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New L2, volume's coming in nicely at 0.01
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Put this info up on the company


Xinhua China Ltd

Website: http://www.xinhuachina.com/Html/Main.asp
Website in english:

The company specializes in kitchen equipment works for the design, manufacture and installation, under a letter of environmental protection, kitchen utensils Engineering Limited, supermarket and kitchen utensils letter, letter, stainless steel kitchen utensils City.。 Huizhou is in the same industry in one of the most powerful enterprises, the company trades (Huizhou) through the first ISO90001: 2000 quality management system certification.
The company has first-class production equipment, strong technical force, professional team of construction, improve the management mechanism. Pingci advantages, continue to be improved on kitchen utensils, and promote modernization, in order to make it efficient and practical advanced. Series: stainless steel appliances, working platforms, refrigeration equipment, pumping equipment, such as soot, a fully furnished, reliable quality and reasonable price to meet the various needs of our customers. We have only one Earth - the letter, the protection of human survival is very clear the importance of the environment: the relevant government departments to respond positively to the call, the original kitchen utensils On the basis of environmental research and development of new products. At present, our company developed its own technical staff of the Chinese environmental protection gas stoves, environmental protection, water HOOD, environmental fumes from the fire and smoke water film filter water film filters, and other environmentally friendly products to the market, has won many consumers High praise. The past few years, new and old customers the trust and support, the company has to undertake: Huizhou Tin Yuet Estate Hotel, Huizhou HSBC Lake Hotel, Huizhou City, the Lake Hotel, Huizhou City Southern Hotel, Huizhou City MACAT Hotel, Huizhou City of West Lake Hotel, the source of Huizhou City Italian restaurant, Huizhou City is a restaurant, Huizhou City Yixiang Restaurant, Fu-wah Hotel (Borodino), Huizhou City Dongping Peninsula Hotel, Huizhou TCL International Electrical, Huizhou TCL Ace Electric Co., Ltd., Jinyu garment factory (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., Huizhou City Huayang Multimedia Ltd., Huizhou University, Huizhou Normal School, one in Huizhou Dongjiang institutions, Huizhou, South altar in a school, International Foreign Language School in Dongguan, Huizhou International foreign language schools, Huidong Secondary School (High School Division), Huizhou City Desai, audio-visual, Huizhou City, Samsung Electronics, and Heyuan City or electronic plants, Zhicheng Electronics Co., Ltd. of Dongguan, Shenzhen and Guangdong Peng Garment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City, the new machine Industry Co., Ltd., the Huizhou City-hui (Huiyang) Weaving Co., Ltd., Siu-kei gifts, and other well-known hotel and several well-known enterprises in the kitchen equipment installation works, we have to project quality and the quality of the warm and thoughtful after-sale service, customers get the majority of The approval and praise.
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Charts bottomed out
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0.01 x 0.011! closing up, more upwards movement coming
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Moving up nicely, ask now 0.011

Market makers lining up at 0.01, might be safe to hold this see it if runs again from this little bump down like we had last time
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Couple orders being filled @ 0.01
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No more orders at 0.01, 0.011 level now, continue moving upwards in this trend
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0.009 x 0.01 ask dipped
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0.0077 x 0.01 can't get an order below 0.01 through though
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had an order in @ .008...didnt get filled:/
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Originally Posted by ez-money View Post
had an order in @ .008...didnt get filled:/
I couldn't get an order below 0.01 either
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0.009 x 0.0133
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0.01 x 0.012
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up 19% who would've known
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0.009 x 0.01
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To much mm manipulation in this one for me..had a order in @.095 yesterday while they were filling .077's. They wont represent your oders on this one. So good luck to you on this.
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300 dollars in volume and down 10%. Another winner by superstocker!
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Originally Posted by woodrow View Post
300 dollars in volume and down 10%. Another winner by superstocker!
lol u guys crack me up
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buy if on AB.now off the n short list!
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Right on again

Date Reg SHO Threshold Flag
Jun 12, 2008 Yes
Jun 11, 2008 Yes
Jun 10, 2008 Yes
Jun 9, 2008 Yes
Jun 6, 2008 Yes
Jun 5, 2008 Yes
Jun 3, 2008 Yes
Jun 2, 2008 Yes
May 30, 2008 Yes
May 29, 2008 Yes
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