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This stock has been in my sights with the intention of buying on a pullback. It looks like I may have to wait a bit longer as they just reported and had a good quarter. Cramer was pumping this for about 5 minutes tonight and he  also had the CEO on. In the last week,I have seen him pump both SGI and OCLR. The next day SGI went up about $1.75 while OCLR went up about $3 in two days.


If I had funds available,I would have taken a chance on SD.Let's see what happens tomorrow.

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If that is true,that would be sweet......even sweeter if I owned it.smile.gif

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short SD, help?

I'm short SD 10.63. Stupid gap up today. Technically, this looks a bit bearish but this gap screwed everything up. Advice?

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its running into resistance right now at 11.70 ish.. so you could hold and hope for a retrace off the highs as the indicators look like they are starting to roll over and see if volume is starting to decline.... It depends on what is your risk % and how long you want to hold.


but then again you have to weigh why it gaped up.. SD +3.7% (confirmed it files registration statement for initial public offering of units of SandRidge permian trust)

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SD article - short term trade.



SandRidge Energy (SD) is an independent oil and natural gas company. Its stock has lost 45% of its value over the last 3 months and now trades with a market cap of $2.46 billion. The company has posted $1.22 billion in revenue with a profit margin of 1.44% during the last 12 months. It has $4.61 million in cash with assets that total $5.6 billion and $2.9 billion in total debt.

I can think of several reasons why not to purchase this stock. It has horrible profit margins, it returns a negative margin on assets, it has less than $5 million in cash, its costs are very high, it needs a high price of oil to post profits, and its debt to assets ratio is over 50%. Yet the company has made some strides in the right direction with its most recent earnings and future guidance. During its most recent quarter the company announced revenue and EPS that doubled including net income that increased by nearly 400% year-over-year. It's also drastically lowered its debt to assets ratio over the last year from near 90% to its current ratio of just above 50%. The company recently lowered its full-year production guidance yet its new guidance is still significantly higher that its original guidance at the beginning of the year. And its full-year production guidance for next year is 27.7MMBoe which is much higher than its projection for this year at 23.9 MMBoe.

The stock still presents a high level of risk, as its 98% more volatile than the market, and there are several fundamental red flags. Yet I believe the company is showing improvements, just not by the margins in which investors would like to see, therefore at its current price of $5.96 I believe this stock would make a good short term investment with a small position. Another reason I believe the stock is a good short term buy is because of the price of crude, near $80, I don't expect crude to drop below $75 yet I believe it's very likely that it returns to a price over $100, possibly by the end of the year. And when it happens, I believe that SD will be posting gains as the price of crude rises since the stock tends to trade higher as the price of crude goes up.


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SD SandRidge - Forbes article says "oversold."



I can't cut & paste it! grrrr


There is also another PR from the 2nd which is also great.


gl all

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Expose a Pump and Dump.

SD has news being rehashed and a real push by Seeking Alpha etc to lure suckers.

I don't like to see people get hurt by others greed. 

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SD has news being rehashed and a real push by Seeking Alpha etc to lure suckers.

I don't like to see people get hurt by others greed.


This is a mega short.

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How do you pump a $2B company? That is some serious pump work laughing.gif

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On Friday, Sandridge Energy, Inc. (SD)’s Director, Daniel Jordan, made a $386,488 purchase of SD, buying 50,000 shares at a cost of $7.73 a piece. Jordan was up about 5.6% on the buy at the high point of today’s trading session, with SD trading as high as $8.16 in trading on Wednesday. Before this latest buy, Jordan bought SD at 2 other times during the past year, for a total investment of $242,200 at an average of $6.92 per share.

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Uptick in SD - trade only.

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SD - It's making an attempt to claw back so watch it.

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5 Stocks With Multibagger Potential

SDSandRidge En

CAPS Rating 4/5 Stars

Down$7.19 $-0.09 (-1.24%)


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With that in mind, here are some companies that we believe have multibagger potential over the long term. We'll be following them closely in the coming weeks as we consider them for our real-money portfolio.

  1. Westport Innovations (Nasdaq: WPRT )
    Westport Innovations designs fuel technologies to help engines run on natural gas. As the natural gas distribution system along our major highways builds out, more and more vehicles will likely convert to natural gas. That will be very good news for Westport, which has seen its share price plunge in recent weeks.
  2. SandRidge Energy (NYSE: SD )
    SandRidge Energy is a company that switched from natural gas to oil before the rest of the crowd. That was a wise decision in light of declining natural gas prices. Although the company took on considerable debt to fund the switch, the prescient bet is starting to pay off.
  3. Solazyme (Nasdaq: SZYM )
    Solazyme is an alternative energy company that makes oils from a fermentation process using microalgae. The company has a proven process, and is now investing heavily to scale it up to meet the demand it is expecting. Solazyme's share price is down considerably since its IPO in 2011, so this idea is somewhat risky.
  4. E-Commerce China Dangdang (NYSE: DANG )
    Dangdang is a small Chinese retailer that sells books, periodicals, and a wide variety of other products. The company is still in the process of building a platform that can serve as many customers as possible. There's still quite a lot of work to be done, but the potential here is incredible. The risks are no doubt very high as well. Investors would need a strong stomach for this one.
  5. Jive Software (Nasdaq: JIVE )
    Jive Software has created a collaboration platform for businesses to use in order to create and market products. The company continues to sign up new customers and has an opportunity to increase licenses with new and existing companies. The company's share price has been on quite a run of late, so we'll be taking a closer look at this business.


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Bump on this thread.


After reading a few articles that pertain to SD, I would like to see others opinions and maybe some TA perspective on this stock. It seems that their management is poor, but that investors and the Board of Directors are going to change that soon if they vote to oust the current CEO.  The idea is that if that is to happen, the stock will rise.


I'm curious to see what others think about this one.


The articles:







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anyone still in on this one?


I'm looking to build a position as they have a ton of vultures circling and recently jettisoned their founder

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bought June 7.00 calls at .31---dd it-way undervalued imho

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should break over 6.10 tomorrow and back above 7.00 short term--jmho

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they held at 5.99 Friday for options expiration---up from here now--jmho

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at 6.05 HOD--needs to break 6.10

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