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Today could be the day for CLWR, as all the stars seem to be alligned.
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looking good. 7.34 new HOD.
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Originally Posted by TriggerFinger View Post
looking good. 7.34 new HOD.
Nice gap up on strong volume this morning too.
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Open sky's above

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Originally Posted by ancalime View Post
Earnings are due on May 5 according to Reuters.

Jeffries just gave CLWR a 'Buy' and I suspect that will make CLWR rally today also boosted by the broader markets.
My bad, for some reason I thought it was almost May already... so earnings aren't for a couple of weeks. But does anyone here have an idea of what's expected for earnings? I got in this purely as a technical play, and am interested to know if people are expecting a run up to earnings.
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looking strong again this morning.
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The MACD crossover looks nice on that chart, and it doesn't look like there's much resistance in the way until the 8.00-8.20 area.
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a bunch of volume just came in out of nowhere, looks like this may be ready to blow.

Edit: looks like some pretty significant selling took place during that volume spike, but it held nicely.
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may 7.5 calls are only 40c....might pick up some monday
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Stopped out today at 7.41 with a 4.44 percent gain.I am putting it into forf in after hours......
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Looks like we could see a breakout from this little flag pattern it's been forming the past few days. Looking for an increase in volume maybe...
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Another green day, encountering a little resistance here at 7.77...
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CLWR is another stock that I increased my position in when the market fell off that cliff. I have been using their 4g for sometime now and it blows 3g away as Clear expands their presence and leads the 4g rollout.

HOD 8.52
up .27 @8.50 with the Nasdaq down 6 points
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CLWR has taken a hit since my last post but there is one thing for certain, like its counterpart Sprint, smart money is still in the house according to the OBV. Even when the pps hit the lower bb, there was only a small fluctuation of the indicator. . .

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I see...

...one resistance around 9.xx. It seems this stock has been building one ascending triangle since June 09; the breackout from this triangle would be precisly the 9,xx area.

Dou you see the same?

Edit: after that I see another one around 12,3X, if the trend continues higher. One thing I like for sure: all 3 MA I use (EMA15, MA50 and MM200) are pointing higher, so for a position trader like me thats good news.
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BTIG Initiates Coverage on Clearwire (CLWR) with a Buy
June 15, 2010 9:32 AM EDT

BTIG initiates coverage on Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR) with a Buy rating. PT $10
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Here's a nice rumour to bite your teeth on. Should it happen I would sell my CLWR at the premium and buy S on the dip. I am invested in both

Oppenheimer discusses potential acquisition of Clearwire by Sprint
Oppenheimer believes Sprint (S) may look to acquire Clearwire (CLWR) in an attempt to move to a single network strategy. Opco speculates Sprint would have to pay $12-$14 per share for Clearwire, but believes the premium would be offset by synergies and tax benefits. :theflyonthewall.com
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Think the buyout is actually going to happen or is it just a rumor like the radio shack buyout?
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Rumors are a crap shoot but I have noticed that Sprint has been slowly increasing their position in CLWR and now up to 57%. One should keep a eye on the OBV for any changes and right now smart money is invested and holding. My guess that those volume spikes are Sprint buying and if this theory holds up it may be predictable when they make their next buy if it is not a total buyout.

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Looking at the chart, even without a buyout it seems like a good time to buy, as it's holding the bottom of the trendline that it's traded in for the past 4 months. Also, it's right on the 50 day MA support.... hmm
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