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You may just be right lol. I added it to my watch list, but still checking for more news and info about the stock. Everyone is eager to know the earnings, imo, if it's bad news it'll fall and if it's good news it'll rise, but we can only speculate now. Meanwhile, its time to check other bank stocks.

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One of the best bouncing banks today, it was in complete melt down mode yesterday, but now +10% back to the $30 range.

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sell off today?



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absolutely taking a beating today.  This Finance stock has taken a harder beating then bank of america.  Seriously?

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08/25/2011     open   28.74     target   40.50     stop   25.43

profit/day     0.90%

profit/loss    3.55

risk                 0.78%

strategy  2.1



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-5% just ugly!


So close to making some fresh 52wk lows if it loses $25

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Originally Posted by StockJock-e View Post

-5% just ugly!


So close to making some fresh 52wk lows if it loses $25

Yeah C is going down hard very soon. Financials in general are the weakest link in the US economy and it wont change any time soon.

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Citi just reported and beat.




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C trading +1% premarket


Citigroup's third quarter profit was $3.77 billion, or $1.23 a share, compared with $2.17 billion, or 72 cents a share, in the same quarter last year.

Wells Fargo, the fourth-biggest U.S. bank, said net income for common shareholders was $3.84 billion, or 72 cents a share, in the quarter, compared with $3.15 billion, or 60 cents a share, in the same period a year earlier.


Below are comments from analysts about the results:



On Citigroup:

"The initial reaction Is that the earning and numbers look very solid."

"Right now for us it's just kind of a relief. We know that the underlying business models of these companies are strong the underlying businesses are performing well despite headwinds."

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C high 29.49, could not crack over and $30 is resistance.


Now red after so called "good numbers", I think that speaks volumes

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C - Citigroup

11/12/2011   long   30.20     target   36.73     stop-loss   28.22

profit/day     1.01 %

profit/loss    3.30

risk                 0.99 %

strategy  2.1



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banks taking a lickin today. 


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Today is financial day!!!


Thank you back door QE

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Anybody in here?

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still making money sense the split.  can we see high 30's this year aslong as europe doesnt drastically sink into the abyss


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Still hanging on to my FEB 28 puts. Is there going to be any reason for a financial sector drop? like what we've seen over the past few months?

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oohh thats a tough one


i think a decent drop is in store


but you might have been too early

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I hope this run up wont be run down when there earnings are announced on the 17th.   Its hard for me to believe the analyst these days.

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I dont think the analysts even believe themselves. They say what they need to say to get their paycheck.

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