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HSM Smart and Exploding Stock Picks Week of 8/14-8/18 Last week Had HUGE results!!

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The purpose of this thread is similar to the POTW survivor contest, yet it is much more focused. In the POTW thread, if someone makes a pick that you felt was the best play for that week, you are left picking something else. This thread is to focus what is the overall top pick from the members for the upcoming week. Their will be two separate categories.

The HSM Smart Money Pick of the Week
-This is your pick on what is the smart money on. If you only had $1,000 and could only invest in one pick, which stock would it be. This is not the gamble pick. This is the stock you feel has a really good, legitimate chance of earning you 20% - 50% this week. That’s it. Not shooting for the moon.

The HSM Exploding Pick of the Week.
-This is your gamble/momo/rumor pick. Similar to above, if you had an extra $1,000 that you were willing to take a chance with, what stock do you see Exploding this upcoming week. We have had more than a handful this past week, CYOS, FHAL, PAIV, PAIM…NTCI...etc. What are you going to roll the dice on taking off this upcoming week.

The Rules.

-You can only pick one of each and you must clarify what your pick is. Smart or Exploding.

-If you are already invested in the stock you pick for either Smart or Exploding, you must state this. “example” You are invested in ABCD and feel that is the smart money pick for to gain a solid 20%, say you are already invested. Or I loaded up on ABCD because its going to explode. Granted, this is not for everyone to pump up their own investments. Example- I expressed to a couple board members that I thought NTCI was going to have a huge day today, but as I had flipped shares all week, would not be getting into it, yet I expressed something positive for a stock I was not in. Also, not just putting ABCD smart, DCBA exploding. Every pick must be backed up with a reason.

-You must state WHY you feel the way you do about each pick. Is the stock going to explode because of a PR that just came out. Is it because you feel the chart looks primed for a break out. Is a PR rumored to be coming out or is their rumor of a Merger.

-No Pumping or Bashing. You are free to voice your opinion such as “I disagree, that chart looks more like it is giving off a false buy indicator than signaling a breakout” but no voicing your opinion without something to back it up.

-You must have your pick posted by 9:00pm pst on Sunday nights. That way I will have time to go through and add up every ones picks and post the top three for each category before the bell on Monday.

What do the Winner’s get?
-Nothing. There are no winners since people can have the same pick. The main purpose is to help all the members on the board. Is it to tell anyone where to invest their money? No, not at all. Is it to give people a short list of four or five stocks to do DD on opposed to reading 100’s of different threads? To some degree. We all have our own style of investing. I just think this could help put some focus on different positions for the upcoming week. What you do from there is up to you!

Thread of previous week:

If you want on the Email Alert List for the picks to keep you up to date on all the big movers, send me a PM with you email address to be added!!!! GLTA
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Last week had some Huge picks. It looks like the market will close with 5 picks closing the week from start to finsish at +20% with ECFL leading the pack at 86%. I'll post the full list after the bell!!
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ACMG Trade 0.042 -0.00 -4.55% -$20.00 10,000 $0.067 -$250.00 -37.31% $420.00 Edit
AMEP Trade 0.063 -0.00 -1.56% -$10.00 10,000 $0.068 -$50.00 -7.35% $630.00 Edit
ATWT Trade 0.0048 0.00 14.29% $6.00 10,000 $0.0056 -$8.00 -14.29% $48.00 Edit
CLBE Trade 0.062 0.00 1.64% $10.00 10,000 $0.055 $70.00 12.73% $620.00 Edit
CYOS Trade 0.0142 -0.00 -13.94% -$23.00 10,000 $0.021 -$68.00 -32.38% $142.00 Edit
DTGP Trade 0.032 -0.00 -3.03% -$10.00 10,000 $0.039 -$70.00 -17.95% $320.00 Edit
ECCI Trade 0.135 0.00 3.85% $50.00 10,000 $0.112 $230.00 20.54% $1,350.00 Edit
ECFL Trade 1.74 -0.06 -3.33% -$120.00 2,000 $0.96 $1,560.00 81.25% $3,480.00 Edit
EQBM Trade 0.013 0.00 0.00% $0.00 10,000 $0.007 $60.00 85.71% $130.00 Edit
FGFC Trade 0.013 0.00 0.00% $0.00 10,000 $0.012 $10.00 8.33% $130.00 Edit
FLWE Trade 0.19 0.00 2.70% $50.00 10,000 $0.21 -$200.00 -9.52% $1,900.00 Edit
FMDAY Trade 0.1506 0.00 0.40% $0.60 1,000 $0.17 -$19.40 -11.41% $150.60 Edit
GLXI Trade 0.41 -0.04 -8.89% -$40.00 1,000 $0.80 -$390.00 -48.75% $410.00 Edit
IMMG Trade 1.15 -0.10 -8.00% -$100.00 1,000 $1.80 -$650.00 -36.11% $1,150.00 Edit
IMNR Trade 0.0224 -0.00 -0.88% -$2.00 10,000 $0.0245 -$21.00 -8.57% $224.00 Edit
KLGE Trade 0.18 0.03 20.00% $300.00 10,000 $0.20 -$200.00 -10.00% $1,800.00 Edit
LSS Trade 45.10 -0.66 -1.44% $0.00 0 $0.00 $0.00 ... $0.00 Edit
MDVX Trade 0.60 -0.01 -1.64% -$100.00 10,000 $0.62 -$200.00 -3.23% $6,000.00 Edit
MLXO Trade 0.064 -0.00 -3.03% -$20.00 10,000 $0.07 -$60.00 -8.57% $640.00 Edit
MUME Trade 0.018 0.00 0.00% $0.00 10,000 $0.024 -$60.00 -25.00% $180.00 Edit
NDOL Trade 0.34 0.00 0.00% $0.00 10,000 $0.27 $700.00 25.93% $3,400.00 Edit
PAIM Trade 0.0022 0.00 4.76% $1.00 10,000 $0.0027 -$5.00 -18.52% $22.00 Edit
RSPG Trade 2.50 0.03 1.21% $15.00 500 $2.50 $0.00 0.00% $1,250.00 Edit
TCLL Trade 0.305 0.00 1.67% $50.00 10,000 $0.23 $750.00 32.61% $3,050.00 Edit
Totals $37.60 $26,318.00 $1,128.60 4.29% $27,446.60

These are the numbers from last weeks picks. Overall it was a great week. Some stocks like ATWT jumped quickly, having a 65% day monday, before closing the week in the red. ECFL Closed the week up 81%!!! EQBM closed the week up 85%!! TCLL closed the week up 32%!! ECCI closed the week up 20%!! NDOL closed the week up 25%!! CLBE closed the week up 12%!! IF you put these stocks on your radar, or were on the email list, you made some solid GAINS this week. GLTA, and I know many are looking forward to next week!!!
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I would have to say CLBE, with financials and the microbank opening expected next week seems to have plenty of interest. I have 400k of shares (not much I guess) but hoping to see plenty of green.
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CLBE definitely and I can kick myself in the ass for screwing up that last buy today!!!!!
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Well, I'm sticking with MUME as my Exploding stock. It should bounce and bounce hard any day now. Check out the chart!
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Exploding - ECFL ( reason see below)

Smart and Exploding - CLBE ( reason: Questsolver )

ECFL - PR was released 6 minutes before the close ..................... !! If this came in early it could have easily closed above 2 - may hit 3 this week!

eCarfly Forms Agreement to List eliftruck.com`s 6000+ Inventory

August 11, 2006 15:54:35 (ET)

DALLAS, Aug 11, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- eCarfly, Inc. (Pink Sheets:ECFL) announced today the company has established a relationship with eliftruck.com and will begin listing on ebay, the company's inventory of 6000+ industrial equipment and forklifts. eCarfly management has been forming new and exciting relationships and alliances this week while the company is having new state-of-the-art software implemented. The company should be listing vehicles and industrial equipment as early as Monday. "This past week has been a truly amazing week for eCarfly and our shareholders. Right now I am not authorized to release the names of the companies we've been working with but next week will be a very exciting week for all of the eCarfly associates and shareholders once they learn of these new relationships," stated Desmond Milligan, CEO.

Auto dealers and individuals are not alone in seeing the huge need for eCarfly services. eCarfly to date has had over 177 individuals open an account with eCarfly. Most of the individuals are seeking to sell their vehicle and do see the value in our services as it is totally free to the seller but there are also several clients that are taking advantage of our low-cost locator service. eCarfly will actively search for your dream vehicle, negotiate the price, and arrange shipping and delivery and the service-fee is only $495.00. Approximately 20% of our sign-ups have opted-in for the locator service.

About eCarfly, Inc.:

eCarfly provides individuals and automotive dealers a hassle-free and cost-effective alternative to sell their vehicles while reducing to zero, traditional costs associated with the vehicle sales process! With the knowledge, experience, and understanding of the automotive industry, eCarfly knows exactly what works and what doesn't. Year-end Projections are set at approximately $3.4M. eCarfly is currently focusing on online vehicle auctions, industrial equipment, Aircraft, Personal watercraft auctions, and partnerships with companies and private individuals interested in selling their personal vehicles.


Matters discussed in this press release are "forward-looking statements." Statements describing company objectives are forward-looking. Company's plans are also forward-looking statements and are subject to certain risks and uncertainties, including the financial performance of the company and market evaluations of its stock, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated.

SOURCE: eCarfly, Inc.

eCarfly, Inc.
Desmond Milligan, 214-292-6622
Copyright Business Wire 2006
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Originally Posted by QuestSolver
CLBE definitely and I can kick myself in the ass for screwing up that last buy today!!!!!

Yup, you blew it, but on the birght side, it was very funny. For those that don;t know, Quest put in a buy order for 2,700 instead of his intended 270,000. But in his defense, he had been drinking!!
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Well smart pick would be SLJB
Exploding would be FHAL
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Smart pick i clbe because of charts and the big stuff happening next week
no exploding pick
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My exploding stock is tide. They have a project in Mexico worth over a billion dollars and they already have a permit for the Mexican side of the pipeline.
The Project encompasses several integrated components inclusive of bi- directional pipelines, an underground natural gas storage facility, an offshore LNG regasification terminal and additional related pipelines to provide Northeast Mexico with a viable energy infrastructure to service its residential, industrial and commercial customers.

Tide has also filed for a permit for an underground natural gas storage facility to be located in Northeast Mexico, which was filed with the CRE on August 5, 2005 and was accepted for full review on October 14, 2005. The Company also plans to file for a permit with the CRE for its proposed LNG Regasification Terminal to be positioned off of Mexico's coast in the Gulf waters. In addition to the permits filed with Mexico, Tidelands is currently in the filing process with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to obtain permitting for the U.S. (Texas) portion of its integrated natural gas pipelines.

All the preliminary exporatory and legal work has been done for the storage and Lng platform. Partners or takeovers are likely. pps is under a dollar.
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These are my same picks as last week. CHDT was flat, ECFL took back off.

Smart Pick: CHDT (chart is coming together and seems to have found a bottom between .07 and .08 with accumulation occuring as the chart shows. The MACD and MACD Hist starting to change. The bars are getting smaller and looking to cross the zero line. The red MACD signal line is above the zero line, but the black MACD line has yet to cross the zero line or the red MACD signal line. The chart looks to signal this is going to happen soon. Also the RSI is starting to signaling a buy. PRs about financials are supposed to be released this week.

Exploding Pick: ECFL (The stock has come back after a huge run-up which stopped due in part because of the temporary shutdown to their website. A 10-1 forward stock split has been confirmed and should happen at the end of the month. The float at this point is extremly low. A PR was released minutes before the closing bell on Friday 8/11 that should bring a probable gap on Monday and the sky's the limit for next week.)

CHDT Chart:

I do hold a position in CHDT and I also have a position in ECFL and reserve the right to buy or sell any of these positions at anytime. My posts are only my opinions and I make no fact or guarantee about my posts. I try to provide factual information good or negtive about a stock I speak of.
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Explosive pick WWEN
Alternative Energy

its been 2 weeks since the CEO announced that the financials will be completed in about 3 weeks. This means we shoud expect the 10Q-SB to be filed this coming week showing 10 m$ in cash and an average of 20-30 m$ in assets. When they get the regulatory approval, it should be followed by an uplisting to the OTCBB and the Frankfurt Exchange in the coming weeks.
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Remember to get your picks in by tomorrow night!! Also, don't forget to PM me to get on the movement and volume list!!! Last week saw great results!!!!
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exploding pick:
> ADSD.OB = BIG $$
..price,.0225 52wk low .015.......52wk high 1.25
..with only 1.2 outstanding shares, this stock is bound to explode at any given time
..make sure you watch this one
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1.2 million
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Originally Posted by QuestSolver
CLBE definitely and I can kick myself in the ass for screwing up that last buy today!!!!!
S'Ok, Q. Sounds like a good way to start Monday!!!
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I will go with EQBM as both my smart and exploding pick this week. Double or nothing.
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AOOR - smart pick. Chart looks so beautiful. I do hold this.

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smart and exploding pick= AAGM
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