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What does that mean...would we see stock again at $5? My english is poor, so i don't understand all...is now good time to buy that stock?
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How low will she go.
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lol wow this one sunk like the Titanic!
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Ya real Funny!!
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Looks like it might keep the low of 1.60. Anyone who's still holding shares from over $5 who don't have extended hours trading will probably just hold them now, no point in a massive sell off at open.
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Anyone think this might be a good entry point? Down 70%? It's not like they are going bankrupt. Anyone think this one's a bit oversold and market open might be a good time to pick up?
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Probably see a good bounce from it. But I haven't done any research on the company. If that was their only promising product, it's unlikely you'll see too high of a bounce.
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Look for the drop !

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With this kind of drop, it will have to bounce back. I'll put in a very low buy order and see if it fills.
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What caused this big drop today? Drug not get approved or something?
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NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ACAD) and partner Biovail Corp. (BVF) said Tuesday that the Parkinson's disease psychosis drug they're co-developing failed to meet its top goal in a late-stage clinical trial, a significant blow to Acadia's most advanced product and the biopharmaceutical's fundamentals.
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grabbed some for a bounce.... playing with fire here..
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sold most at 2.14, but still ridding some freebies...
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let see if it can make new high
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I wanted to get in but Scottrade is not letting me buy it for some reason. You guys think that this thing will go any lower?
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10% on PM
On the radar today
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I bought in fellas. The volume is extremely low today, selling is over.
I will be playing to at least $3. They have another drug in backup.
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up 20% today
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What happened with this one today? Thought for sure we were going to $1.00.
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Nice move today. I expect selling into this move tomorrow.
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