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Very good Bull, I joined your trial. Really eager to see your results, especially in this market when all the major indexes are falling below March lows (Japan).

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Hi Bull, I have tried to P.M you on this an despite re-logging in when I tried to P.M you it just comes up as *Permission denied! Please login!    **


Is your offer of a free months trial still open?

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Yeah, I'm having some troubleshooting issues with the site (HSM) as well. I still offer 2-FREE week to the stock trading service to anyone interested. Simply email me at djms_11@yahoo.com, and I will give you 2-FREE weeks. If by the end of second week you're satisfied with the content provided and the results, feel free to subscribe for as low as $29.95/month! (compared to other financial sites that offer similar products (or services) for marked up prices, I can guarantee you that the wealth of knowledge that you will gain with the newsletters I send, plus stock + option trades that I recommend, you will not only become savvier as an investors, but wealthier too).


Note: This week we closed one trade; SID - 12% Gain (stock trade).


I encourage more of you to join. Amidst such volatile markets, we can all use that extra mind that meticulously researchers markets 24/7 to provide subscribers with the best content and trades out there.

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Hi Bull, I have tried to P.M you on this an despite re-logging in when I tried to P.M you it just comes up as *Permission denied! Please login!    **


Is your offer of a free months trial still open?


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Great, I'll send you an email so I don't fill up your threads...



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If you've been putting any of Bigbull's recent plays to work in your portfolio, I'm assuming you have the luxury to treat yourself to a 3-day holiday weekend.  I never regret staying in cash on the sidelines when the s&p is seemingly range-bound, but if you've been following his newsletters the past week or two you did very well putting your money to work here,  great work David.

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                                                       - FOR 14 DAYS FREE MONEY-


I hate the term NEWBIE ! But NEWBIE I am when it comes to trading, chances are if your reading this I am old enough to be your dad so be polite to me if you comment on this thread I'm just trying to help you to make money and not lose it!


Cramer will lose you money ! I bought EOG and many other shares recommended from MAD MONEY and lost !  Then I realised that its the prinicpal of it and WHEN you buy the stocks and when you SELL them is when you make the money!


I looked around various sites * MAKE 1000% gain here make 2800% there and when I checked the history almost all were shite scammers and as STOCK JOCK would put it pumpers and dumpers!


I discovered this site and checked the threads and guess what ? Check the threads look back and see who said what and you can see that this is the real deal no SCAMMERS.


The books recommended here are helpful, the people even more so...


OK want the free money now ?


I have just finished my 2 weeks with BIGBULL- how did it go?


Well its been a bit up and down ! But overall up !


Ever wondered what its like to buy a share and have a confidence its going up ( or down if its a short?) My experience is buying then going red in the face and getting frustrated as soon as I buy the bugger goes down! Well now I just sit back and look at the +'s. (Not all are +'s there is the odd neg but overall in the majority its +'s !)


 As I type this I have just emailed David saying have you got my cheque? (When my cheque arrives off we go again and more excellent stock picks. (Or as David calls them *smartstocks*)


Apart from the share deals David gives his view of the markets and whats happening or likely to happen, very accurate even in these turbulent times.


I can't say I have understood every deal and taken part in all of them as some are complex and seem to cover each other (so if a deal goes sour you don't get slaughtered) but every question I have asked gets answered and if its HELP then help you get.


So am I up ?   OH YES !!


(Please do not PM me or enquire on the threads/forums for the trades I am in or have been in as its not my place to reveal them, why not ask DAVID for your trial or check his threads for past performance - I did!)


David you are a diamond geezer, cheers mate cheque really is in the post!





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Closed yesterday's trade from the Smartstocks porfolio today for a 6.8% gain. cool.gif

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Yeah that was a nice quick trade thumbup.gif , thanks David (bigbull)!

Originally Posted by PwrOfTheDrkSide View Post

Closed yesterday's trade from the Smartstocks porfolio today for a 6.8% gain. cool.gif


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Excellent work Dave  (BIGBULL) !!  Spot on with that trade today made 100% on the deal and wiped out all my pre- SMARTSTOCKS loses and am in front for the first time! 





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Congrats on all the success of your site bud!  thumbup.gif

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To all the current subscribers who have posted their testimonials over the last few weeks, thank you. You guys/gals are what make me put the effort day in and out to provide ya'll with what I believe to be the best market and economic content on the net. Rock, thanks for the kind words. How is trading going? I too hope to see you join the group.


And to anyone else who has not given yourself (and me) the opportunity to showcase what I offer, I highly commend you to join. I charge very little for what I offer and I know that if done properly (i.e. if you follow my trades step by step), you'll make money. The results speak for themselves.


Since my last post, we've closed a total of 16 trades (stock and option), 12 of which have been winners!  Here is a list of the last few trades:


9/19/2011 - SODA - 9% Loss
9/16/2011 - LNKD - 9% Loss

9/19/2011 - AAPL - 86% Gain (option)
9/7/2011 - NFLX - 23% Gain

9/12/2011 - YRCW - 18% Loss
9/6/2011 - GLD - 66% Gain (option)
9/9//2011 - CLNE - 5% Gain
9/8/2011 - CBLI - 7% Gain
8/31/2011 - VHC - 9% Gain

7/28/2011 - LCC - 9% Loss
8/29/2011 - FOSL - 7% Gain
5/16/2011 - SPY - 8% Gain (option)

7/25/2011 - AMR - 6% Loss
8/18/2011 - FFIV - 11% Gain

8/8/2011 - UA - 107% Gain (option)
8/11/2011 - GMR - 22% Gain


I encourage more of you to join. It doesn't matter if new to the market or a seasoned veteran, my services will help you make money. For a 2 week FREE trial, email me at djms_11@yahoo.com. For subscription services (options), visit the web-page - smartstocks.org and click under the 'Subscription: Let's Start Working' tab.


For those who are subscribed and have not yet posted a testimonial, please post one. Thank You.

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That was the shortest *long call* so far eh Dave?    Dec call on Stock XXX and 24 hours later we cash in ! !


I got 1K up in 24 hours on that deal !!  KAAAA CHING  .    booyah.gif


Thanks Dave.







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Word of the wise.....


This is getting interesting: The Economic Cycle Research Institute’s weekly leading index is rolling over even harder, suggesting a deeper slowdown ahead, even as trailing economic data are coming in better than expected and the stock market rallies. The ECRI’s leading index fell to its lowest level in more than a year this week, as did its rolling growth rate, which fell to nearly -10%.

Source: WSJ


Meanwhile, you're hearing all of the cheery pundits telling you how 'not that bad' the economy actually is. Roam at your own peril, but bear in mind that the ECRI has had a very good track record of forecasting recessions.  For my insights and detailed expectations on economy and markets, please visit (and subscribe to ) smartstocks.org. I offer a 2-week FREE trial to anyone interested. PAst trade results can be viewed under the 'Previous Trades' tab.


69% Sucess Rate!



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As always, a great service offered by bigbull.  I've had the pleasure of working with David since he started the service.   Some highlights in the past year have been when he called the top on the SPX on the nose before it even happened as well as getting aggressive on shorting silver prior to the the first week in May (remember the multiple CME margin hikes?).  Great market commentary and simply profitable if you just want to stick to the plan and play his daily picks.  It's great to have the luxury of getting his take on the daily market action as well as bouncing ideas off him as he's often gone off his own trading grid to give me insight into other trades I've had going on.  For the price, it's simply a win-win regardless of your skill and experience as a trader.

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Thank you for the kind remarks jbrand1:))


Below is a list of the last 7 (closed) trades. With those recently closed a few trades, we are currently in the process of entering new trades. If you want to give the program a shot, now is a good time to join! I still offer a 2-week FREE trial for those of you interested. After the subscription trail, the subscription is just $50/month for BOTH the stock & option trading services, or if you'd like, $30 for either service (stock or option). I hope to see more of you join!


0/24/2011 - BP - 7% Gain (option)
11/4/2011 - CXO - 6% Gain
11/7/2011 - DMND - 10% Loss
11/14/2011 - LRCX - 9% Gain
11/3/ 2011 - ZLC - 7% Loss
11/1/2011 - REDF - 14% Gain
10/24/2011 - GMCR 10% Gain (option)


Website: smartstocks.org



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I know its been a rough past couple of months bigbull, but you've done a splendid job recently. keep it up.

not only have you've supplied us with some solid stock trades recently, but your commentary on the markets has been spot on and enlightening. i like the fact that you blend both technicals and fundamentals into the same interface telling us what to watch for and what your expectations are.


great work pal. keep it up and for anyone second guessing his work or angry of the 2 month performance, i dont know if you find a service that will ofer what he offers. i really dont and i am some one who is subscribed to two other services.


happy news years to you and all of hsm.


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Originally Posted by peter21 View Post

I know its been a rough past couple of months bigbull, but you've done a splendid job recently. keep it up.

not only have you've supplied us with some solid stock trades recently, but your commentary on the markets has been spot on and enlightening. i like the fact that you blend both technicals and fundamentals into the same interface telling us what to watch for and what your expectations are.


great work pal. keep it up and for anyone second guessing his work or angry of the 2 month performance, i dont know if you find a service that will ofer what he offers. i really dont and i am some one who is subscribed to two other services.


happy news years to you and all of hsm.


Yep have to agree, I don't trade unless I have read the newsletter... just feels like i'd be missing an edge.


IMO the last 3 weeks has been spot on with the market predictions and my knowledge is growing steadily.


The depth of insight is incredible even an experienced trader would benefit from Davids insight, a good sounding board is always advantageous.



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While BB knows I'm not in every trade, I know that he closed out a 22% stock gain and closed out an option straddle (that has made money for subscribers on both both sides of the chain) today.  As people mentioned above, this subscription will give you as much as you let it.  You can scroll to the end of the daily newsletters for the next trade set-up (mind you, you'll be profitable) or you can read rich content from one of the best market minds I know; trade accordingly, and grow as a trader.



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Weekly Newsletter

Christmas Edition




“Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It's quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure.You’re thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn't at all. You can be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it. So go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because remember that’s where you will find success.” 


Thomas J. Watson  


Stocks rally on the heels of low volume and a confluence of positive political and macroeconomic events. For the week, the DJIA closed up 3.60%, the S&P 500 finished up 3.74%, the NASDAQ gained 2.48% and the Russell 2000 advanced by 3.59%. Weekly average volume at the big board (NYSE) came in above the 4-week average of 3.8B shares, with 3.2B shares being transacted this week (on average). Consumer staples,  healthcare and financials were this week’s best performing sectors with each sector advancing 3.12%, 2.48%, and 2.12%,  respectively while technology, basic materials and consumer discretionary were this week’s worst performing sectors with each sector advancing (but just barely) 1.29%, 0.89%, and 0.55%, respectively.

In this week’s weekly newsletter I will take an in-depth look at this week’s price action in the S&P, detail my expectations, and talk about S&P 500 revenue and margin numbers and discuss their implications on the market. Let me begin by talking about the S&P 500. 

The S&P 500 

Encouraged by a series of positive economic reports, stocks post their biggest one week rally in over two weeks. On a weekly count (i.e. using weekly candlesticks as our frequency of choice), the S&P posted a ‘Bullish Engulfing’ candlestick following last week’s ‘Bearish Breakaway’. As you all know, this week’s (bullish) reversal confirmed 1220 as an intermediate low, but more than that, it open the possibility for a trade up to the 1314/1320 resistance buffer ( a point I’ve stressed ad nauseum as the top to this ABC corrective way) . Of course, there are plenty of other noteworthy resistance points to overcome first, but if the S&P can close the year or at any point within the first two weeks of 2012 above 1268 (or the weekly 50 MA – the point that has acted as the top of the range ever since markets broke down in August), then 1314/1320 (or in time, the downtrend line dating back to the April 2010 highs) unquestionably becomes the next logical resistance point. In the interim, 1268, 1272, and 1287 are the next major resistance point to watch for. Now equally as important, the S&P will need to hold (on the way down) to a few support points should this rally last. 1240 (or the weekly 10 MA), 1235 (or the daily 20 MA), and 1234 (or the daily 50 MA) will all need to hold to validate a move above 1268 and up to 1314/1320. If the S&P violates this recent price breakout and closes below 1234 at any point, then expect markets the S&P to trade down to 1132 (or the weekly 200 MA). For now, there trend remain bullish and there is plenty of upside to be attained. As such, there is no reason to try to fight the trend and short markets at these levels. None

Shorter term, there may be some weakness as we approach the 1268 mark, but whatever weakness presents itself, it should not be sold into let alone shorted. As shown in figure 2(a) below, the S&P remains well supported by the upward sloping trend line ever dating back to December 20th. This trend line, although not truly representative of an underlying support point as say a MA, projects a breakout of the current wedge formation in the SPX and a trade up to 1287/1293 over the course of the next few weeks (granted no close below this trend line). 

For next week, I think there is a remote possibility for the S&P to trade as low as 1243 (on an intra-day basis), but I would not expect any close below 1250. In fact, I’m expecting the S&P to close out the year at or near 1257 – 2011’s start off point. So with that in mind, we could see some early week strength followed by some latter week weakness. Net-net, this week should be a small up or down week (nothing that would interrupt or eradicate the current intermediate bullish tone – in equities). Worth noting is how bullish the OEX index – the S&P 100 weighted index, an index that weights 100 stocks from various sectors of the S&P according their market-capitalization (i.e. net value), ended the week. As shown below, the OEX managed to end the week by closing above the 4-month high of 80 (as seein the barometer). This is extremely good news for the bulls as it shows a growing inclination by market participants to place ‘bullish call spreads’ in the OEX index itself, or in various components (i.e. stocks) of the OEX index. With this week’s breakout, it is safe to assume that most market participants are selling the high strike price $580’s or $600’s and selling the lower strike price $540’s or $560’s  (therefore creating the bullish spread) in an attempt to capture the next leg up in the markets, while making some extra income by collecting theta (or time premium) on the calls they sold. In short, this bullish development in the OEX (an corresponding bullish bet by market participants) suggests a shift in bias in the market, one that we have not seen before (at least not in recent months). That is, market participants in the options market are placing bullish bets at the top end of the current trading range!

Now, however bullish markets appear to be, there is a growing disconnect between equities and bonds that we cannot overlook. Despite an overly bullish week for equities (price wise), bond yields, specifically on Europe, have not abated much from their November highs. In fact, this week we saw continued selling in bonds prices in all major European countries, with Hungary being the latest European country to see its bond yields explode! As overused (and abused) as this bond story is, there simply no possible way to overlook it. The more bond yields in some of these brutally beaten up European countries rise, the faster the pending recession that will emanate out of Europe, and the faster the likelihood of a decelerating growth rate (with the possibility of a double dip recession, here in the states. That said, there have been periods were equities have managed to remain out of sync with global financing pressures, the 70’s being the latest. So despite what is still a very fragile and chaotic worldwide debt mess, equates could defy logic and for that matter physics, and stubbornly trade higher (as they did in ’09), before reality catches up. Regardless of the matter, the longer and more persistent this divergence between equities prices and bond prices persist, the bigger the likelihood of a recession come late 2012!

Note: Remember that this engineered banker credit bubble is exactly what bankers want. They understand that with a growing or pending crisis that they will continue to receive money at a zero cost (from the central banks) and earn a virtually riskless profit in the process. This, as bad as it is, is a game that bankers do not mind playing and prolonging, even it means enslaving (an already bankrupt financial system) the entire world into financial in servitude.   The question that remains is - will everyone go along with it? I say no, and so will the market. 

Before wrapping up my view on the SPX, let’s take a look at market internals. When we take a look at the % of stocks trading above their 50 DMA by sector), there are some positives and negatives to extract. First the positive; in a week were we saw a broad market advance, every single sector went up. However (and this is the bad news), safe heaven sectors (namely consumer staples, utilities, healthcare, etc) saw the biggest percentage of components cross over the 50 MA. Although this can be partly seen as bullish, it is bad news for the single fact that we have not seen cyclically sensitive sectors parigpate to the extent one would expect given the enormous stock market run. Although I view this more as a harbinger of bad news to come long term, cyclically sensitive sectors will need to perform for markets to breakout and the S&P to trade up to 1314/1320. Given recent price fixtures in these sectors, I believe highly levered sectors will perform and help carry markets higher, but long term, this should be viewed as ominous sign as it shows a growing inclination to not pay premiums  (long term)for stocks that  are already selling for a discount. 

Earnings and Margins

S&P 500 forward revenues declined by 6.1% during 2009, while forward earnings rose 0.3% as the forward profit margin rose from 7.7% at the start of the year to 8.4% by the end of the year. But in 2010, forward revenues rose 7.1%, which along with an increase in the profit margin to 9.6% at the end of last year, boosted forward earnings by 23.8%. Data available through early December show that revenues and earnings are up 7.8% and 11.7% so far this year, while the profit margin has stalled since the spring around 10%. Looking into 2012, it’s hard to see much upside for these three variables. I expect that they will be flat. More specifically, revenues could average $1,050 a share, about the same as this year. The profit margin might edge down to 9.5%. The result would be earnings around $100, up slightly from about $97 this year. SO again, expect short term market strength as many investors’ buy the recent perceived ‘strength’ in the economy. Long term however, expect this enthusiasm to fade as it becomes apparent how weak the economy truly is.




I encourage more of you to join the service (we have a new layout!). I now offer two subscription packages; one is strictly for stocks ($30/month) and the other incorporates both stock and options ($50/month). Over the last few months I've received great reviews from current subscribers, most of which have renewed their subscription over multiple months. The main reason subscribers decide to re-join the service is to get access to my newsletters. In them, I provide you with an array of data, charts and predictions that are easy to follow and understand. To give you a taste of what I offer, below I've included last years Christmas Edition weekly newsletter.


We recently closed a few trades for a profit. While I cannot disclose how or what positions we hold, I can tell you that we run a well balanced portfolio that minimizes risk and optimizes profits. In addition to the stock and option trades, you'll find a wealth of knowledge in every newsletter I send (daily + weekly) that will surely make you a much more adept trader.


Give it a shot. I offer a 2-week FREE trial. The site - smartstocks.org. 67% Success Rate.


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I like the testimonials people from here are leaving you.  How do I sign up for the 2 free week trial?  Enter billing information and if I don't want to pay after 2 weeks I need to cancel? or the trial will automatically end?

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