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load it up load it up.. broke 52 week high =)
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Oto, can you see this going any higher than .52 any time in the near future?
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there's some heavy selling for profit going on here, hold on cause it will go back up
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This will continue to surge until news is released, and once news confirms what the pictures depict, it will be at much higher price especially with the current low float and market cap..

It keeps setting new highs, pulls back a little and sets another new high...We could easily see .60s in the very near future..
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i JUST got my sell at .52 cancelled in time lol gonna go a little higher
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I see a minimum technical target of ~$0.54. In fact, if you look closely, you can envision 5 Elliott Waves (3 up, 2 down) which, in theory, are often followed by 3 corrective waves. Oscillators are showing some weakness. IMO, YMMV. News and all bets are off.
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well it's at .55 now it did hit .58
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p.s., look at the following chart and note what happens each time the pps extends beyond the so-called Bollinger Bands (the green moving envelope).

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over 10 million traded
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Yup, wait for the pullback
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Blaa really happy I sold last week. Would have been over a double for me.

Grats everyone still in!

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crazy crazy trading now over 11 million traded
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as predicted...we are at .60!!

trading very similar to NOT in early days..already 1/3 of float traded today and still 2 hours of trading left
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.58 right now 48.72% increase still 2 hrs left will close beyond .6 hopfully =)
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0.63 the beast has no end
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Originally Posted by thebigbull View Post
0.63 the beast has no end
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Hope many of you learned from NOT, ride the momentum...sitting at .66 now!!
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Now THAT'S what i call a price correction! hahaha, im out at .67
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amazing run on this one and it looks very strong. have several hundred thousand of this one . nearly 16 million shares traded. the huge jump has allowed me to sell down certain non-performers while i take some profit from vms at over 60 cents.
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