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We are floating around the bottom, would not be surprised with .0014 close today.

Trading tight....
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CYCA - Cytta Delineates Medical Home Ecosystem, Adds New Director of Technology

September 21, 2010 9:30 AM ET

Cytta Corp's (OTCBB: CYCA) President, Gary Campbell, is pleased to announce that recent developments in the US healthcare system and managerially have allowed the Company to clearly delineate and greatly expand their business model of being an integration and solutions provider within the entire patient-centered medical home ecosystem.

Cytta sees the patient-centered medical home ecosystem (PCMHE) as an integrated network of eHealth technologies and services capable of being utilized to organize primary care to ensure patients receive coordinated care from a primary care physician supported by advanced monitoring technologies for self-care management, provided by a skilled healthcare team.

The goal of the patient-centered medical home ecosystem is to create the mechanism to deliver continuous, accessible, high-quality, patient-oriented primary care to lower costs and improve quality of care through the adoption of health IT, care teams and evidence-based medical guidelines.

The Company is pleased to announce that Mr. Mike Stiege has joined the Board of Advisors as Director of Technology to assist with and refine our technical objectives. Mr. Stephen Spalding, CEO, stated, "I have worked with, and known Mr. Stiege for many years and we at Cytta are fortunate to have his remarkable wisdom and vision assisting in the development of the Cytta Medical Home Ecosystem. Mr. Stiege brings numerous resources to our Company and we are all experiencing the incisive direction and focus which have been the hallmark of all his previous endeavors."

Some news from earlier in the week....
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PLENTY of chatter around this one. watching closely tomorrow.
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Someone wants shares bad!

Nothing but A$$ Slap-page since yesterday AM.....
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Volumes getting huge.
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Heard a rumor that someone put up a bid of about 15k eating away .002+'s.....in anticipation for a PR later this week!!!

Iam looking for easy an ~003+ before that though....
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Anyone see where i put that....
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Painting .003 now.. looks like a nice run in the works!!
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OOOH i found it:

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Originally Posted by Kurupt007 View Post
Heard a rumor that someone put up a bid of about 15k eating away .002+'s.....in anticipation for a PR later this week!!!

Iam looking for easy an ~003+ before that though....
The rumor seems to be that Cytta has a deal with AT&T, soon to be PR'ed.
The stock action shows there's believe in the rumor.

I must say, there has been a poster which had inside info posting this on a well known message board (hub). This poster got banned soon after.
He/She pre-announced a PR and its contents, which short after indeed hit the wire.
So I'm not surprised about the rumor. Hope it is true since I hold 4 million shares of this.

Why ATT, there is two posts of this on the hub and YMB.
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Holding gains extremely well.
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cyca in pullback mode.... please stand by :P
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lets see how far this pulls back, might start a position soon. I'm liking the weekly
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lol ewww
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People like what they see in the 8-K

Looks good to .003 is my wild guess. If momo takes over maybe a lot higher
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this sEEms to be trying to come oFF the boTTom. Bids are stacking

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a bit ofa volume increase here the past couple of day's

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Looks like these guys released and 8-k with an agreement with AT&T just a few days ago...looks mostly undiscovered yet



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Buzz getting huge on this one,....getting multiple emails on it, lots of eyes.  Will be trading at open.

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Great day for this stock!  up over 60% this am

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