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ECDC — East Coast Diversified Corp.

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Company offers a portfolio of GPS devices, RFID interrogators, integrated GPS/RFID technologies and Tag designs. These solutions help businesses worldwide increase asset management, provide safety and security, increase productivity, and deliver real-time, continuous visibility of the supply chain through automation.
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This chart doesnt look pretty yet, but I'm throwing this stock on watch. MACD has a possibility for a signal, the MA's arent quite there yet, and the RSI needs to bounce upwards. Just on watch for now
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Keep an eye out for ECDC tomorrow.

EarthSearch, ticker: ECDC, is an up and coming company with a rapidly rising gain in the RFID industry.  It's a real company with real, well selling products and gradually increasing revenue (earnings released for Q1 show high growth.)  It's currently selling for a dirt cheap price and will be ready to bounce upwards following news released late in the day by the company.   Keep an eye out for ECDC guys.  It could be the best play of the week, if not the month.


EarthSearch Announces Strong Performance for Q1 2011:



4/14/2011 - EarthSearch Delivers on Purchase order from GPS Solutions:


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ECDC is currently extending it's industry to 15+ countries that will reflect it's revenue stream in the coming months.  Great time to buy in at it's very low price currently selling at 0.01 cent.


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^^^ wizard


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good call got in at .008


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News out Today!


East Coast Diversified Receives Purchase Order From Dubai Reseller.



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Acquisition of Rogue Paper complete!


Low floater. moving nicely!

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More news today,and  this is trading in a nice range..



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Right now trading about .014, but check this out... wow . \\\research target is .10 to .15 !!


I might have finally picked a potential winner - this has to be at least ONCE this year haha



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Got in at .008 for a small uptick in the afternoon on average volume. Holding long on this one.


Form S-1/A released after hours.

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Watch with is the first app listed. I have a crackberry. Can someone with an iPhone download the app and let me know how it works?
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ECDC 10Q released. Financials are improving very steadily.



"For the nine months ended September 30, 2011, our revenue was $463,283 compared to $54,940 for the same period in 2010, representing an increase of 743%"




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More news-




East Coast Diversified Corporation Retains KCSA Strategic Communications as Investor and Public Relations Counsel




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A move above .0069 with volume will confirm reversal from what I  am viewing on ECDC chart, if so, I will be buying again. The MACD is hinting at u/t and the candle is smack in the middle of a nice set of bollies. Any move above .0086 (50 ma) on sustained volume will confirm a breakout imho. So my share purchase will be: nothing on low volume, accumulate between .0069 and .0086 on strong volume, and hold, because great developments are happening and management is improving sales and decreasing operating expense each quarter it seems, also with virtually no dilution of common shares.

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Gaps are filled from the last little fake - up. Chart people watch for full bodied candles, moving in for a pincher betweem .007 and .009. Without lying, I cam say I have played these for many years now, and with varying success, but definately watch this one in this range, and buy dead smack in the middle around .008 if it floats over .079 i m o








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dropped a lot but back in the .003 range - still suggesting no buying till .008 area after it holds that range for multiple days.

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East Coast Diversified Corporation Issues Year End Report as Revenues Increased 480%


Company revenues increased through successful pilot projects and acquisitions around the world


ATLANTA , Dec. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- East Coast Diversified Corporation (OTCBB: ECDC.OB - News) ("ECDC" or "The Company") today announced its 2011 year end report and 2012 growth strategy.  Through pilot programs testing of ECDC's RFID/GPS technology and its acquisition of Rogue Paper, ECDC was able to increase revenues from $129K in 2010 to $617k in 2011 while establishing a global network of distributors and business partners to help further the Company's growth strategy.

ECDC's management is currently focusing on deploying its RFID/GPS technology for logistics operations where cargo content management is the critical objective, oil tanker monitoring, waste management operations, and school transportation and attendance solutions. Management is also engaging in business diversification as seen with its acquisition of social media company Rogue Paper.

Business Development

  • The Company completed its StudentConnect product in August 2011 and is intending to have a full market launch in early 2012. ECDC integrated the Twitter API with its system as a global and emergency messaging platform for schools and has engaged several school districts for the utilization of StudentConnect in 2012.
  • ECDC has trained and equipped partners in 18 countries around the world with its RFID/GPS software platform. These partners, who will be marketing and selling the Company's products and technology beginning in January 2012 , are located in countries such as the U.S., Britain , Russia , Australia , Sweden , Malaysia and Nigeria. 

Business Diversification

  • ECDC's acquisition of media entertainment technology developer, Rogue Paper has helped lead the Company into the social media universe.  Rogue Paper, which boasts clients such as VH1 and MTV, is ECDC's own TV Tune In App and acts as a communication interface for posting and sharing messages about individual's favorite TV shows. Rogue Paper is currently in negotiations with several networks regarding the deployment of its product in 2012. Rogue Paper won the AdAge award for best network second screen application with the MTV WatchWith in 2011. The Company also acquired "aNOTEfor," a social media site currently in development with a focus on improving socialization on the web.
  • ECDC is currently streamlining its operations as the Company continues to execute its growth strategy.  Stephanie Boyle will remain CEO of Rogue Paper, a role in which she has served since founding the company in early 2010.  ECDC is also performing an executive search for a new CEO of its EarthSearch operations. This reorganization and restructuring of management will allow ECDC to operate more efficiently with a greater focus on its respective product offerings and increased revenue generation.

In 2011, the Company added senior managers to its subsidiary operations with a focus on increasing revenues throughout 2012 and beyond. Rob Bohorad joined the Company as Director of Business development for EarthSearch Communications and Cheryl Botchick was hired as Vice President of Client Services for Rogue Paper. ECDC has also retained KCSA, a public relations and investor relations management firm to guide and advise the Company in all aspects of marketing both ECDC and its products.  

"ECDC reached several milestones in 2011 as the Company developed a solid structure through diversified businesses that helped drive growth," commented Kayode Aladesuyi, Chairman and CEO of East Coast Diversified Corporation. "We look forward to 2012 as we have laid the foundation for significant future revenue generation by adding experienced members to our management team and expanding the Company's distribution network for our products and services offerings."

About East Coast Diversified Corporation

EarthSearch Solutions and technologies are touching lives by changing the way businesses and governments operate or manage assets and security. East Coast Diversified Corporation (OTCBB: ECDC.OB - News) connects owners and their asset in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. The Company challenges the imagination for desired solutions using GPS, RFID and other sensor technologies. The Company delivers solutions relevant to operations of businesses and governments. East Coast Diversified delivers innovative technology powered by alternative energy sources. The Company believes in and is contributing to the green evolution.

East Coast Diversified's technology provides continuous visibility of assets and cargo in transit, provides the visibility of thousands of kilometers of oil pipeline and other fixed assets, creates education resources for parents and teachers, provides efficiency in dispatching first responders in an emergency, and advances democracy though our ballot box monitoring technology. For more than half a decade now the Company has focused on and continues to innovate in the areas of RFID, GPS, and Sensor and Biometric technologies. East Coast Diversified's customers and partners globally are responding to the Company's innovation and is delivering practical solutions to solve their everyday business issues. For more information on East Coast Diversified Corporation, please visit the company's website at www.eastcoastdiversified.com.

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