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Originally Posted by demarco5 View Post
sold too early too, i never know whether to sell or hold, ever
Here's a gif to cheer you up.

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slowly down here...let's see if she got any gas left.
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MM's are holding it back making it apprear as if we arent heading to .01. which i think we are today. HOD back up
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Man, i almost didn't pull the trigger yesterday...ended up getting a small position at .0044. Wish I had gotten more. ah well.
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Do we see another hard EOD run here?
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Found some info , a link from another board, about
some buying almost the float in April

not sure if i can post it here?


Renewal Fuels, Inc. (PINK:RNWF) New Six Month Peak On Strong Holder Support

By Violeta Slavtchevska
Date: May 10, 2010
Renewal Fuels, Inc. (PINK:RNWF, RNWF message board) received strong holder support to bounce even higher the resistance level and to climb to a six month peak on Friday. Forum promoters managed to pump the price of Renewal Fuels and led to the breaking trading volumes for the alternative energy stock.
Following a long period of sideways movement of Renewal Fuels stock, the price jumped sharply on Friday by 75% to the definitely highest top in both price and volume for the last six months. The stock closed at $0.0028 and the volume continued climbing to over 61 million share turnover.

The growing investor demand and the 50-day moving average of $0.0011 approaching the 200-day moving average of 0.0012 seem to have been bullish signals strong enough to predict the coming breakup.

Apart from a statement of beneficial ownership, no news about the company have been released recently and the latest filing of financial results dates back to the late 2008. For a company with neither a proven business model nor operational results currently disclosed, speculators are the usual suspects to have caused the jump. As expected, short selling has been intensive over the whole last week, and investors were up for a squeeze as positions would have to be closed and as a large number of the shares traded appear to be locked up.

Investors saw the price climbing up and caused huge turmoil in investor forums on an announcement about a single investor purchasing intensively shares of Renewal Fuels over the whole April. A statement filed around two weeks ago confirmed his ownership of over 36 million shares of the company, representing 93.14% of all shares issued and outstanding. According to the unofficial forum estimations, the investor named Mark Uram has poured the "sizable amount" of $27,300 into the venture, raising speculations about his intentions.

Several versions about Mark Uram's interest in Renewal Fuels are circulating, the most impressive chat room insight being his plans to merge the company with another similar shell entity, from which Uram also has accumulated significant number of shares and to make some working business model out of the two. Though, as the information from the corporate website, according to which Renewal Fuels produces and distributes biodiesel and blended fuels, has not been supported by a current official filing, the usual and much more eligible promoting version still holds.
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Get in and get out if you are going to play this. Featured in penny stock picks newsletter. Defintly a p and d.
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Your probably right, it look like a P & D
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Could test 10MA .0030 and bounce off
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Reversal Happening after a bounce off the 50 MA.

I'm liking the chart here. Increased volume last week caused this to move up nicely, followed by 5 days of lower volume selling which found support at the 50 MA.

There is also a rumor floating around about a possible reverse merger. IMO this has plenty of upside.
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Short squeeze coming... MMs must cover!!! Merger rumor

This stock is now #4 on the Naked Short List as of 2010-06-11 - Stocks w/Imminent Buyin



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Reverse Merger News.. at .0022!!
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Here it is.. not sure if fake or not

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It was enough for people to run it up there in the last 30mins.

VERT spent quite a bit of time at the end there. Will be interesting come Monday.
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Be careful, this is fishy. Something is rotten in Denmark on this one.

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After drop to .0007 seems to be moving back up.. currently at .001. News is expected by December 5 if there is any validity to it, the anticipation alone should drive this upward.
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We are running .0013 X .0014
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Agree, this should move up just in anticipation of the news coming. Mostly buys at the ask and very few sells so far today.

I think it will close strong today.
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Last day before we find out about truth of reverse merger!!
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