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Originally Posted by Ducky11 View Post
The CEO of this company is an absolute crook.
would you mind telling us a little bit more about this, why is he a crook?
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icty just starting here,this one could be a monster,float is only 34% of o/s...the rest is resticted and pinksheets current now.still early here imo
could get back to .04-05
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Someone screwed the chart,


52 Week Low (13.08.2010) 0,0001

TORONTO, Aug 18, 2010 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- Eyecity.com, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ICTY) announced today that is has filed with Pink Sheets its financial statements for the quarter ended June 30, 2010. It has also updated all Company Information required by Pink Sheets. Within the next few days, Eyecity.com, Inc.'s SEC counsel will submit the independent legal opinion also required by Pink Sheets to confirm the accuracy of all information to be true and correct. Once this legal opinion has been filed, Eyecity.com, Inc. will be fully compliant with all Pink Sheets rules, with no more "yield sign" or "limited information" warnings.

Eyecity.com, Inc. also wants to clarify to its shareholders the current Capital Structure of all outstanding common stock as of June 30, 2010.
News are not so important, but maybe the momentum will last to the end of the week. Will watch dem tomorrow.
But at the other side started to climb from 52 Week Low (13.08.2010) 0,0001
so not so sure about the momentum.
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thats cool. Started the reply at 10pm and then had a phonecall.
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may dip and run ...but would be nice if it gapped like today
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ICTY should have momo here!
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looking good @ 0007 here! had the dip and now for the run! gonna be explosive when pinks updated.any day i would think.
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ICTY run is starting,this week hopefully!
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ask is thin...
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ICTY trying to break out,0009 next and than kaboom!
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0009 now reached,now the kaboom. still early here,ck out the chart
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that news came out last wednesday ^^

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icty trying to break out of trips, vol 13m already!
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three left @ 0009 now!
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Originally Posted by RACKnRICKY View Post
three left @ 0009 now!
How many left now AT 0.0007 ?
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whose wrecking the nice lil run we had going?
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wont work! thise stock is too bullish! pink update will send this.
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icty...look for eod vol, chart looks good,waiting for pink update anyday now. more vol and this will fly to a penny,strong players holding this.doubt if you can fill here at 8
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