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Up around .10 again....

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Originally Posted by Blackrock View Post
now up to .125

im averaged in at .14 and seeing that this stock was less than .05 a month or so ago it's looking mighty nice at .125! i'll probably unload mine soon once it starts to slow down this run.
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It looks like it's time to start loading up on SPKL again. I sold all mine quite a while ago when it quit moving.


This would definitely be a longer term hold. I feel like this could be on it's way to stardom by the end of this year, or sometime next year.


If you read the last 2 PR's, you'll get a good feel for where they're at.


This older PR from February 28th talks about the move to the QB board. The first step to going to the NASDAQ once they achieve a price of 1.00 per share. For those unfamiliar with the QB, there's a nice explanation of it in the PR.



This recent PR from April 22nd explains what they've been up to for the past year, and states that they are ready to launch they're new initiative starting in May.



I picked up some shares yesterday morning, and I'll pick up more later when funds are available.

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