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What sub-penny stocks are you watching tomorrow? - Page 40

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... it's about that time of year to go off-roading
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APV.TO (Arise Technologies)

Likely news this week, probably tomorrow.

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PVSP their volume is going up the last days ! this stock maybe gonna fly !
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PFMS - New CEO = merger for clean shell...

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PFMS very thin, merger with chinese medical company is near
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PVSP and VRAL !!!
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Definitely, BYRG. Volume is growing daily, as is the price.
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$HESV is a winner. 16m float. trading @0003
Check its prev run and current chart setup..
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Originally Posted by Cubbiesin09 View Post
Definitely, BYRG. Volume is growing daily, as is the price.
BYRG volume is growing, people are noticing.
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PFMS >>> MOASS through merger
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SSOL - Sunvalley Solar - .02 Solar stock

2011 is the year for Alternative Energy stocks. This one is still reasonably priced.
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Originally Posted by BUDDHA7 View Post

2011 is the year for Alternative Energy stocks. This one is still reasonably priced.

 but it just had a big run...

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EMXC   -------> WHY:


1. Recent interview: CEO states book value at .02+

2. Big talk about SALES SALES SALES

3.Confirmed NO R/S

4. http://bit.ly/eZaEfu     <-----CHART is soooo SETUP to TREND reverse. Lots of GROWTH potential with minimal risk from current LEVELS!!!!


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +  + + + + + + + + + +  + + + +

On January 24, 2011 the Chairman of the company posted this on the front page of their website and emailed the same out to the list of shareholders they have in their email list

January 24, 2011

Dear Shareholders, Managers, Directors, Partners, Counselors, Family and Friends

I would like to take this opportunity to speak to you and give you an update of this last year's company events. Even though it was only five months ago that my husband, best friend and Co-founder of the company died of cancer, the company has made tremendous growth progress this year. I am extremely proud of each and everyone that has helped the company to make such tremendous progress and even when all of us have had hard adversities to overcome as well ourselves. I am ever so grateful to each and every one who has helped the company, my family and me personally regarding all the corporate and personal matters we have had to work through this past year. The company and I would never have been able to make so much progress without the help of each and everyone of you. I am so pleased to announce the following progress we have made this past year. At this date of this Writing eMax Worldwide has:

1. Paid all the hard costs associated with the mailing of four different stock dividends to our shareholders. The stock dividends are for year 2003, 2005 and for two in year 2007. We all have our transfer agent National Stock Transfer to thank for working so diligently and proficiently to make sure that every detailed is handled perfectly. This is a very large task as for we have over 2700 shareholders and a majority of them are holding certificates so that means that over 2700 pieces of mailings had to be prepared and some that will carry four certificates, a two page letter from the company and all has to be sent with a form of registered mailing. All shareholders that held their shares in a brokerage account at time of the dividends were announced will be receiving their dividends directly to their brokerage firms.

2. Formed a new Subsidiary, New Unified Corp, to acquire operating company investments in the area of income producing real estate, oil, gas and alternative energy companies and commodity producing operations in the US. eMax Worldwide's objectives are to acquire companies that will help to put Americans back to work and produce more USA made products.

3. Has launched an online e commerce store powered by Yahoo, www.buyemax.com

4. Its subsidiary, eMax Media group has begun the process re digitizing and mastering songs from their catalog of over 9500 music titles for the repackaging of eMax Music CD's for major retail store outlets and for the new proprietary digital network being developed .

5. Has appointed new officers and directors for the company and its two partly held companies, eMax Media Group, www.emaxmediagroup.com. and New Unified Corp.

6. eMax Media has sent representing partners this week to Midem, www.midem.com, the largest International Music Buyer Conference, held in Cannes France, to present their media products, http://www.thebestmusic.biz. Midem is planning for 14,000 attendants from around the world looking to acquire music and media products and make investments into companies such as eMax Media Group

7. Has retained the SEC Legal services of McMullen and Associates, www.mcmullenassociates.com. McMullen and Associates has been a wonderful SEC firm to work with this year and we are privileged to have such a great team of SEC attorneys to work beside for all of our companies.

8. Has retained the auditing services of Bongiovanni and Associates , BAI-CPA.com. The company has currently finished preparing all corporate accounting files through the end of 2010 and is planning to be finished the auditing process with their auditors as soon as possible over the next few weeks. Initially the company announced on their website that the auditors were Green Tree Financial Group in error. This was the name of the firm they had engaged back in 2003 and which is associated with the same principal officers.

9. Is preparing the necessary steps and filings for eMax Media Group to become its own separate publicly trading company, with the help of their SEC auditors and attorneys.

10. Is preparing to allow shareholders to exchange the stock dividends from year 2003 and 2005 for common shares in eMax Media Groups. As we have finished the accounting of the company and the subsidiary companies , we have noted that the exchange of those two dividends from year 2003 and 2005 we believe are going to garner those shareholders more gains than initially expected. We will have concise conclusion to this matter when the auditors finish their work auditing all the company's financial's.

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I'm going with Home Energy Savings



0.0002 x 0.0003



Im a big fan of this gem here. Check the chart back in Sep 09 that type run is just around the corner now. Tiny Float 000.

Just saying people its a no brainer. People are always wondering how they missed the big ones. Well listen to the crazy people like me lol.

With just a little volume this can move huge.. No resistance..



From 0003 to 0.02 in 1 day its last big run. To buy the 0003's now with they chart setup you cant go wrong imo..


Good luck all.. Lotto

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SNRS is going to be the one to watch tomorrow!!

Major news will be  announced tomorrow, and CE was removed this weekend (moved to current status on pinksheets!!)

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$HESV 0.0003






*You know what this means*

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