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CFRI - Conforce International Inc

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The Product...


Management of Conforce International, Inc. has been in the shipping container and highway trailer business for over 25 years. The Company is comprised of two operating divisions:

1 Conforce Container Corp. - Dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of EKO-FLOR™ container and trailer flooring systems;

2 Conforce USA, Inc. - Dedicated to the production of EKO-FLOR™ composite flooring systems from the Company's facility located in Peru, Indiana.


    conforceusa1.jpg    conforceusa2.jpg

    Thanks to goodguy46947 for the pictures. thumbup.gif

Conforce has developed an innovative composite flooring system, EKO-FLOR™, engineered to replace the outmoded hardwood flooring currently employed by the transportation industry. Conforce is targeting its initial sales efforts on the container and trailer industries which have been aggressively seeking a viable replacement for apitong tropical hardwood and laminated oak flooring, respectively. EKO-FLOR™ is significantly lighter, stronger and more durable than wood. The product possesses superior quality and performance characteristics including complete resistance to stains, odors, absorption of oil or liquid chemicals, microbial and insect attack. EKO-FLOR™ will not corrode, delaminate or absorb water. The solution is cost-effective, has a reduced carbon footprint and is environmentally responsible.

In 2009, Conforce and Bayer, a leading global material sciences conglomerate, became project partners for the purposes of commercializing EKO-FLOR™. The product has been certified by the American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd's Register and Bureau Veritas for use in ocean-going containers worldwide and recently passed TTMA RP-37 certification for use in North American highway trailers. EKO-FLOR™ has successfully completed several customer trials with leading highway trailer manufacturers and is currently in trials with the largest shipping lines in the world.

For more information on Conforce, please visit www.conforceintl.com. Ticker symbol...CFRI

EKO-FLOR™ panels in use...

cs-4 equipped container

xts equipped trailer

ms-1 panel

For Recent News Click Here





Conforce International, Inc.
Marino Kulas, CEO
Phone: 416-234-0266
Fax: 416-234-0026
Website: http://www.conforceintl.com
Investor Relations:
The Equity Group Inc.
Adam Prior, Vice President
Terry Downs, AE


Transfer Agent:
Capital Transfer Agency, Inc.
105 Adelaide St. West
Suite 1101
Toronto, ON M5H 1P9
Tel: 416-350-5007
Fax: 416-350-5008
(SEC Registered Transfer Agent)

Share Structure:

The following is as accurate as I could figure based on the June 29, 2011 10-K Filing...

Authorized Shares: 250,000,000
Outstanding Shares: 160,120,049

Outstanding Warrants: 2,678,512 (set to expire on March 31, 2013)

Marino Kulas - 42,000,000

Adaly Invest Mgt Corp & Others - 26,785,715 (restricted until August 25, 2011)
Invar Corp - 13,333,334
Elio Guglietti - 11,700,000
Michael Moyal - 10,500,000

Dusan Miklas - 8,900,000

KS Centoco Ltd, - 5,000,000
Slavko Kulas - 4,800,000
Perry Pearlman - 1,000,000
Joseph DeRose - 1,000,000
Kathryn Saliani - 50,000

Total Known - 125,069,049

Public Float - 35,051,000

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Links For DD...

EKO-FLOR™ patent drawing

Older News

WIPO Patent Application WO/2010/083583

Conforce SEC Filings

"C-Suite Sit Down" interview with Marino Kulas and Greg Babe 12-22-2009

CFRI at Barchart

Bayer Press Release from 4-6-2010

EKO-FLOR™ Promo Video On YouTube

GoldenPimp's Visit To Conforce

Conforce Facebook Page

WorldCargo News Article 3-27-10

The BDO Dunwoody audit team prepares the financial statements for filing with the SEC.

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The following pictures were taken at the Conforce Production and Development Centre in Ontario in 2009.


Bayer provided highly qualified personnel, full time, to participate with Conforce staff in the production of EKO-FLOR™ trial panels.

Marino Kulas (below) President & CEO, holds the first foot of EKO-FLOR™ produced at the Conforce facility. The process combines dry raw materials with a liquid resin formulation in order to produce a load bearing substrate within minutes of exiting the die.

Joseph DeRose (below) Vice President of Product Development

Perry Pearlman (below) President of Business Development, performs internal testing. During testing, the strength characteristics of the panel surpassed industry standards. Seen here is the EKO-KART: a computerized mobile test unit designed and built exclusively by Conforce.

EKO-FLOR™ panels ready for shipment.

The following is a Press Release issued by Bayer, highlighting their work in Ontario.

EKO-FLOR composite flooring modules for trailers gain strength with polyurethane resin system from BaySystems

Pittsburgh, March 9, 2010 — Due to the success of its EKO-FLOR product line, Conforce International, Inc., is adapting its cs-4 module for use in trailer products worldwide. The EKO-FLOR composite flooring systems utilize a proprietary two-component polyurethane resin system based on Baydur® PUL 2500 from BaySystems that offers significant strength and lightweight properties, which translates into an extended service life for the unit.

The EKO-FLOR cs-4 flooring modules, which have been well-received in the international shipping community, feature a tough, performance-extending wear layer jointly developed by Bayer MaterialScience LLC and Conforce. The Conforce team has taken the benefits of the cs-4 module and created the xts module, which gives a seamless shape that will better suit the tractor and trailer industry.

The composite flooring, formed from Baydur PUL 2500 polyurethane chemistry using the polyurethane pultrusion process, is 22 percent lighter than the traditionally used tropical hardwood and other wood-based materials used in trailer products. It is also significantly stronger, sustainable and non-porous when compared with conventional material. And because of its strength and toughness, the flooring requires less repair and maintenance, making it more cost effective over its service life.

"Our goal for this product is to make it standardized flooring for trailers, replacing wood over time," said Perry Pearlman, vice president, Business Development, Conforce International, Inc. "The EKO-FLOR xts is in a price neutral environment as compared with wood, yet it's lighter, stronger, and more durable which translates into improved fuel efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint."

Both EKO-FLOR xts and cs-4 modules are also highly resistant to the typical maintenance problems that plague wooden floor modules such as rot, mildew and insect infestation. Wood-based flooring can also be brittle at similar densities, whereas the composite modules have surpassed expectations and industry requirements during load testing. The EKO-FLOR xts meets and exceeds the Tractor Trailer Manufacturing Association Recommended Practices, which controls the rating of van trailers and container floors for lift truck loading. Similarly, EKO-FLOR cs-4 meets and exceeds ISO 1496 and IICL TB-001 strength and performance testing for ocean-going containers.

"The strength properties exerted by the EKO-FLOR are like nothing we've ever seen in a panel of this type," said Harry George, head, Diversified Industries, New Applications, NAFTA, Bayer MaterialScience LLC. "Working with Conforce on this innovative product line has given us the opportunity to offer not only our materials, but also our technical know-how to help them with developing a top-notch product."

Currently in testing with tractor trailer manufacturers, Conforce estimates full commercial production of EKO-FLOR xts modules to begin in six months. Through the companies' alliance, Bayer MaterialScience LLC provides value-adding ongoing global product supply and technical support such as advanced design and material analysis, efficient production practices and other technical know-how to all Conforce manufacturing locations from BaySystems, which is the global polyurethane systems business of Bayer MaterialScience.

"Bayer MaterialScience LLC has been closely involved in production of the EKO-FLOR modules, most often physically at the plant, working hands-on during development," said Conforce president and CEO Marino Kulas. "They have engaged in finite element analysis, computer modeling, product testing and preliminary environmental studies. Their expertise and assistance has played an important role in bringing this product to market."

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Nice new thread!!!!!!!10/25/07 here we come for some good news I'm sure!
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Looks great. One suggestion - ask the mods to lock down the other thread.
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Just in case there are any newbies, beware of known pumpers (JJ) and known bashers (JoanAl and Burp). Take everyone's post with a grain of salt, but especially these characters.
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baked goods

Don'tcha just love the smell of freshly baked bread. All the time it takes to put in just the right ingredients, kneed them all up, let the loaves rise, punch'em down a bit for the second rising, shove it all in the oven, and POW....what do ya have? I'll tellya...hot big fluffy goodness. Is that what we have here now folks? I think so. Hmmmm...Would slowly roasted prime rib have been a better metaphor for CFRI. .
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Conforce" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it will hold an Investor Conference Call on Thursday, October 25, 2007 at 4:15pm Eastern Daylight Time


What are the Pink Sheets' trading hours?
The Pink Sheets follows regular market hours, from 9:30 AM until 4:00 PM ET. The Pink Sheets follows the market calendar of the Nasdaq Stock Market and is closed on the days that Nasdaq is closed. The Quotation system is available from 7 am to 5 pm every business day. However, individual traders at a market maker control when the trader's quotes are open and firm.
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Great job, Sunarf, F N A
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