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Charts indicate a breakout is on the horizon... ANYT is a solid company so an upward trends should be expected! Another ride north soon. imo
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a lot of bid whacking going on today. These current prices in no way reflect the value of this company. the mms are probably enjoying taking shares at these low prices...id suggest to anyone else the same.
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Anyt News out!!!!

MyFreightWorld/Anything Brands CEO Mike Head stated: "The value of our system has been demonstrated time and again by our blue chip customer base and the significance of today's announcement is that our alliance with FMI will increase our revenue under management numbers exponentially and provide for development of our strategic direction. Our short term goal of reaching the run rate of over $ 500 million should be realized through the alliance."
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oops! i got excited! here is the link to the rest of the article!

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I love the news that came out. Yesterday morning was absolutely horrible. The selling that took place was so random but the strong hands prevailed and we bounced back nicely!
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Originally Posted by etchasketch View Post
I love the news that came out. Yesterday morning was absolutely horrible. The selling that took place was so random but the strong hands prevailed and we bounced back nicely!
Agreed Etch..

This stock shows incredible support and the way it bounced back was a sight to see!
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ANYT has been down quite a bit from that nice high a few weeks ago. The chart looks kind of bad but the good thing is that it is over sold. I will be looking to increase my position early next week.
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This one has reversed IMO. I am back in at .092.
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Originally Posted by RedStick View Post
This one has reversed IMO. I am back in at .092.
Looks like it might pinch soon, I will be keeping an eye on it ready to enter.
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I like the way it's held the support from Dec-Jan, little apprehensive simply because if it breaks that, it'll get nasty real quick. Debating taking a position though...
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Letter from the CEO

February 20th, 2010
Letter to Our Shareholders

From CEO J. Michael Head

As 2010 kicks off, I would like to address our shareholders regarding the state of our business. I will begin by giving a status report for 2009 and then report on the prospects for 2010. I would like to conclude with my thoughts on our stock price and its recent volatility.

2009 was a difficult year for virtually all business segments and this recession is as harsh as any I have witnessed during my 34 years in the business. The transportation industry is always the first to suffer during tough economic times; but it is always the first to bounce back. Our segment of the transportation market focuses on outsourcing, cost reduction, and value added services and can continue to grow, albeit from a lower base. Most industry players experienced a top line decrease of around 40%. The last time our industry experienced a similar downturn (none have been of this magnitude), numerous companies consolidated into industry-wide roll-ups through mergers and acquisitions. We have already seen an increase in activity in this arena. Building strong alliances and partners is critical for successfully positioning our company for the future. MFW has been fortunate to have some of the industry’s best among its customers. Public companies like Landstar, Matson, Ozburn Hessey, and UTI Worldwide use our service to compliment their own very robust platforms while over 100 smaller players look to us for some or all of their technology and support service needs. While I believe that no one knows where we stand on the road to recovery from this recession, we see our customers gearing up to offer more services on a more aggressive basis. This bodes well for our model. When the market does recover, built-in growth will be significant for those that are there to prosper.

2010 began with MFW taking control of Anything Brands Online. ABOL is in the final phases of spinning off the AGO (Anything Green Online) as well as its online division. The AGO announcement of Mike Broll to lead the company is absolutely proof positive of AGO’s commitment to success. Mr. Broll is one of the greatest leaders in the food industry. Announcements regarding the dividend/distribution will be forthcoming from the ABOL Board of Directors in the very near term. This will leave MFW as the sole entity of ANYT and allow us to focus on our core business. ABOL and MFW believe this is the best way to create shareholder value in the near term and provide the platforms for tremendous long term value potential.

2010 began with the acquisition of a major new customer. Our alliance with Freight Management Inc. will not only fuel the growth of our managed revenue but will also involve us in their exciting plans for the year. We expect you will be hearing much from us about this alliance during the year. We are devoting a great deal of time and effort to expanding our systems and programs in order to benefit each of our customers. One unique aspect of our business model is that our customers can do what they do best and we can do the rest.

We will continue our periodic investor conference calls and will be announcing a date for the next one in the near future. Be sure and post any questions you might have so they can be addressed at the meeting for the benefit of all to hear.

Finally, I think it is important that I speak to the volatility of our stock price. I must first confess that I am not the most qualified person to offer advice on the “Pink” market. I have been involved in starting two different public companies that did IPO’s and were listed on NASDAQ. I have spent the last several weeks talking to consultants and experts that seem to understand this market. I feel comfortable that as long as we continue down the path that we are on, establishing credibility in the marketplace and taking care of the business, that the stock price will stabilize at the proper level. Here are some “lessons” that the experts have handed down to me:

Lesson #1: The Pink-Sheets are the “Wild West” of stock markets. Short sellers love to put pressure on thinly traded stock. Not only can you overcome them, but they can be a positive factor when the momentum turns.
Lesson #2: The Pink entry market is full of short-term traders who come and go in your stock based on their own trading parameters. They should be considered an important part of our shareholder base and will help us appreciate the stock. Only companies with a very short-term mentality worry about those who get in and out for quick profits.
Lesson #3: There is, and will always be 3rd party promoters in the “Pinks”. Some promoters are honest and others aren’t. They are capable of adding to a company’s shareholder base but more often than not, the results have very little lasting value.
Lesson #4: The “Pinks” don’t always react like the NASDAQ when it comes to releasing honest news and following it up with real communication. There is way too much skepticism in the pink-sheet market to expect news, no matter how significant, to always appreciate your stock, but if you continue to dowhat you say you are going to do and report frequently, but not superficially, your stock will react accordingly.
Final and Most Important Lesson of All: To help the company and its shareholders, make the common sense moves that build and sustain credibility.

(cont. next post)
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Therefore, I believe it is time to take those next steps to continue building on the credibility we at MFW have worked so hard to achieve. Programs such as the following are either in place or will be announced upon completion:

1. We are completing and ensuring that all spin-offs of Anything Brands business units are separated from MFW prior to end of 1st Quarter, 2010.
2. We will soon name the Auditing Firm we intend to engage to provide audited financial statements to become Fully-Reporting and Audited
3. We have applied for a name and symbol change that will more closely reflect our business.
4. We are working with consultants to ensure we provide our shareholders with the most cost effective, credible reporting status and meet all the requirements to move our company to the OTCBB.
5. We will continue to post news that is accurate, verifiable, and true.
6. I will continue to answer all Investor Questions in an honest and timely fashion

In closing, MFW will continue building shareholder base and value through hard work and integrity. I personally share each of our shareholders concerns for day to day price swings and un-explained volatility. I have and will strive to do all I can to continue building the credibility that is somewhat difficult, but not impossible, to achieve in a less regulated environment. Our strategies to spin–out our separate business units, become a fully reporting company, and move from the pinks should help us solidify the credibility and sustainability we are seeking. The steps we are taking are in fact, a series of great common sense moves that any company in this market must do to prove they are what they say they are. The most encouraging thing for me throughout this process has been that nearly every potential shareholder that has visited me at MFW has become a shareholder. I take their trust in me and in our vision very personally and will always work for the benefit of our shareholders. One of the best things I can do, much like a coach in sports, is to make sure our team keeps winning games and getting better; communicate our successes, and occasionally, our failures. Our strategy was put in place less than 60 days ago and has not yet had the time to mature. It is a work in progress that I am proud to be a part of. I am absolutely committed to the success of this company and its shareholders.

I urge you all to stay tuned and stay connected.
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Originally Posted by RedStick View Post
This one has reversed IMO. I am back in at .092.
RedStick, just curious how you came to your determination of a reversal?
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up 47.37%
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MYFREIGHTWORLD Announces Audit Team Report for Full Audit/Reporting Status

OVERLAND PARK, KS--(Marketwire - 03/17/10) - MYFREIGHTWORLD.com (www.myfreightworld.com) (Pinksheets:ANYT - News) announced today that the Company's Audit Team led by Financial Executive David Churchman has finished the assigned pre-audit and established a plan for completing the final steps required for a full audit to be performed by an SEC and PCAOB approved accounting firm.

CEO Michael Head commented: "The Company is pleased to announce that we have contracted the services of Mr. David Churchman, the Managing Partner of Mercury IC, LLC, a CFO Services Company with financial oversight expertise. Mr. Churchman will lead our Audit Team that has been quite active preparing for this very significant event. With the help and cooperation of Independent CPA's and Consultants, our Audit Team has presented their report and recommendations to MFW's Executive Management. The team has done a very thorough review of our transactions, press releases, projections and financials. The report and its recommendations will serve as our guide for completing the process of becoming a fully audited and reporting company."

Mr. Churchman added, "Mr. Head has instructed our team to release the report recommendations to our investors and ensure that the company completes all tasks in an expeditious manner. With this project having "Priority One" status, we feel confident that all the preparations for the full audit will help the company reduce cost and remove any and all unknown obstacles that could slow down the process. The pre-audit has focused heavily on all transactions that took place prior to MFW gaining control of Anything Brands. Our team is devoting a substantial amount of time to that endeavor and believes that is in the best interest of the Company and its Shareholders."

The following Audit Team recommendations have been made and approved by the MFW Board of Directors and Executive Management:

A. Company should begin Full Compliance Audit immediately following the
spin-off and removal of all things related to Anything Brands. This will
leave MFW in control and the remaining sole entity of the public company
with symbol ANYT
B. Company should complete the announced filing for new symbol of MFWT upon
FINRA final approval
C. Company should change from Calendar Year to Fiscal Year to allow for
immediate reporting status upon completion of the full audit
D. Company can help reduce audit rates and fees by keeping Audit Team and
pre-audit procedures active for all future audits
E. Company should complete the pre-audit task of verifying all past stock
transactions performed by Anything Brands Online prior to MFW taking
control Completion of this task, although time consuming, will guarantee
that Audit is completed without delays
Mr. Head added: "We have selected Scott M. Herpich of the Polsinelli Shughart Law Firm as our SEC Attorney. Mr. Herpich is part of one of the most respected law firms in the nation and has been very instrumental in properly documenting the transactions involved with the acquisition and restructuring. His work, along with that of our Audit Team, is critical to establishing credibility with an expanding shareholder base and creating value for all our existing and future constituents."
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myFreightWorld Announces FINRA Filing for Symbol Change

OVERLAND PARK, KS--(Marketwire - 03/24/10) - myFreightWorld.com www.myfreightworld.com (Pinksheets:ANYT - News) announced today it has officially changed its name to myFreightWorld Technologies and has filed an application with FINRA for a new trading symbol, MFWT. The company expects approval for the new symbol within ten days. Mike Head, CEO of myFreightWorld Technologies, commented, "FINRA agrees to process the request within 10 days, unless they ask for more information -- which we will give to them. This simple task is a high priority in the organization. Confidence in the management team comes from simple and deliberate gathering of the facts and efficient execution."

Mike Head, CEO of myFreightWorld Technologies, commented: "Our shareholders and the market have been waiting for this change to consecrate the establishment of MFWT as an entity separated from the Anything Brands Online group. This action completes another significant step as recommended by our Audit Team for our objective of becoming a fully reporting company. We believe the name change more closely reflects what our company is all about. We sell technology and services to the entire $600 billion plus freight industry."

Mr. Head added: "We are seeing some very positive signs of economic recovery from our customer base. MFWT has just experienced the strongest volume week we have seen in over sixteen months. FEDX, one of our largest carrier partners, just announced a major jump in shipping volume and a significant rise in profits. Due to the size of our market being so enormous, our ability to grow in a period of recession obscures my view of the market in general, but I am encouraged by the actual increase in volume that we are experiencing. We have seen a 25% revenue increase in March from the same period in February. I think the entire market understands what the impact of a recovering economy would have to our business model -- very positive."
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Will one of the mods change the ticker and name to MYFT - My Freightworld Technologies?
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