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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — It's called "buckypaper" and looks a lot like ordinary carbon paper, but don't be fooled by the cute name or flimsy appearance. It could revolutionize the way everything from airplanes to TVs are made.
Buckypaper is 10 times lighter but potentially 500 times stronger than steel when sheets of it are stacked and pressed together to form a composite. Unlike conventional composite materials, though, it conducts electricity like copper or silicon and disperses heat like steel or brass.

All those things are what a lot of people in nanotechnology have been working toward as sort of Holy Grails," said Wade Adams, a scientist at Rice University.
That idea -- that there is great future promise for buckypaper and other derivatives of the ultra-tiny cylinders known as carbon nanotubes -- has been floated for years now. However, researchers at Florida State University say they have made important progress that may soon turn hype into reality.
Buckypaper is made from tube-shaped carbon molecules 50,000 times thinner than a human hair. Due to its unique properties, it is envisioned as a wondrous new material for light, energy-efficient aircraft and automobiles, more powerful computers, improved TV screens and many other products.
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It may be a while before we find ways to invest into the future.
but here we can post info. and keep watch for early ways to invest.

So far, some have started to buy up all kinds of domain names relate to
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DEARBORN, MI—The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) has announced its annual list of “Innovations that Could Change the Way You Manufacture.”

The fundamental difference between this list and others is that these innovations are available now. There’s no waiting needed,” says Cindy Skelton-Becker, chair of SME’s Manufacturing Enterprise Council (MEC), which selected this year’s innovations.

They are:

High-Speed Sintering
Synthetic Gecko Tape
Micro-Laser-Assisted Machining
Wireless Power Transfer
Personal Fabrication

Complementing this year’s list also is the “2009 Tech Watch List,” featuring self-healing polymers and liquid lens imaging. Self-healing polymers have the capability of repairing themselves after damage, while liquid lens imaging captures 250 pictures per second and could revolutionize how cell phones and automobiles are made.

“We chose all of these technologies based on usability across manufacturing industries, positive impact on manufacturing and their overall availability of use right now,” says Skelton-Becker, who is senior manager, finish aftermarket group, for the Nordson Corp.

“High-speed sintering made the list because it promises to dramatically speed up the additive manufacturing process to the point where it’s even more compelling to consider for production applications,” says Skelton-Becker.

Buckypaper, or a thin sheet made from tiny nanotubes, is already showing promise as a material in building aerospace vehicles and body armor.

Synthetic gecko tape borrows from the animal kingdom to create an adhesive that can support higher shear stress (36 N/cm2), eliminating the need for high-heat soldering. Synthetic gecko tape will soon be used to create new and lighter materials.
Beyond materials like gecko tape or buckypaper, processes like micro-laser-assisted machining also will revolutionize manufacturing because materials that were previously impossible to machine can now be done with absolute precision.
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this could be interesting
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Originally Posted by shooting star View Post
They are:
Wireless Power Transfer
YAY Tesla is back!
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indeed. muy interesante
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TNY - @ 35.50
LUXNI - @ 765.20

Are two Index funds that are (Nanotechnology Index)

it could be years before you see individual IPO's
that are incorporating buckypaper tech. But their could be numerous avenue's
for different products in the future.
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