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Guess where I went for vacation?

Hmmm...Canadian cops.....

Hmmmm.....Caldari Road......

Hmmm......51A Caldari Road.....

Hmmm.....an Abercrombie & Fitch model standing on a piece of rock.

BAM! Entrance to the second floor. To the Bat Cave!

The Man himself.

Joseph DeRose.

A "Hi and Bye" visit turned into a 2 hour long meeting.

Yup. I touched it.

Never before seen pictures related to the product. I was not allow to get a copy.....

This is actually a lot heavier than I've imagined. I can get a full work out with one of these.

I am not allowed to tell you what this is. *caugh*cold temperatures*caugh*

So its a tourist attraction now?

And I don't need my lawyer's permission to share these pictures.
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I requested a product sample of EKO-FLOR, Joseph DeRose said, ".......hm.....Maybe not this time ."

What I took home with me instead.

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Originally Posted by snidely3565 View Post
Are you going to buy some EKO-FLOR to see if it's real?
Oh it is real alright.
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Great pic's
You've got balls, that's awesome showing up at the front door. Get ready for the thousand questions
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let me start whats with the delay with everything? , where are the deals with the military. when are they going to get sales?
where are the audits?
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let me add thts good stuff you did there! i am not in this stock yet, but would love to know why i should buy!
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The flashlight is cool. Little expensive at this point though.
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Would you look at that. now we have a beliver. well GP I knew you would come around sooner or latter...

I LMAO when someone sold me those shares today. Some bailed out at .12 cents...lol

If that person only new that he/she made one of the biggest finacial F***UPS of there LIFE!!!

Well keep selling to me tomarrow please... I sat for the last 48 hours to pick up tiny partial fill....Hard to get filled now!

Welll again anyone want to sell I am your Man!

In my pee brain opinion of course!

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So here is the story. I took a two weeks vacation to visit some relatives in Canada. I did a google search and realized the Conforce head office is only 15 mins drive from the house.

I called the Conforce number for two days, no one answered the phone. So I decided to just drive over and check the place out without an appointment. I took my cousin with me so she can take some pictures.

Opened the Conforce door, a guy named Mike was working in his office. I told him I am a shareholder, I think that kinda got him by surprise that a shareholder would be crazy enough to just walk in like that. He does the finances for Conforce, but he does not work for Conforce. He takes care of the SEC filing. Marino was out for lunch and won't be back until an hour later. I agreed to come back later.

Came back around 2:30PM. Sure enough Marino and Joseph were in a smaller meeting room having a discussion. They were looking over some design documents. Marino told me to give him 10 mins to finish up while I waited in the bigger meeting room.

Marino, Joseph, and Mike came in with big smile on their faces. I apoloized for not making an appointment (no one answered the phone!), Marino said, "The only thing that matters is that you are here. Do you want an espresso?" I told him I just had lunch so no thanks. Marino really wanted me to have an espresso, so we went to the back of the office where an espresso bar was located. Guess what? The bar top was made out of EKO-FLOR material. "Go ahead, spill your coffee." lol

Marino made coffee for everyone. We had small talks. Kathryn Saliani was there. We shook hands, small talks.

What was originally planned as a "Hi and Bye" visit turned into a 2 hour crash course on EKO-FLOR instructed by professor Marino himself. I can tell Marino was very excited about meeting shareholders (especially when he heard I came all the way from San Francisco), and had a lot to say about the company. Many of the details I already know from prior reseach.

What I got out of the meeting was actually seeing different EKO-FLOR prototypes in person. What you see in this picture is actually the first prototype of EKO-FLOR. Heavy and solid.


They went back to make it cheaper and lighter, which is what you see here. The "T structure" is tested to be strong enough while being much lighter and cost effective than the original design. (that was part of the delay of the product)

http://i382.photobucket.com/albums/o...g?t=1221788003 (believe me, it is pretty strong stuff)

I acturally saw a few different prototypes of EKO-FLOR, but forgot to take pictures of them (or was not allowed to take pictures due to patent issues). I wanted to share details of some of the designs that they are working on, and what customers request that they improve on (redesign that delayed the process). But I am not very sure if I should be sharing this information in public.

Here are a few issues we touch up on:

- The audit. They are still working on the audit, and Marino "wants" it to be done by the end of the month. Auditors needed information about the Transfer Agent to confirm the outstanding share information, this is where we stand now. Mike mentioned that once the statements are given to the SEC, they'll reply with questions. It should be approved within 60 days of filing. Then they can get to a new exchange and hopefully get more captial. The filing will be public information. I have a feeling it'll take longer.

- Military Contact. The military had change of plans, things need to be approved. Marino did not get into too much details about the contracts (who knows if I am not actually working for the Chinese lol), but did explain the needs for the US military for container floor upgrades. No, it has nothing to do with bomb protection (I just had to ask).

- The lawyer. If he gets into the way, they'll fire him. But for now, since they are in the process of filing for the SEC, it would be better not change lawyer unless it is absolutely necessary.

- While we talked. Joseph had to leave early since he will be flying to the US tomorrow. I looked out the window to the parking lot and saw him took a piece of yellowish/greenish floor (or floor like object) with him to his car. I didn't ask what it was.

- I got their cell phone numbers. Marino requests that I do not share it with the public, since he actually got people calling his house three times and that freaked out his wife. If he had to change his cell number, customers can't reach him.

- Marino got pictures of his two sons and little girl in his office.

- Joseph's son goes to a high school around the area.

- They don't know why no one answered the phone. Marino called the office number from his cell and it works just fine. Kathryn leaves at 4pm so don't expect her to answer after 4pm.

- Marino does not like people taking "cheap shots" at him on e mails.

- Marino wishes shareholders would just visit more often.

- Marino is 44 years old (I don't even remember how that came up in the conversation).

- I gave Marino my business card. I got back to the house (canada), and my co-worker from the US called me and said Conforce called. I guess they really wanted to confirm that I don't work for the Chinese. lol (no, I don't think thats the reason, I hope.)

I can't thnk of anything else to share right now. I did not prepare any questions for the meeting.
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Originally Posted by charhorse View Post
The flashlight is cool. Little expensive at this point though.
They were left overs from the trade show.
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Wow thats impressive golden. I cant believe you acually pulled that off and thank god the stuff is acually real! Thanks for sharing all the information you got and all the other details. Good luck.
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Good job Goldenpimp! I am also from San Francisco.
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Originally Posted by mak.peter View Post
Good job Goldenpimp! I am also from San Francisco.
Thanks. I am not gay btw (just good looking lol ).

I want to share a little something about the product's development, without giving out actual details on the design.

(I hope I explain this correctly,....it was a long meeting)

Conforce made a design to the floor that they thought would make it "better". Customer did not like that idea, since it'll make the container production difficult and increases production time. Customer did not want change to their manufacturing process. They wanted a product that would make as little change to their manufacturing process as possible. Joseph also mentioned something else related to the installation details, I don't think I'll talk about it here. Everything has to do with the delay of the product, which Marino is taking full responsibility.

I see this as a good thing. Since a customer has to be interested enough to even bother requesting design changes. Something has to be in the works.

Marino realizes that Conforce has a good story to tell. A convincing product to sell. But cost is the major concern for their customers, since the industry is very cost sensative. He mentions that customers make millions of containers a year, an increase of $10 each will sum up to be multi-millions in additional production cost for container makers(!). Marino points out the benefits of EKO-FLOR (which I assume you all know so I won't get into it), but customers can hesitate when it comes to cashing out a higher initial cost of production only to gain it back from lower long term maintenance cost. So I guess the important question is, does it make good business sense for the customers? Thats something their accountant will have to figure out.

Faster, Cheaper, Stronger, Easier = Sell.

What about the environmentally friendly part of EKO-FLOR? Thats a selling point right? Honestly, since most of the containers are produced in China, I don't think the Chinese really cares much about the enviornment. And Marino pointed out that they KNOW trees are being cut down in India illegally, but do the Chinese care? No, not really.

There is without a doubt interest in the industry. If the EKO-FLOR sells, we'll all be rich. If it doesn't sell, I'll just pump this stock and get the hell out on the next run (lol). Thats the gamble we are all betting on. You decide on what the odds are. At the current share price......why the hell not?

Is the company a stock selling scam? For now, I would say this does not appear to be the case. They just need time and a lot of luck.
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Well now that there is concrete evidence of the stuff and the company IMO the odds are in our favor and your right why the hell not, I think you proved all the doubters of the legitimacy of the product wrong (including me). Thanks again.
OT: im 20 min out of SF lol.
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I am trying to dig up as much from my head as possible before I go to bed.

(I hope I understand this correctly)

Marino mentioned the military contacts are administratively sensative. The US military wants as little of the container parts contracted by China as possible since US is not exactly "China friendly" (Bush hates everyone so whatever). So the military contractor has to be an American, and they in turn contract with Conforce who make the floors in China. Now a days you really can't avoid having things NOT made in China, so I guess administratively, they have to make arrangements.

About the trailer trucks. Sorry, by the time we got to the trailer trucks part I pretty much zoned out. Marino is a real talker he can go on for hours. He mentioned something about meansurements has to be this long and that long and things does not flex etc etc. Sorry, I was out of coffee.

About metal floor. Something about repairing metals floors you can't cut out a piece of the floor and with EKO-FLOR you can fit things in for repair etc etc. Out of coffee.

My brain is done for tonight
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Just got an e mail from Marino, he called my US work place for my cell phone number so he can invite me to visit the Conforce Terminal next week so I can see for myself the need for EKO-FLOR in the actual container world.

I will be visiting the Niagara Falls next week......and maybe staying a night over by Buffalo.......I'll have to see how I can schedule my time.
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GP, Great stuff you got there...and you are as your name says getting Marino's cell number and all. It's funny they think you might be a corporate spy (you're not are you? lol), but i admire them for taking the precaution to protect their "secrets" during your impromtu visit.

You mentioned something about "patent issues" when trying to photograph new designs...can you explain more about that, do they have any patents?

And regarding the container floors, trailer floors, did you ask (or remember) if trials were in progress, finished or what their status was?

What i take away from your comments are that this product is still too expensive compared to the trees in INDIA, so i hope they are working on that.
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You "Da Man" GP... great stuff, dude!
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