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Haven't posted in a while

my scan
ILNS .0035
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also just a scan MRNJ .003ish

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No more scans unless someone sends me $1200. Sorry.
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Anyone know how to post sub-penny charts now?


Like I said I can't afford my screener and the markets are rough now but I think their might be some interest in


ARSC .0001 and UNDT .0006  just based on mania.


Maybe MNGA .135 if they are for real


and MDGC's .0049 chart looked good to me

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UNDT hit .0026 and might be ready for another wave up now at .0016


Can someone tell me how to post sub penny charts now?- otherwise I will be completely done giving alerts I suppose- no fun without the charts for evidence.

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BBDA .016/9 are they legit?


especially if they get past .03  but out if it gets under .01 I would think.

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started poppiing .0112 now


MultiCell Technologies, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: MCET) is pleased to announce the issuance of U.S. patent 7,935,528 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) relating to the isolation and use of human liver stem cells to treat liver disease. Under the terms of its license agreement with Rhode Island Hospital, MultiCell Technologies is the worldwide exclusive licensee of U.S. patent 7,935,528.

The patent describes methods to isolate and use human liver stem cells to treat degenerative liver diseases, or inherited deficiencies of liver function. Patients who suffer from severe, irreversible liver disease for which other medical and surgical treatments have failed are often candidates for a liver transplant. Liver stem cells which differentiate into functional mature hepatocytes could help to reconstitute a diseased liver, and may be an alternative approach to whole organ transplants for certain liver diseases.

"We are pleased the USPTO has agreed that our liver stem cells are indeed novel and may lead to important therapeutic applications," said W. Gerald Newmin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "Our efforts to better understand liver stem cell biology, and the role these cells play in chronic liver disease and primary hepatocellular carcinoma, is a major focus of the Company," Mr. Newmin stated.

About MultiCell Technologies, Inc.

MultiCell Technologies, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel therapeutics and discovery tools that address unmet medical needs for the treatment of neurological disorders, hepatic disease and cancer. For more information about MultiCell Technologies, please visit http://www.multicelltech.com.

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WDRP .05 ish now,


seems like there is a bit of work left to be done, but this could fly soon

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Cautionary note. A Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyst predicted that “The real winners of this type of regulatory breakthrough will be technology companies involved in the production of aviation biofuels. The biotech-biofuels business models of Amyris Inc., Codexis Inc., Gevo Inc. and Solazyme Inc. are all making claims to these types of new markets.” Amyris and Gevo are not producing Bio-SPK fuels and are not directly impacted by the announcement – although Solazyme will receive a potential direct impact for its Bio-SPK-based Solajet fuel, which it is producing in large test quantities for the US Navy among other customers..

There is another fuel spec, approved some time ago, which relates to bio-based fuels produced using the Fischer-Tropsch process. Rentech is among the leading companies producing this fuel, which is already approved for use and was the subject of a 13-airline offtake agreement at LAX, announced last year. Rentech is also working with UOP for unionfining, unicracking and dewaxing technologies.

In addition, several companies are developing technologies that will produce jet fuels directly from fermentation, or from catalytic conversion processes. Companies pursuing this track include Cobalt Technologies, Gevo, Amyris, Joule Unlimited, and Virent. The latest guidance from Amyris suggests that they expect to see approval and commercial-scale production of those fuels by mid-decade.

RTK .88
If someone gets rich I'm starving!
BBDA now .0033, I would buy some now and if they hit .0001 if I had a lot of disposable income, but the timing is wrong I think.
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Last public alert TAON .0016


Called PGIE, SAVW and BRAV this month, believe me or not- to bad I am broke.


RTK now .97


BBDA .01

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TDEY $0.03 first post.  with A/H News; EMLL $0.0004 first post, with News this morning

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Its not as much fun without charts, if anyone knows how to get updating charts please post how in this thread.


News alerts


 CVE:DYA 0.10


SZYM 12.99

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SNEY over .008 looks good to me.


edit: SZYM 11.92 boo needs to get through $13


DYA .195 yay

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solar using graphene nanotech

MGLT .10

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