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i think you will be happy with this one too mouser ... hope i can free up some cash to accumulate more of this and nox on dips as well ... best of luck and thx for your reports on van gold show ... stocks
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.275 cents. very little selling on this.
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Prize receives metallurgical results for Yellowjacket

Prize Mining Corp (C:PRZ)
Shares Issued 36,690,562
Last Close 1/30/2007 $0.255
Wednesday January 31 2007 - News Release

Mr. Harry McGucken reports


Prize Mining Corp. has now received the final results of a metallurgical study conducted by G&T Metallurgical Services Ltd. of Kamloops, B.C., in respect of drill cores taken from holes drilled on the Yellowjacket zone of Prize's Atlin gold property, located near Atlin in northwestern British Columbia. These results are set out in the report (the metallurgical report) of G&T Metallurgical, entitled "Preliminary Assessment of Yellowjacket Metallurgy."

Results of the metallurgical study will be used by Prize and its consultants BGC Engineering, and Snowden Mining Industry Consultants to finalize appropriate processing plant specifications for extraction of gold from the 10,000-tonne bulk sample to be taken from the Yellowjacket zone. The primary purpose for extracting and processing the bulk sample is to assist Prize in mitigating gold assay variabilities associated with the nugget effect of the coarse gold mineralization found in the Yellowjacket zone.

Excerpts from the metallurgical report state the following.

"Prize Mining Corp. is investigating the economic potential of the Yellowjacket project located near Atlin, British Columbia. As part of this assessment, Prize Mining Corp., through their consultant, Snowden Mining Industry Consultants, requested a proposal for both metallurgical testing and mineralogy work from G&T Metallurgical Services Ltd.

"A scope of work was defined and provided to Prize Mining on Aug. 24, 2006. Drill core from two holes was received at G&T Metallurgical on Aug. 31, 2006. The metallurgical test program was carried out during October and November, 2006.

"Individual drill core intervals from each of the two holes were composited into two separate composites. The top portion of the holes went into one composite and the bottom portion into the other.

"Each sample was subjected to gravity concentration, cyanidation of the gravity tailing and flotation testing. Concentrate and tailing samples from the gravity tests were subjected to ADIS scans to characterize gold occurrences in each stream. A Bond ball mill work index test was completed on each composite.

"Gravity recovery was high with 80.3 and 68.2 per cent of the gold reporting to gravity concentrate for composites 1 and 2, respectively.

"Cyanidation tests on the gravity tailing yielded gold extractions of between 85 to 96 per cent and 78 to 93 per cent for composites 1 and 2, respectively. Decreasing the cyanidation feed K80 from 200 microns to 100 microns increased gold extraction from the gravity tail by 12 to 15 per cent.

"Gold recovery to a flotation concentrate was 95.6 per cent for Composite 1 and 53.2 per cent for Composite 2. In order to achieve these recoveries, a mass recovery of 10 to 15 per cent and 25 to 30 per cent was required for composites 1 and 2, respectively.

"Standard FC Bond ball work indices were determined to be 16.8 and 14.1 kilowatt hours per tonne for composites 1 and 2, respectively.

"ADIS (automated digital imaging system) scans of the gravity test concentrates detected quite coarse occurrences of gold. The largest piece detected had a gold particle equivalent circular diameter greater than 300 microns.

"A gravity test was conducted on each composite to generate samples for inspection, using ADIS scans. The purpose of this inspection is to determine the mode of gold occurrence in each stream. The average equivalent circle diameter for each of the observed particles is also determined.

"The following observations are apparent

* About 70 per cent of the gold observed in the Knelson concentrate from Composite 1 was contained in relatively large gangue-gold binary particles. The gold contained within these particles was relatively coarse, with an equivalent circular diameter of about 100 microns.
* About 33 per cent of the gold observed in the Knelson concentrate from Composite 2 occurred as a gold-gangue binary. The equivalent circle diameter of the gold portion of single particle observed was 310 microns, indicating that the gold occurrences are quite coarse.
* The coarse gold observed in both concentrates is in a size range that makes it very amenable to gravity concentration.
* Particles observed in the Knelson tailing from Composite 1 were very fine binary particles with low gold content.
* All of the gold particles observed in the Knelson tailing from Composite 2 occurred as fine liberated gold. The size of this material does not lend itself well to recovery by gravity processes."

Pit excavation and bulk sample extraction are currently in hiatus due to adverse winter weather conditions and will recommence as early as possible in spring 2007. Prize is using this interim period to aggressively complete the planning and preparation for the milling and processing of the bulk sample.

Linda Dandy, PGeo, of P&L Geological Services, is the project supervisor and is the qualified person for the purpose of National Instrument 43-101. She has reviewed and verified the contents of this news release.
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Prize Mining Corporation: Silvermet Defines Nickel-Copper-PGM Drill Targets by Large Soil Geochemical Survey on Muskox Complex, Nunavut

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Feb 12, 2007 (CCNMatthews via COMTEX News Network) --

Prize Mining Corporation (TSX VENTURE:PRZ) -

Silvermet Inc., ("Silvermet") (TSX VENTURE:SYI) announced positive exploration results on its Muskox nickel-copper-platinum group metals ("Ni-Cu-PGM") project located in Nunavut. Highlights include:

- Large-scale soil geochemical survey totaling approximately 7,000 samples and covering an area of 62 sq. km. over the Muskox Complex ultramafic intrusion.

- Geochemical results define numerous new Ni-Cu-PGM drill targets.

- Drill rigs to be commissioned for spring-summer 2007 program to test the anomalies and to follow up on previous drill results.

Silvermet optioned mineral claims lie on the southern extension of the Muskox intrusion, which is one of the world's largest mafic-ultramafic intrusive complexes. The marginal zones and feed dyke contain semi-massive and massive sulphide mineralization and are strikingly similar to that found in the Norilsk mining camp in Russia. The Muskox layered sequence also contains stratiform PGM mineralization similar to that of the Merensky Reef and of the UG2 chromitite horizons in the Bushveld complex in South Africa. The Silvermet optioned land claims were assembled by Prize Mining Corporation ("Prize Mining") between 1994 and 2001. The claims are centered approximately 90 kilometers south of the village of Kugluktuk (Coppermine), Nunavut.

Drilling along the marginal zone near the east boundary of the intrusion established a small lens of massive sulphides with an average grade of 1.2% Ni and 2.6% Cu. Two recent Prize Mining drill holes intersected 4.7% Ni, 10.6% Cu, 2.2 g/t Pt and 11.1 g/t Pd over 5.4 m and 3.22% Ni, 7.52% Cu, 2.2 g/t Pt and 17.5 g/t Pd over 5.5 m. A NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate has not been completed.

Historically, surface showings and geophysical techniques determined where shallow source drill targets would be collared. However, recent exploration has demonstrated that conventional geophysical methodologies are of limited use on the Muskox intrusion due to the high background conductivity of serpentinized ultramafic rocks that blanket most of the interesting underlying mineralized marginal zone and feeder dyke rocks at depth. Due to these geophysical limitations a new exploration geochemical methodology is being employed.

Silvermet commissioned in 2006 a detailed, close-spaced, soil-sampling program covering a 62 sq. km. area extending from Speers Lake in the north central portion of the complex to the Coppermine river in the south. The survey area was blanketed by grids utilizing 100 m and 200 m line spacing. The 100 m spacing was conducted in areas of highest interest based on known surface Ni-Cu-PGM mineralization, favorable geological controls, and compelling shallow geophysical features. Wider spaced lines 200 m apart were employed to cover poorly exposed intervening areas which are believed to have similar geology but were not explored or drilled in the past. Soil samples were taken at 50-metre intervals along the grid lines.

The final analytical data for the large number of samples were received by January, 2007. All the data is currently being processed and integrated with existing geological, diamond drilling, gravity, and aeromagnetic data. It is anticipated that interpretative work will be substantially completed by March 5, 2007.

On a preliminary basis, the soil geochemical data indicates the presence of significant Cu-Ni-PGM soil geochemical anomalies in areas not previously drilled and which warrant an extensive drilling program. It is estimated that up to 20,000 metres of drilling will be required to assess the most significant large target areas.

Silvermet's agreement with Prize Mining permits it to earn a 70% interest in the claims by incurring not less than $10 million expenditure by December 7, 2010, of which $4 million must be spent by June 30, 2008. To date Silvermet has spent approximately $1.1 million on Muskox and has in hand sufficient flow-through funds to start its proposed drill program this April.

Peter T. George, P.Geo, is the Qualified Person for this project.

About Prize Mining

Prize Mining Corporation is a Tier One Company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (symbol: PRZ-V). The Company is exploring for Gold in the Atlin area of British Columbia, Canada and its Nickel-Copper-Palladium and Platinum project on the Muskox Layered Intrusion in Nunavut, Arctic Canada.

SOURCE: Prize Mining Corporation

Prize Mining Corporation Trent Dahl Investor Relations (604) 684-4743 ext 228 or Toll Free: 1-866-684-4743 ext 228 Email: info@prizemining.com Website: www.prizemining.com
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Hmm i notice pictet on the bid big this am. Perhaps some bigger investors getting very interested.
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Managed to grab another 20,000 today at .27 , now last trade was at .285. It appears some very good volume about to come into this play, todays was the biggest in over a month. Now over 350,000 shares traded
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i took out the .265 yesterday but i did sell back some at .285 today.
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Good insider buying of late as well and that is always a good sign.
Feb 24/07 Jan 03/07 Farrell, Brian George 50 - Grant of options Options 150,000
Feb 24/07 Jan 03/07 Farrell, Brian George 11 - Acquisition carried out privately Common Shares 57,000 $0.280
Jan 16/07 Jan 04/07 SAVIGNY, KENNETH WAYNE 50 - Grant of options Options 150,000 $0.250
Jan 16/07 Sep 01/06 SAVIGNY, KENNETH WAYNE 50 - Grant of options Options 200,000 $0.400
Jan 16/07 Sep 01/06 SAVIGNY, KENNETH WAYNE 00 - Opening Balance-Initial SEDI Report Options
Jan 10/07 Jan 03/07 Bergen, Tim 50 - Grant of options Options 150,000 $0.250
Jan 09/07 Jan 03/07 McGucken, Andrew John Henry 50 - Grant of options Options 300,000 $0.250
Jan 09/07 Jan 03/07 Kenney, Daniel Ellis 50 - Grant of options Options 150,000
Jan 04/07 Jan 03/07 Somji, Feisal 50 - Grant of options Options 300,000
Jan 03/07 Mar 08/04 McGucken, Andrew John Henry 00 - Opening Balance-Initial SEDI Report Warrants
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another big volume day - looks like this one is breaking out now...
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I got a partial fill at $0.27 on Friday, so I have joined the Prize party. Thanks for all the info in this thread.
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Thought I would wade in with a little local colour on this one. I bought in July of last year and have been adding a little at a time since. I live about 100 kilometers from the property and can tell you the locals have all supported this stock as they know the property well and have great faith that the bulk sample the company is now taking will have phenomenal results as the drill assays indicate. Lots of local buzz and wows when they were drilling. It's a very small world up here. The stripping of overburden over their micro pit was stopped because of extremely cold weather last nov and should be starting soon, so watch for a news release stating just that. This lull is a good time to strengthen your positions.
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It sounds like Prize has resumed its bulk sampling program and has a good team of geologists experienced with course gold evaluation. Prize is also going to trial mine 10,000 tons to get a better idea of the grade of the zone. I'm guessing that Prize should start to generate some interest soon...

Prize Mining Corporation: Bulk Sampling Program Update-Yellowjacket Zone, Atlin, BC

CALGARY, ALBERTA, Mar 20, 2007 (CCNMatthews via COMTEX News Network) --

Prize Mining Corporation ("Prize Mining") (TSX VENTURE:PRZ) is pleased to announce resumption of the bulk sample (trial mining) program on Yellowjacket Zone of its Atlin Gold Property located in northwestern British Columbia. This program includes excavating, extracting and processing a 10,000 tonne bulk sample from a bedrock pit. Over the past three months extensive engineering work and planning have been completed in order to produce the best sampling procedures, pit design, plant specifications and layout. Favourable results were received from the Metallurgical Testing where 70 percent of the gold is gravity recoverable. This was in part, due to the coarse free gold mineralization in the Yellowjacket Zone. Initial gold extraction will use state-of-the art Knelson Concentrator technology. Prize will be trial mining 10,000 tonnes of ore during 2007 in order to confirm the expected grade of the Yellowjacket zone and to initiate small-scale production.

Prize Mining is pleased to have BGC Engineering Ltd. of Vancouver, BC, as the lead engineering contractor for the project. At BGC the project is under the direction of Dr. Wayne Savigny, P.Eng., P.Geo., assisted by Gerry Papini, P.Geo. and Gerry Ferris, P.Eng. BGC is providing the overall coordination of the project and its contractors as well as expert advice on matters of planning and permitting, environmental impact and hydrogeology.

In cooperation with BGC, Prize has also contracted Eur. Geol. Dr. Simon Dominy, C.Eng., C.Geol., Principal Geological Engineer and General Manager of Snowden Mining Industry Consultants Ltd (UK). Dr. Dominy brings a wealth of knowledge to the project with his extensive global experience in the field of coarse gold ("high-nugget effect") deposit evaluation and exploitation. He has extensive practical experience in the planning and expiation of surface and underground bulk sampling/trial mining programmes. Dr. Dominy has been working on the sampling protocol optimization and plant design, and will provide further support during trial mining and processing. In addition, Dr. Dominy will act as the independent "Qualified Person" for the purpose of National Instrument 43-101 for this programme and the subsequent resource estimate.

Ms. Linda Dandy, P.Geo. is the project supervisor and "Qualified Person" for the purpose of National Instrument 43-101 who has reviewed and verified the contents of this news release.
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the president in an interview

a friend of mine lived right on surprise lake road


gl and i think it is at a bottom only up from here
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Prize Mining to build processing plant for trial mining

2007-04-03 14:17 ET - News Release

Mr. Harry McGucken reports


Prize Mining Corp. has commissioned Knelson Gravity Solutions to build a three-cycle processing plant for the bulk sampling (trial mining) program to be conducted on the Yellowjacket zone of Prize Mining's Atlin gold property in northwestern British Columbia. Along with the processing plant, Prize Mining has also purchased a Cedarapids two-trailer jaw/rolls, 50-tonne-per-hour crushing unit, and has leased a seven-foot by eight-foot Allis Chalmers ball mill and an 800-kilowatt generator. The equipment is all being mobilized to site for anticipated crushing and processing. This work is expected to start in mid-June once the excavation and sample extraction from the micropit have been completed.

The state-of-the-art plant will use three Knelson concentrators of different diameters to produce a high-grade gold concentrate. The final concentrate will be separated using a Gemini 20 table. The plant will process 12 tonnes per hour and will operate 24 hours per day during the processing stage. The extraction, crushing and processing of the entire 10,000-tonne bulk sample are anticipated to be completed by late September, 2007.
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I'd be interested to know how much the processing plant and equipment cost Prize. I can't recall, but I believe that Prize did a financing recently to raise money for the purchase. So, hopefully, Prize won't require any additional dilution to fund the project until after the 10,000 tonne bulk sample is completed...?
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PRZ is on sale right now for a quarter a share. I doubled up at 0.245 today.
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PRZ a different kind of gold exploration play- i believe a bit risky but could have huge upside.
The reason for this -this particluar play is a nugget style deposit so drilling does not really define anything and really bulk mining is the only way to get an accurate read on how much is there. Some of their samples were outstanding in the multiple ounces of gold per tonne category. But just how much will be there when you do 10,000 tonnes- that remains to be seen.
This could see a reall rocket ride if that bulk sample does better than an ounce per tonne gold. ALL JMHO
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PRZ is definitely a pure speculation play. There are no guarantees.

A few "negative posters" have shown up on the PRZ Stockhouse board. I won't call them bashers because they aren't totally irrational, just continually pointing out that there are lots of questions. But I take this as an opportunity to accumulate while there is some negative sentiment.

As Mouser points out, there is lots of potential here, and as the results from the bulk sampling get closer the anticipation (and share price) should climb. My strategy is to try to make some money on that build-up of anticipation, and then hold a smaller position through the sampling results.

/edit: By the way, Congrats to Mouser on post #4000! Thanks for all your great contributions to the board.
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i too fully agree with mouser on this one. which is why i keep swingtrading it. i bought back in some at 25 and sold out at 27 again. i may buy back again. prz is indeed risky but the assays on the nuggets were outstanding. drilling would do nothing to reveal the scope of the gold in the rocks--only a large and expensive bulk sample would. added risk is to persuade exchange that a bulk sample as opposed to drilling should count towards a 43 101.
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What i see as an interesting development is that PRZ has bought that small milling operation and is setting up. Now many dont really like this as it is kind of like buying the cart before the horse, but I see some definite cost advantages here. For one they wont spend millions drilling up empty holes with maybe a few nuggets and they will avoid the expensive 43-101 feasability studies and such. However they will have to fund this operation internally with revenues from the mill and equity sales, as it will be hard to get a bank to lend money for such a resource.
This 10,000 bulk sample will however give some indication of what is there although I dont believe any geologist or such consulting company would give a 43-101 definition based on that.
Bought some at .245 today.
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