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HLF - Herbalife Ltd

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About Herbalife Ltd.

Herbalife Ltd. (www.herbalife.com) is a global network marketing company that sells weight-management, nutrition, and personal care products intended to support a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife products are sold in 65 countries through a network of 1.7 million independent distributors. The company supports the Herbalife Family Foundation (http://www.herbalifefamily.org/) and its Casa Herbalife program to bring good nutrition to children. Please visit Herbalife Investor Relations at http://ir.herbalife.com for additional financial information.
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Gapped up to $45 on positive Q4

Herbalife Ltd. Announces Record Fourth-Quarter and Full Year Results

Full Year 2007 Net Sales Increase 13.8 Percent to $2.1 Billion

Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE: HLF) today reported fourth quarter net sales of $578.1 million, an increase of 18.6 percent compared to the same period of 2006. This record performance was attributable to double-digit growth in several of the company’s top countries; the U.S. up 22.1 percent, Taiwan up 18.9 percent, Italy up 21.9 percent and China up 145.8 percent compared to the same period in 2006, coupled with the favorable impact from currency fluctuations. The company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael O. Johnson, said, “We are pleased to report our 16th consecutive quarter of double-digit growth and record net sales reflecting the strong performance of our independent distributor organization. Our margins and record bottom line performance reflects the strong top line growth coupled with our initiatives to continually leverage our infrastructure to improve profitability.”
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Probably the most expensive weight loss option ever. But I hear it works quite well
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getting killed
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Bombing right now....
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Herbalife 3Q profit rises, but outlook disappoints
Monday November 3, 6:40 pm ET
Herbalife 3rd-quarter earnings rise, outlook 2008, 2009 outlooks lower than Wall Street

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Herbalife Ltd., which sells nutritional and weight-loss supplements, said Monday its third-quarter earnings rose as international sales increased while operating margins held steady.

The company also issued profit forecasts for the fourth quarter and both 2008 and 2009 that were well below Wall Street estimates. That sent Herbalife shares tumbling more than 15 percent in electronic aftermarket trading.

Net income rose to $58.1 million, or 89 cents per share, from $48.3 million, or 67 cents per share, a year ago.

Sales growth in the U.S., Brazil, China and Italy helped total revenue jump 14 percent to $602.2 million.

Analysts expected profit of 86 cents per share on revenue of $621 million, according to Thomson Reuters.

The company said the dollar's recent sharp appreciation against major world currencies has eaten into sales and profits in the current quarter.

It said a 10 percent decline by a currency against the dollar would lower sales by 7 percent and earnings per share by 22 percent. The company operates in 69 countries, but said most of its foreign currency exposure is to the euro and Mexican peso.

Herbalife expects fourth-quarter earnings between 65 cents and 75 cents per share. Wall Street is looking for 87 cents per share.

For the year, the company anticipates $3.50 to $3.55 per share, while analysts expected $3.68 per share. Looking to next year, the company sees profit of $3 to $3.20 per share

Shares slid $3.95, or 16 percent, to $21.50 in after-hours trading after closing at $25.45 Monday. In the past year, the stock has ranged from $19.70 to $51.09.
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19.7588 -5.6912 (-22.36%)
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time to buy????
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0608 HLF short LOGGGG.PNG


HLF: about to break below support of the last breakout, due for some profit taking in this market environment 
after a +60% in 3 months.
HLF short: sell stop 54.20, stop loss 54.70 
day trading target: +1.30$ profit
results: March +13%, April +13%, May +28%
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holy crap...just dropped 19% wth and they had good earnings too. Only thing I see is some dude David Einhorn asked some questions and BAMMM it dropped WTF. Who the hell is this guy?


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So he says he is short?

Or does he want the stock lower because he wants to go long?

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I haven't read all of it yet but here is some of the questions..I got some calls @ 55. Should come back. Heard some banks also defending.



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"A Note On Risk Management and HLF" by Antichartjunk.com


May 1, 2012:


"If you follow the markets intraday, you probably are well aware of the action in HLF.  It currently sits atop of StockTwits trending tickers.  I will not get into David Einhorn’s questions and the news surrounding the stock but I think there a few great lessons from today’s action.


First of all, for the intermediate trader, HLF highlights the importance of heavy volume when buying at a pivot point.  HLF had been performing well this year through the strong uptrend and into the mild correction where it was supported at its 50-day.  There were no major signs of institutional selling (until today).  A square-box base (which you can read more about here) appeared with a buy point of 72.21 along with a moderate bounce from the 50-day while the overall market showed slight signs of accumulation.  However, heavy volume in HLF did not appear in this buy range so a buy here was more risky. 


A more aggressive trader, knowingly accepting more risk and thereby decreasing the position size, still could perhaps have purchased around 72.21.  A reasonable stop-loss from this point would have been under the 50-day moving average around 66.33  or slightly higher than 66.33 just below the April lows which would have prevented a major loss (as evidenced today) but also would have given the stock enough room to handle the potential typical swings.  Selling at around 66.33 would have resulted in an 8% loss which would have prevented a 25% loss by holding on.  Of note huge volume to the downside like today typically points to future selling at least in the short term.


Another rule some traders follow is to avoid starting a position right before earnings.  I  do not follow this rule exactly but it is certainly something I consider before purchasing a stock.  From my experience, growth stocks that appear to be performing well are performing well for a reason and strength before an earnings report can be a sign of a strong earnings report on the horizon, such as recently shown by ISRG, GNC and today in FIRE.  Obviously, this is not always the case as evidenced by HLF today and in even AAPL which was performing poorly into a strong earnings report.


If one wants to signficantly lower risk, one could possibly steer clear of buying stocks within a week of their earnings report but one should also only buy with heavy volume within a buying range and always prepare a stop-loss before starting a position."

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picked up calls, 2 months out.. kinda overdone from someones comments.

I dont care if its 70% from distributors, profit is profit..

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That Einhorn is a real ass.


I bet he is front running the kind of stuff all the time, and its perfectly legal.

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Originally Posted by StockJock-e View Post

That Einhorn is a real ass.


I bet he is front running the kind of stuff all the time, and its perfectly legal.


Makes me remind what did happen to SPRD some months ago.

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Originally Posted by StockJock-e View Post

That Einhorn is a real ass.

I bet he is front running the kind of stuff all the time, and its perfectly legal.

Of course he is... at least he has the sack to put his name and face out there, unlike all the Goldmanites who might as well be part of the brick and mortar holding their building up. Einhorn is a pretty reasonable guy compared to the sewer rats of his ilk, placed around 16th in the WSOP about 7 years ago, gave all his winnings to charity. You might remember him from the white sweatshirt with kids' handprints all over it (the one he wore the entire main event).

He owns like 60-75% of the OS in BIOF, in his name or his affiliates'... look at that junk... but it runs hard as hell from time to time. You have to know he just gets in at ground floor and back out at the top, with partial positions. Friend of mine has been running that same game on BIOF for over a year.

Also, if you want to know more about his moves in the past, check him out whacking St. Joe's... I do think this play eventually blew up in his face as IIRC he got stuck short.

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keeps falling and falling...


wonder if this can be a head fake

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