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Thinking short here... 9.73 high is lighter volume than preceding day, if we can poke back up into 9.60s may short looking for 5-8% in the next week or so. MBI has bounced recently on 15 min chart of EMA 50, so that would be a good point to take some off. Don't like the risk-reward until this is over 9.60 though.
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Holy moly, just saw this in the April contest...up 68%

WTF do they do, the blurb in the 1st post say specialized financial services...could they be more vague?
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Wow, wish I bought this when I last mentioned it on this thread in November. I should pay closer attention to my watchlists.

Kinda overbought though...but you could say the same thing for the last 30 days. Party might be over....will keep a closer eye on this. Thoughts?
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I'm sure like plenty of stocks right now, this is looking really juicy being in waay oversold territory....
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Originally Posted by mmm...Jaz View Post
I'm sure like plenty of stocks right now, this is looking really juicy being in waay oversold territory....
It may stay that way for sometime.
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on the move AH
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What's a good entry point for MBI? Does this stock have good potential?
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Shorted 5K at $11.17. This has gone up too fast. Needs a breather.
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Gave me a bit of a scare in the morning with that shoot up...but looking better now.
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lookin good!
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Down about 6% since I called the short. Except for that minor scare, this is behaving quite nicely from a short perspective. The bond/muni insurance sector should be taking a beating in the next few months. I'm short Assured Guaranty as well.
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Down another 2%. Lookin good!

The chart is beautiful from a short perspective and horrible from a long perspective.
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lookin good...down another 5%
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look at it go this morning...
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damn how come RDN is not reacting the same.

I am very disaapointed at RDN because it hasn't moved an inch but MBI is going nuts.
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MBIA Shares Rise After JPMorgan Drops Suit Over Split
By Christine Richard - Dec 29, 2010 5:20 PM ET

This is probably why
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oh man! that explains it all!
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WOW up 21% today and halted?
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trading again now..
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grabbed some at 10.06

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