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The Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975 (pics)

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A touching pictorial everybody should see... and remember.


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nice find SJ
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tough pictures to look at...

did anyone read the comments at the bottom?

USA is the biggest TERRORIST in the world !!!
God bless USA, destroyer of nations!
the last comment made the most sense:

...Also, if we are going to hold ourselves to the fire about the atrocities we and our allies committed during the war (which were thoroughly despicable as well as numerous), we should remember that the other side was just as bad. For sake of historical accuracy, there should be some more pictures here - photos of villages massacred by Viet Cong and North Vietnamese troops, photos of people desperately fighting to board helicopters during the advance of NV troops, photos of people being punched off overloaded helicopters on top of the embassy during the fall, all showing the desperation of South Vietnamese people. And there should be a discussion of the violence perpetrated against American sympathizers who didn't escape. We need to remember that there were no real good guys that time (or ever, in my opinion), and that it was certainly not a "good thing" that the American side lost the war.
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We never really lost the war. We just left then the South Vietnamese lost it.
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Originally Posted by Crazed98 View Post
We never really lost the war. We just left then the South Vietnamese lost it.

Actually, the French left, we entered and left, Hanoi prevails.

Heres to you Dad. 1966-67. Ninth Infantry Division.:"GroundPounder", Bronze Star. Purple Heart.
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So tragic and heartbreaking...

And who can forget this famous/infamous picture capturing innocence in horror...

She has been featured in articles and biographies over the years, earning degrees and named as a Goodwill Ambassador - what an historic-filled life...

Her name is Kim Phuc (full name Phan Thị Kim Phúc)

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That pic always makes me cry, seeing her running in pain, her clothes burnt off by napalm.

But the fact that such tragedy was overcome and she went on to live a full and rich life is an amazing story.
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Bay Lop (R), was a V CONG that had just murdered some citizens
and got what he deserved in the streets from Gen Loan (with Gun).
New York SCUM congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman demanded he
be deported from the U.S. but we got that stopped. That BITCH
is running for Attorney General in New York this year.

I hope she CHOKES on a chicken bone.

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You are referring to the General ( the guy with the gun). He was granted asylum here in the states, but was always the victim due to the crazy media not getting the story correct. I think he later committed suicide....? I think he is still considered a Hero in S Vietnam
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