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New HOD @ 0.195 with a 50,000 share block buy!

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Exceeding yesterday's exceptional volume, now well over 3.5 million! I think we'll see 0.20 today!
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170,000 share block buy ($33,150) on the ask @ 0.195!
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It was fun to watch the L2's stack in the upper 19's to the mid 20's. They are trying hard to stop this and .20 is our next level. I took some profits just in case but I really believe this will break through by mid day tomorrow. Good consolidations happening in the upper 18's right now as it stages for the next move forward. It sure if fun to be involved in a winner again! Thanks guys
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Crushing yesterdays volume!
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Yep, I think realy big news is right around the corner.
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Definitely cook'n, 0.20 on the ask!
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50,000 share block buy on the ask @ 0.195!
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This should pop up on alot of radars!
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order did not go through...will try to get in tomorrow I guess.
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Ive been watching this since may 30th when this thing started to move. The last week or so I have checked out the company info ( which looks fantastic) non stop. Something is not sitting right with me. This thing seems to be moving based on Huge news being around the corner. The reason I noticed it was the fact of so many shares bought by insiders.
I am a noob so I could be way off here. But 36,660,000 shares bought @ .10 on May 30th and this things starts to go with out any other news. Could this be a pump and dump. Can these insiders sell @ .20 and double there money leaving us who hold shares hanging out to dry if pps collapses upon thier sell? Or do they have to hold those shares for some giving amount of time? Please help a noob out and shed some light. I just kind it odd that 2 insiders spend that kind of dough on share at this point when the company has look good for some time.
I hope some of this makes since. I confused myself by over thinking.

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these are Reg D & Reg S derived placements. Which means they fall under the Securities Act of 1933. Within this act is something called Rule 144...this rule puts a restriction on selling private placement shares into the open market. I don't know if it's 6 months or year now....I think they recently changed the holding period, someone else might know what the new time frame is.
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Opening this morning with a tight BA, 0.19 x 0.191.
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Bit of trading at the bid this morning. Holding pretty good. Now, a bit of buying pressure puts 0.20 on the ask... Something's defintely up with this stock. Meanwhile, I'm waiting to hear back from the company regarding information on their next status report.
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Looks like this has settled for now in the mid-0.18's. Holding up pretty good.

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Nice, hit new HOD @ 0.19 this morning. Consolidation in the 0.18's...
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Very stable trading, and buys now hitt'n the ask @ 0.186.
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I noticed that quite a few companies with fiscal year end in May-2008 are just now reporting their financials for the period. I expect APIO to report on theirs very soon, and I expect them to be excellent. I suspect that the stock will start building for its next leg up this week in anticipation...
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Picking up some steam, new HOD @ 0.189!
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0.19 x 0.195!
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