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EMJI - Emaji, Inc.

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Description: Currently, Emaji is a shell company. Recently, ownership of this company changed hands. The current owner of Emaji is Robert Atwell. At present, Atwell in focusing on the success of his Camelot Entertainment Group. Once Camelot succeeds, Atwell will be able to possibly direct funds/time towards Emaji. At the time of this entry, no current website could be found for Emaji, Inc.
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No way.... I am mad now.... I wish I knew...
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Originally Posted by fooofummm View Post
No way.... I am mad now.... I wish I knew...
Well now, hold your horses! For some crazy reason, this thing went as high as .0005 or .0006 within the past couple of weeks. Yes, there's obviously manipulation going on, but that doesn't mean it will necessarily work against you .....unless you allow it to.
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Anyone checked out the SHARE STRUCTURE???? HISTORY???
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Here's a little bit of history for Emaji, Inc......

1) Formerly SFPS:

2) Most recent PR was 18 months ago:

3) Five-year chart:

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Why? Why take it upwards? THERE IS NO BUSINESS!!!!!
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Well this shot up out of nowhere... Im not seeing a PR anywhere, either.
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Originally Posted by cowboys_fan View Post
Well this shot up out of nowhere... Im not seeing a PR anywhere, either.
It's utter BS. From my understanding, there is no company. In a nutshell, here's what this is:

1) A name (Emaji, Inc.)

2) A ticker symbol (


3) An undisclosed amount of stock

The MMs are just playing their usual games, IMHO.
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DALEKS IS THE MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Check it out, just posted this morning:

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IRVINE, Calif. , May 18, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Emaji, Inc. (Pink Sheets:EMJI) (“Emaji”) announced today that it is in the process of updating its filings with Pink Sheets as the Company moves forward with its expansion plans this quarter. Emaji has been eyeing two acquisitions to augment its Netoy.com® subsidiary as it implements plans to become current on Pink Sheets and complete its audit in order to become a fully reporting company during 2010. Emaji also plans to announce a new management team in the upcoming weeks. At present, Emaji plans on maintaining its current stock structure, which will be fully detailed in its Pink Sheets filings.

Let me get all of this news straight now:

Emaji is going to start filing again.
Emaji is moving forward with expansion plans THIS QUARTER.
Emaji has TWO acquisitions on the horizon.
Emaji will be doing an audit to become a fully reporting company again.
Emaji will announce a new management team in the UPCOMING WEEKS.
Emaji will likely keep the same stock structure, and will announce that in their filings as well.

That is a fully loaded PR, and in one little paragraph. You could actually make six (or more) different PR’s out of that one news release; and this is where buyers got very interested. As a result, the PPS shot up to .0038 that same day. However, that is not where our story ends. While buyers largely held on to their shares; market makers began to short in order to get the PPS back down – after all, it was already over 300% up.
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.002 - Up 66% in the last 2 hours.
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This is PPP's pick this month - just announced:


His last pick went up 514%
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EMJI PR November 7, 2013

Emaji lands first major funding commitments

---Agreements reached on initial $4 million for acquisitions and operating capital---

IRVINE, CA, Nov. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - Emaji, Inc. (OTC: EMJI) announced today that it has entered into financing agreements that are expected to provide Emaji with $4,000,000 in acquisition and operating capital. The funding agreements, which Emaji has been negotiating with several individuals and institutions over the past year, bring Emaji closer to reaching its initial funding goal of $5,000,000 as it continues to move forward with its development efforts in its Sportsworld Entertainment and Emaji Business Development divisions.

The agreements call for funding to commence during the fourth quarter and to continue throughout fiscal year 2014. The use of proceeds includes funding for the planned acquisition of an NBA Development League team through Sportsworld's Professional Sports Acquisition Group, funding to develop and produce a reality competition syndicated series as part of the Flashback Camps International participatory camps, continued development on Netoy.com,® and operating capital which will be utilized to retain additional management and staff. This funding will also enable Emaji to file its planned initial registration statement in order to become fully reporting and provide the financial foundation so that Emaji will no longer be considered a development stage company.

Emaji plans to post the executed funding agreements as part of its quarterly filing with OTC. Emaji plans to release its specific revenue targets for 2014 prior to end of the fourth quarter. For additional information on Emaji, Inc., please go to www.emaji.com or http://www.otcmarkets.com.

About Emaji:

Emaji, Inc. (OTC: EMJI), "Where Imagination Comes Alive," is a publicly traded development stage company with two initial divisions, Emaji Business Development, which is developing the rollout of its revamped online toy portal Netoy.com®; and Sportsworld Entertainment, which is developing its participatory collegiate and professional sports camps through Flashback Camps International, a financial and marketing support program for a wide variety of athletic enterprises, including youth athletic programs, and its Professional Sports Acquisition Group, which is currently exploring acquisition opportunities in professional sports.

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