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No one is posting anymore?

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Originally Posted by eric2009 View Post

EVCA DD: Worth $30M Minimum or PPS .42

O/S 72M A/S 180M Float 25M

1) Current Valuation = ~$30M
2) EVCA in Talks With Magna to Outfit Foton Trucks to Sell to Cities/States for Refuse Pick-up, Street Sweeping, Parks and Recreation...etc
3) EVCA is Looking for $100M in Financing for a 4-month aggressive buildout of 13 dealerships across the country, and is in Talks with Byd Auto to put their Cars on EVCARCO lots
4) EVCA IR Jack Eversull says EVCA is Aiming to Uplist to AMEX, Email at the very end

1) Last 10Q 12/6/10, Page 3


Plan of Operation

Over the next twelve months, we will concentrate on the following six areas to grow our operations:

Capital and Funding – Seek to obtain capital from all available sources.

Advertising and Marketing – Utilize all available marketing venues and public relations opportunities to promote the Company and its products.

Sales – Grow sales to 15-20 new cars, and 100-125 pre-owned cars per quarter

New EV's go for 27,000, used 17,000, so about $2.1M to $2.6M per quarter or $10M for 2011. Keep in mind though, they sell more than just this type of EV....Tazzari Zero, but 27k new is likely a good average.

Link to cost of their Flagship car the Tazzari Zero: http://gas2.org/2009/03/19/tazzari-zero-affordable-electric-car-available-in-us-in-2010/

So, with $10M Revenue for 2011 get net EVCA profit of $1.5M, 20 PE, this is a $30M stock, but with 14 new dealerships coming (they previously had only 2 in 2010 and closed 1 last summer, this can be found on page 3 of the last 10Q as well) I'd say that is a MINIMUM VALUE.

Link to coming dealerships:


2) Additional Important EVCA DD From Fringe, who now is so close to EVCA he had to sign a non-disclosure!

MAGNA International Special Project Division (Electric and Hybrid) has been approached by EVCA in consideration of future alliances, to outfit Foton trucks with refuse collectors and street sweepers. You can just imagine where this is leading.,. final assembly to DOT standards, just in time delivery and total product control under the most stringent of quality standards.

Magna is the largest global producer of automotive components, chassis and complete vehicles in the world outside of the manufacturers themselves.

This association would be total horsepower. And major private financing will secure it.

Check them out....



And last, but definitely not least:


Another Evca's partner is VENTA Inc who has a lot of big connections in Asia and Europe as well.




3) Financing, Rollout and Marketing Initiatives

In discussions with the company last week they said they had offers from many different sources. I know they are looking for $100mm to develop an aggressive four month build-out strategy.... and are also looking beyond that with offers substantially greater than that for a long term build involving new industry partners.

One of them is a manufacturer in China called BYD, which Warren Buffet owns 25% of. EVCA informs me that they have a 12 state exclusive on a product supply and distribution arrangement with BYD now and that this partnership is quickly getting more solid. Major financing at this end will secure it.

They won't have any trouble obtaining that... a developed national franchise system and trademarks on the EvCarCo brand are in place.

They told me a nationally recognized figure is coming on to act as company spokesperson and do televised and internet promotions... Hillary Duff. She will be perfect: exuding emotional honesty and speaking directly to at least half the potential decision makers on alternate energy car purchases, Hillary will be a natural fit.

Hang on to your hat.


4) EVCA Wants to Uplist To AMEX

IMO AMEX Standard 3 is the Goal

Standard 3
•Under this standard, the company needs to meet a minimum of $50 million in market capitalization. Market capitalization refers to the market price of the entire company. This is calculated by multiplying the number of shares in investor hands by the market price of the stock. Similar to standards 1 and 2, the company must meet a minimum $15 million market value public float and a minimum of $4 million in shareholder equity. Lastly, its share price must be at least $2.

IMO EVCA is worth about $30M currently. By this time next year it could be worth $75M. With a 72M O/S that represents around PPS .40 at this point and 1.00 in a year. EVCA would need to do a 2:1 or 3:1 R/S to uplist to AMEX which is just fine.

Bottom line, I see this as a 1.00 stock if they keep the O/S under 100M including financing and could trade as high as that on the OTCBB at any time, likely stablizing there early in 2012 before an uplist.

Keep in mind with a public float of around 25M, to get a market cap of 15M we'd need .60 PPS or higher! Perhaps .60 should be a more immediate target for our PPS???


Great post! I know EVCA has been getting hammered lately but I bet we'll be back above .10 within the next 3 to 4 weeks and once we're above .10 then .15 and .20+ isn't TOO far away!


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Still going Down!




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had a nice bounce end of day today, will anything come of it -

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Ev-Car-Co (EVCA) Its about time to see some movement!


After weeks of observing the stagnant waters that is EVCA,  the expected is right around the corner.  As projections for this stock in the next few months have already been placed, the problem isn't their business tactics but rather the faith the public has in this company.  The value this company will hold in the long run will amaze anyone who decides to buy and stick with it.  Keep a good eye on Ev-Car-Co (EVCA)  and watch the money you could have made fly by you!


Ev-Car-Co Web site: www.evcarco.com

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nice EOD rush, closed up 33%. rumor is news coming next week

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I think this is just the beginning,  get ready for a huge push soon.

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looks like the push is getting underway, new filing just out;




means no new shares will be issued, good news IMO





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word is getting around, won't stay this low for very long IMO

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anyone wanting in, grab those .026s now, one MM left at .026 and people will be chasing from there

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BUY BUY BUY!!!! now is the time!

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Looks like EVCARCO got a NEW website JUST for their FT WORTH dealership.

They don't have ANYTHING on the site YET, but at least they have purchased the name and have it registered with a server.

This is just one more sign letting us know they have "money"

Here is the link. I'll bet they have SOME info on this new site within the next week or so.


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New week for Evcarco, already showing lots of activity in the first half hour of opening.

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I dont really understand what is going on with this ENTRY INTO A MATERIAL DEFINITIVE AGREEMENT? can anyone queue me in or explain it a little better?

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another .0001 flat lining
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not even very tradeable with less than $4,000 in volume

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