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IBGH - Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc.

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Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc.
5833 B Westview
Houston, TX 77055
Phone: 713-975-7715
Fax: 713-975-7716

About Innovative Beverage Group, Inc.
Innovative Beverage Group, Inc. develops and distributes cutting-edge New Age beverages to retail stores, grocery markets, niche food industry outlets and consumers throughout Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Fort Worth. The company's flagship product drank, is a pioneering, relaxation lifestyle beverage capturing the edgy culture of hip hop while capitalizing on the relaxation and balancing benefits of melatonin, valerian root and rose hips. In its first year on the market, drank has already become a top-selling beverage in the functional beverage sector and is positioned for nationwide distribution by 2009.

Natural calming effects of drank
Harnessing the natural calming effects of melatonin, valerian root and rose hips to "slow your roll" and capture a stress-free state of mind, drank is available in over 500 locations including 60 Spec's in Houston alone, and in select markets and convenience in more than 37 cities in the southeast including Dallas-Ft. Worth, Waco, Lubbock, and Austin, TX; Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Shreveport, LA; Las Vegas, NV; Memphis and Jackson, TN; and Jackson, MS. The company plans to have national distribution by 2009.

The pricing for a 16-ounce can (two servings) of drank is comparable in price to other drinks in the functional beverage category, including energy drinks like Rock Star and Monster. For more information, visit www.drankbeverage.com.

"Drank" contains a combination of Valerian Root, Rose Hips, and Melatonin designed to "slow your roll" after a hectic day. A calming beverage, Drank is formulated to relax the body, mind, and soul. "Drank" is the perfect lifestyle beverage for those who can appreciate extreme relaxation. So grab a Drank and "Slow Your Roll"!

Ingredients and Benefits
Melatonin: This brain hormone naturally controls the human sleep cycle. Melatonin, therefore, tells our bodies when it is time for sleep and when it is time to wake up. "Drank" contains a safe dose of Melatonin which relaxes those who drink it and helps them improve both the duration and quality of their sleep. Melatonin extracts aid the body in resetting its natural 'clock' and are even strong enough to prevent the effects of jet-lag. "Drank" enhances the positive effects of melatonin with flair and flavor which all are sure to enjoy.

Valerian Root: Valerian Root benefits anyone who may suffer from anxiety; restlessness; insomnia; mental strain; lack of concentration; excitability; stress; chronic headaches or migraines; nervous stomach cramps; bladder control issues; chronic pain, menopause; and the discomfort, and emotional distress which may occur with menstruation. "Drank" contains a healthy dose measured to compliment the effects of the melatonin and enhance relaxation. Valerian Root has been used around the world for centuries as a safe sedative without the morning 'grogginess' and possibility of addiction that man-made sedatives generally contain. "Drank" takes this old age remedy and puts it in the mix with melatonin to "slow your roll" after a long day.

Rose Hips: Another age-old remedy for what ails the body, Rose-Hips, is an excellent source of vitamin-C, contains biologically valuable bioflavinoids and is a great source of anti-oxidants. Rose-Hips have traditionally been used to treat diarrhea, nervousness, exhaustion, stress, urinary problems. Rose- Hips is commonly consumed by itself in tea (a drink) or is used as a topical oil. ?Drank? adds Rose-Hips to the Melatonin and Valerian root to create extreme relaxation in a safe and healthy way.

Innovative Beverage Group
5833-B Westview Dr.
Houston, TX 77055
Areas: Houston TX

360 Distribution Inc.
5930 N Sam Houston Pkwy
Suite 224
Humble, TX 77396
Areas: Dallas/Ft. Worth TX, Tyler TX, Livingston TX, Waco TX, Liberty TX, Crosby TX, Dayton TX, Longview TX, Nacadoches TX, Brookshire TX, Sealy TX, New Caney TX, Porter TX

Austin Beverage Company
933 B Brown Lane
Austin, TX 78754
Areas: Austin TX, San Marcos TX, San Antonio TX

KB Distribution Inc.
740 Smith Rd.
Luray, TN 38352
Areas: Henderson TN, Jackson TN, Lexington TN, Selmer TN, Humboldt TN, Trenton TN, Counce TN, Savannah TN

Drank Distributers Inc.
6035 Harrison Suite 3
Las Vegas, NV 89120
Areas: LasVegas NV, Reno NV, Lake Tahoe NV

Unique Beverage Group
3349 Springridge Rd
Raymond, MS 39154
Areas: Jackson MS, Hattiesburg MS, Meridian MS, Oxford MS, Monroe LA, Baton Rouge LA, Lafayette LA, Lake Charles LA, Alexandria LA, Port Arthur TX, Beaumont TX, El Dorado AR, Hot Springs AR, Little Rock AR

Armitchell Distribution
4357 St Louis St.
Shreveport, LA 71109
Areas: Shreveport LA

HBC Distribution
1837 Harbor Ave.
Memphis, TN 38113
Areas: Memphis TN, Southhaven MS, Marion ARK, West Memphis ARK


O/S: 65,184,000 as of Mar 31, 2008
A/S: 247,000,000 as of Mar 31, 2008
Float: 17,564,425 as of Mar 31, 2008

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Innovative Beverage Group Secures Major Mid-Atlantic Distribution Deal With One of the Country's Largest Pepsi and Canada Dry DistributorsHONICKMAN ORGANIZATION TO BRING DRANK(TM) EXTREME RELAXATION(TM) BEVERAGE TO 6 STATES
Press Release
Source: Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc.
On Thursday September 3, 2009, 9:24 am EDT
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Companies:Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc.
HOUSTON and PENNSAUKEN, N.J., Sept. 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Innovative Beverage Group Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets: IBGH - News) has announced its largest distributor partnership to date with The Honickman Organization, based in Pennsauken, N.J., to distribute the company's signature beverage, drank(TM), a new calming beverage that's part of the growing calming beverage category.

Related Quotes
Symbol Price Change
IBGH.PK 1.35 0.00

{"s" : "ibgh.pk","k" : "c10,l10,p20,t10","o" : "","j" : ""} (Logo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20090219/DRANKLOGO )

Under the agreement, The Honickman soft drink operations - Canada Dry Delaware Valley and Canada Dry Potomac Corp., will bring the wildly popular beverage to stores in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

Honickman is one of the nation's largest privately owned bottlers that bottles and distributes soft drinks and New Age brands. The Canada Dry operations will be adding drank(TM) to its current portfolio of leading New Age and soft drink beverages, including Snapple(TM), Arizona(TM), Glaceau(TM), Canada Dry®, Sunkist®, A&W®, and 7-Up®, and is distributing in an area stretching from New Jersey to Virginia.

"This major distribution deal, covering several major markets, could not come at a better time," said Peter Bianchi, CEO of Innovative Beverage Group. "With drank(TM) having recently been featured on Fox News Network, the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, and Good Morning America, consumers from across the country are calling our headquarters looking to find their closest retailer. With a massive distributor like Honickman carrying the product, consumers through the mid-Atlantic will now be able to find drank(TM) in scores of locations throughout the region."

John Taglienti, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Canada Dry Delaware Valley and Canada Dry Potomac, stated, "After watching drank(TM)'s popularity increase so quickly, we are excited to add this pop-culture phenomenon to our line-up of quality beverages. This original concept is gaining significant consumer acceptance and will become a huge success in all of our markets and a solid profit generator for the retailers."

With a slogan of "slow your roll(TM)," drank(TM) is the antithesis of the herd of energy drinks crowding the functional beverage sector. Since launching in select markets in early 2008, drank(TM) has quickly become the go-to beverage for people looking to relax their mind and body with a calming blend of melatonin, rose hips and valerian root.

The Honickman Organization joins an extensive and growing roster of regional distributors that have added drank(TM) to their New Age beverage lineup. For more information about drank(TM), please visit: www.drankbeverage.com, call 877-DRANK-02 or follow the brand on Twitter - www.twitter.com/slowyourroll. To reach The Honickman Organization please call 1-800-533-1911.
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anyone pick up them sixty's the other day.
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if they did they prolly still have them and cant find a buyer with near non existant volume...kinda scary...

6.5 Thousand
Avg Vol (10 day)
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420k vol today, down a penny,get ready to party if #'s come out this qtr
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now its 03-04 and still nothing from company.i think the share structure hasnt changed.i cant see this going below 01! i'll call monday for info,but getting ready to gamble down here.
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this stuff is great for people with insomnia,should catch on here in the us...if they ever put out #'s we should be back to .60-1.00 eASy i m O!
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bought in at a dollar and sold at 1.50 maybe a year ago..... looking at it now.... wtf happened here???
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rumor's and re-vamping of corporation to be global distributer.share structure still the same,looking to add monthly here. they lost 500k in rev's during re-vamp...worst is over here i hope,.03-.04 is current value i'm guessing.
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Originally Posted by RACKnRICKY View Post
rumor's and re-vamping of corporation to be global distributer.share structure still the same,looking to add monthly here. they lost 500k in rev's during re-vamp...worst is over here i hope,.03-.04 is current value i'm guessing.
re-vamp? can u explain please
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this will blow on next filing,we're at value here,any dips i re-load
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look for next filing here soon,we bottomed out here at 03...i'm thinking .30-.60 within a yr easy!
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Originally Posted by RACKnRICKY View Post
look for next filing here soon,we bottomed out here at 03...i'm thinking .30-.60 within a yr easy!
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drops 26% on 100 v,lmao...gonna buy 200 shrs tom. and make it jump 50%,lol
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IBGH share structure unchanged for some time now!

70,196,490 this could be next 10 bagger if they decide to file this year, i'm seeing the product everywhere.there alot more energy drink competition than relax drinks..and it does help you sleep at night

i added some down here but had to pay the ask price
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look for turn around from here,this could explode faster than one would think.
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any vol and i'm looking for .30-.60 in the blink of an eye
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ask up a notch to 045,all we need is volume here and some news.hopefully when news comes its a huge surprise and than watch people chase this one,share structure unchanged for few months now.
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vol has increased the last 3 days... but looks to be dipping b4 it will run, but i've seen that b4
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75k vol with higher high's and lowere lows...must be selling i guess!
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