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MELI - MercadoLibre

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About MercadoLibre

MercadoLibre is the largest online trading platform in Latin America. We are market leaders in e-commerce in each of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, based on unique visitors and page views during 2006. Additionally, we have recently launched online trading platforms in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Panama. With a market of over 550 million people and a region with one of the world's fastest-growing Internet penetration rates, we provide buyers and sellers a robust online trading environment that fosters the development of a large and growing e-commerce community. We offer a technological and commercial solution that addresses the distinctive cultural and geographic challenges of operating an online trading platform in Latin America.
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drop of $5 of the stock is good enough for me. easy money
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Nice one!
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great option stock
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wowwwwwwwwwww on to $100
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too bad i didnt continue watching this, time to revisit haha...
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08:46 MELI MercadoLibre: High-multiple vertigo rocks emerging market stocks; start nibbling now for long-term returns - AmTech (45.51 )

AmTech notes MELI shares have plummeted 44% from their 52-week high of $80. Given the fact that a global economic slowdown is rapidly becoming consensus thinking, it is not too surprising that ultra-high-multiple growth stocks like MELI, BIDU, and Alibaba have come under tremendous pressure of late. The market tends to price in Armageddon now and ask questions later, and the stocks with the highest multiples fall the furthest the fastest. "MELI economies" are far less dependent on international markets than they were in the past. There are two key reasons why Latin American economies are growing so rapidly: (1) a 5+ year boom in commodity prices (correcting presently but still very much in long-term structural Bull mode) and (2) the burgeoning of a heretofore non-existent middle class. Internal demand remains robust in these economies - even as it deteriorates throughout the developed world. In their view, MELI is now materially undervalued relative to its long-term growth opportunity.
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I have been playing this one semi-frequently the last few weeks. It makes money fast and hard...just can't be stuck on the wrong side of the trade.
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I doubled my position today....
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Mercadolibre Down in Pre-Market, Reportedly Files for $292 Mln Stock Offering
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28-Jan-08 09:02 ET In Play MercadoLibre guides Q4 revs in-line; sees operating income margin lower sequentially - 8-K (54.06 ) : Co issues in-line guidance for Q4 (Dec), sees Q4 (Dec) revs of $26-27 mln vs. $26.83 mln First Call consensus. Co said they anticipate operating income margin, defined as income from operations as a percentage of net revenues, for the three months ended December 31, 2007, will decrease compared to operating income margin for the three months ended September 30, 2007.
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Figure it's good for some puts here Bigbull? Looks like some people have been picking up "cheapies" for the first 1/2 hour and maybe ready to come back down...
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moves fast up and down

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That $30 support/resistance better be the springboard for the next run. Big problems if it falls below $30.
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How are the fundamentals on this puppy? Worth holding long?
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toaster strudel for earnings tonite
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Break thru $40 please
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41$ already here, can we get more?
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