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lmao... pump pump pump it up
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double post
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is this a buy?
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If you wanted to make money sure.
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Notification that Annual Report will be submitted late (NT 10-K)


Date : 03/30/2011 @ 4:08PM




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They must be about ready to release it.



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SNVP Waking up, Volume Surged yesterday, something is brewing.

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SNVP on the move...watch for more volume and she could be a runner...



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SNVP, RSI spiking, MACD About to Cross, Accum/Dist Looks Good.


Rumors are this is an RM canidate...who knows, she moves EASY anyway!


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$SNVP - on high radar. MACD crossed yesterday and with this tiny float any volume shoots her north...

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Few Others Picking up on SNVP...



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SNVP - volume still low, but still increasing in PPS....Finally a true low float without dilution (so far)


They filed the NT, meaning the financials were gonna be filed late, but that means we know something is brewing!

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Morning SNVP ... anyone hearing any rumors?


Failures to Deliver = Naked Shorting?




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SNVP is everyones dream play low floater and bashers as of yet

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Agreed....the Chart is Telling the Story there!!


And Rumors are the filings should hit next week, (well prob will since they are DUE!)




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