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MTB - Mountain Boy Minerals

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Of course it has been a week at least since I sent the e-mail in and the stock has gone up about .09 or about 15%.
Did like that he thought there was a chance of being up to 5 million oz AU ( equiv I would imagine)
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thankyou mouser
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MTB PP announcement today

Picked a bad day with gold and silver getting slaughtered on the floor by the papertraders today.
Nice to see the prices much higher than todays close.
Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd
Symbol MTB
Shares Issued 16,214,654
Close 2006-02-06 C$ 0.68

Mountain Boy Minerals to raise $2.62-million privately

2006-02-07 12:09 ET - News Release
Mr. Randolph Kasum reports

Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd. will undertake its best efforts to complete a non-brokered private placement of up to 3.6 million units.

The private placement will consist of one million flow-through units at a purchase price of 80 cents per unit. Each unit will consist of one share and one warrant. Each warrant will be exercisable for the purchase of one additional share of the company at a purchase price of 90 cents per share for a period of one year from closing.

The remaining 2.6 million units will be sold on a non-flow-through basis at a purchase price of 70 cents per unit. Each unit will consist of one share and one warrant. Each warrant will be exercisable for the purchase of one additional share of the company at a purchase price of 80 cents per share for a period of one year from closing.

In the event the company's shares trade at the price of $1.20 per share or higher for a period of 20 consecutive trading days the company will have the right to force their exercise during the following 30-day period.

A finder's fee will be paid in connection with the private placement in accordance with TSX Venture Exchange policies.

Proceeds from the private placement will be expended on further exploration on the company's Silver Coin and Mountain Boy properties and for working capital.
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Mountain Boy hires Aberdeen Capital for IR services

2006-02-10 05:54 ET - News Release

Mr. Randolph Kasum reports


Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd. is signing an investor relations agreement with Aberdeen Capital Strategies Corp. to provide comprehensive investor relations services for the company.

Aberdeen Capital Strategies will assist the company in gaining exposure to investors through the dissemination of corporate information to a network of brokerage firms, financial institutions and private investors. This initiative reinforces the company's commitment to improve communications and information flow to its shareholders and the investment community with respect to the proposed exploration activities in British Columbia.

Aberdeen Capital Strategies Corp. has been engaged for $5,000 per month for a six-month period, with an initial performance review after this period. Principals of Aberdeen Capital Strategies have been granted options for the purchase of up to 200,000 shares of the company at a price of 64 cents per share, exercisable up to Feb. 9, 2008. Aberdeen Capital Strategies Corp. does not currently hold any other interest in securities of the company.
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Huge dump by E-trade this morning over 250,000 shares early but it held up well , Research Capital buying most of it up.
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PNL up to 1.72 and MTB down to .62 and the discount on MTB / PNL getting larger all the time. I may have to sell a few stocks to grab more MTB here. Minefill report should be out soon and I bleieve we will see at least 50% pop in MTB. Had a phone call as I said earlier from the PNL rep who told me eventually PNL will buy out MTB in the Silver Coin property. I will guarantee that the MTB shareholders will not sell at .62 . They will likely get cash AND some PNL shares.
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Had a chat with John Williams from Aberdeehn Capital today about Mountain Boys and the upcoming financing. he was very upbeat and was quite confident that the financing would be fully subscribed by March 1. MTB is going to be starting a big promotion here shortly and we should expect to see the PPS go up - I am guessing more than a little.
He told me that MTB will be the operator when the resource is defined to a point where it is economical and the Chinese investors from Zijin were very impressed and upbeat about getting a mine in there quickly. Also explained that 3 drills , all owned and run by Mountain Boys , will be working come May 1 , with about 40,000 ft of drilling planned.
I am thinking seriously on taking a piece of the PP.
Once the Minefill report comes out , I doubt we wil see these prices again. BUT JMHO and his as well.
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hey mouser, any more news on this stock?
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Nothing up right now- but the Minefill report is due by the end of FEBRUARY- I expect the buying to start about a week before that report comes due. MTB should be in for a very good pop IMHO.
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Looking for corroboration of hole 2005-65 at the Stewart property. Wha'ts the hold up. Market seems to want more evidence.
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Actually 2005-52 is the one that perked my interest- this is the northern-most hole and is on MTB/PNL properties. Many of the other holes were on the Kansas property owned by TJS, of which PNL/MTB can earn in 70% by bringing a feasability report on it within 4 years.
I expect them to concentrate on their holding now as they have completed the 60% earn in on kansas.

Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd
Symbol MTB
Shares Issued 15,361,404
Close 2005-08-24 C$ 0.88
Recent Sedar Documents

Pinnacle, Mountain Boy hit 50 ft of one oz Au

2005-08-24 14:19 ET - News Release

See News Release (C-PNL) Pinnacle Mines Ltd (2)

Mr. Andrew Bowering reports


Pinnacle Mines Ltd. and Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd. have provided gold-silver assays from the latest drill holes testing the newly discovered Main Breccia zone on the Silver Coin property near Stewart, B.C. Visible gold was noted in several different zones within these drill holes.

The most recent results from drill holes DDH-2005-48 through DDH-2005-52 continue to extend the mineralization of the Main Breccia zone. Reported drill holes DDH-2005-48 and DDH-2005-49 are within the Kansas claim located along the south end of the known Main Breccia zone while DDH-2005-50 to DDH-2005-52 are within the Big Missouri claim, 133 metres north of the Kansas claim border.

DDH-2005-52 at minus 60 degrees intersected a zone of mineralization starting at 88.03 metres and finishing at 207.01 metres for 118.98 metres (390 feet) grading 5.4 grams per tonne gold (g/t) (see table below), including a section of 15.2 metres or 49.9 feet grading 34 g/t or 1.0 ounce per ton. DDH-2005-52 was lost in heavily mineralized faulted breccia assaying 6.79 g/t gold over the last 1.52 metres of the hole. DDH-2005-52 is the most northerly hole drilled to date and was drilled in an area that was previously untested. The hole encountered a new style of mineralization consistent with the high-gold-and-silver-bearing mineralization that was mined in the upper levels of the nearby Silbak-Premier mine. Visible gold is found within a very-fine-grained sulphide that gives the quartz in the core a black mottled appearance. Any drill intersection of this type of mineralization in DDH-2005-52 has yielded high gold and silver assays and correlates well with the black sulphide mineralization that was present in the Silbak-Premier mine.

In addition, as drilling has progressed to the north, the Main Breccia zone becomes much wider and may be greater than 100 metres in true width. All drill holes testing the zones (which appear to dip 70 degrees to the west) are drilled from west to east and intersections reported are close to true width.

DDH-2005-51 at minus 60 degrees had a number of significant intersections (see table below) and DDH-50 at minus 60 degrees had an intersection of 39.55 metres before being lost due to intense faulting within the breccia. DDH-2005-48 at minus 70 degrees had several intersections with the main one having 36.58 metres grading 1.97 g/t of gold (see table below). DDH-2005-49 at minus 75 degrees had five intersections with the main one having 20.53 metres grading 1.88 g/t of gold (see table below).
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the stock up 10% from 0.59 to 0.65 on limited trading... anything going on?
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As you can see not a lot for sale here at these levels. I received a call yesterday from J Williams of Aberdeen Capital - they are handling the PR for MTB. I asked a few questions - (1) DO MTB have a booth at the PDAC?
He siad they dont have thier own , but will be sharing the Silver Coin booth with PNL.
(2) Has there been any discussions on PNL buying MTB out?
He said there has been limited discussions and that he has been urging the MTB principals to get financing and continue drilling and proving up more resources. It sounds as tho the financing may be bought up by a British group and that RAB was interested in taking down some of the financing.
I may get involved in this as well.
(3) if they accept a buyout what would be the price?
He said they wouldnt accept anything under 3 or 4 $ but that he knew the Chinese group ( Zijin) really wants the property.
I told him i had been buying on the market around .60 lately and he replied that he also has buying at this range.
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What will this stock hit if they sell?
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Your guess is as good as mine- that is a big IF.
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MTB's news

Mountain Boy starts surface exploration at Stewart

2006-07-14 09:09 ET - News Release

Mr. Ed Kruchkowski reports


Mountain Boy Minerals Ltd. has started surface exploration on several different properties located in the Stewart area of British Columbia in order to define drill targets for further exploration in the third quarter of the 2006 field season.

Work on the MB silver property, located about 22 kilometres north of Stewart, has located the No. 3 vein west and uphill from the High Grade vein that was sporadically explored in the past. In exploration conducted in the 1930s, the No. 3 vein was traced over a strike length of 600 metres and tested over a width from one to three metres. Work in the 1930s yielded over 500 ounces per ton silver (14,136 grams per tonne silver) over widths up to one metre. Bonanza-type mineralization consisting of acanthite (silver sulphide) and stromeyerite (silver-copper sulphide) occurs as veinlets, stringers and lenses in the High Grade and No. 3 vein, giving rise to high silver grades.

The No. 3 and High Grade veins are both located in a rugged portion of the property and both dip to the west. The company plans to drill long holes located uphill and west of the surface expressions to intersect both structures at depth.

E. Kruchkowski, PGeo, a qualified person under National Instrument 43-101, is in charge of the exploration programs on behalf of the companies. Drill core and trench samples are assayed by Assayers Canada of Vancouver, B.C.
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MTB seems to have many exporation targets and some with some good history , but remains to be seen if they can get some promotion and excitement going . I have been in and out of this stock for the past year and a half and really cant get a handle on why they havent done better.
Although I suppose during the latest pullback they kept their share value.
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John Williams called again today and we had a good chat. Newsletter out on http://www.thebullandbear.com/bb-rep...ve/MtnBoy.html
and looks to be quite welldone. This could give them some pop if and when investors begin bottomfishing after the summmer selloff.
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Picked up some MTB this morning.
Hard to resist at these prices and with drill results on their way shortly.
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