOREX on tier 3. However there is arbitrage in a sense which can be done with the help of computer programming, a la flash trading and high frequency trading. But that kind of stuff will not happen on tier 3 of FOREX, which is what most everybody on these forums is likely on.

Unless you start trading with more than a million dollars on a higher tier, using arb type strategies, as far as I know, you won't run across an issue.
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