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Skymark Research, a leading provider of small- and micro-cap independent investment research, today initiated coverage on Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (AMEX:RPC).
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its holding good
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Radient Pharmaceuticals Submits Business Plan for Continued NYSE Amex Listing

US-based pharmaceutical company Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RPC) (NYSE Amex: RPC) announced today it has submitted a business plan to the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE") Amex demonstrating its ability to achieve compliance with continued listing standards.

The business plan includes, but is not limited to, securing additional capital through equity financing and an equity line of credit; securing shareholder approval for various debt for equity transactions to eliminate the majority of RPC's near- and long-term debt; monetizing RPC's ownership in its China-based subsidiary Jade Pharmaceuticals Inc.; advancing the international commercialization of the Company's Onko-Sure(TM) cancer test kits, Onko-Care cancer test services and Elleuxe skin-care product line; and instituting a new investor relations program to promote investor buying in RPC.

If the plan is accepted, under applicable rules and regulations of the NYSE Amex, RPC must achieve compliance with the market listing standards in six (6) months by June 23, 2010. If the Company is not compliant by these dates, its common stock will be subject to suspension and delisting by the NYSE Amex.

For additional information on Radient Pharmaceuticals, ADI and its portfolio of products visit the Company's corporate website at www.Radient-Pharma.com. For Investor Relations information contact Kristine Szarkowitz at kszarkowitz@Radient-Pharma.com or 1.206.310.5323.
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RPC is sitting right here in the low .20's, this is exactly the entry point that investors should be looking for according to the history of the chart. I will be looking to scoop up some shares while they are trading at these prices.... I thought maybe some others here might enjoy having a peak also!! :o)
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Going nuts today, don't why...jumping in before close here...
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In at .34, out at .45

Held that thing for 15 minutes, wheeeee!
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Radient Pharmaceuticals Enters Into Collaboration Agreement With Jaiva Technologies to Advance Commercialization of Radient's CIT(TM) Cancer Vaccine in India
Companies Initiate Clinical Trials to Gain Government Approval

I am in with a small position 5k. Lets c. Any comments from Longs
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in at .26 and out at .39
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congrats Brob722. Me in at .38. hope it don't loose much pps.
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Oh, it's alerted by biomedreports this morning...

Might look for this to continue...
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ohh, now i can see why it went from .22 to .34 yesterday. hope it don't go back to .22 today....
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looks like it won't get up as much as yesterday...
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I am seeing 30k, 10k blocks being bought and it is holding steady at .38/.39. looking for a last hour pps jump like yesterday.
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LoLz, I had this 1 along with SSN sitting in my portfolio from the low 20's, until recently I had almost totally forgot about them. I have exited my position in RPC for now (as well as SSN for that matter), not sure that it will provide for a continuation from here unless they release further good news. Hope everyone has profited nicely from RPC, GLTA and cheers!!
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Radient Pharmaceuticals' FDA-Approved Test Changes Dynamic Of Cancer Screening And Early Detection

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damnt . its flying .
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anyone know the share structure?
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Originally Posted by M8kin_Moves View Post
anyone know the share structure?

easy huh?
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Think this will run again this afternoon?
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May be because of the day trading volume. But it is too risky now considering it was in 20c to reach $1 in two days...good luck for the ones who are holding
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