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wow they have 90% of canada market share. i didnt know that.

4.34 X 4.35...im not dead yet

edit: does mel have anything bad to say? 10min in and i dont think ive heard one piece of bad news. im not complaining but i think its pretty funny.
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Google strikes advertising deal with XM Satellite

I think with the downtrend of the market this week that this news will push SIRI back down below 4 today, perhaps setting up nicely for a 5% flipper

Google strikes advertising deal with XM Satellite
Wed Aug 2, 2006 7:25am ET

NEW YORK, Aug 2 (Reuters) - Google Inc. (GOOG.O: Quote, Profile, Research) on Wednesday said it struck a deal with XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (XMSR.O: Quote, Profile, Research) to help the search engine's advertisers automatically insert ads on XM's nonmusic radio channels.

The deal would give Google advertisers a way to reach XM's subscriber base of more than 7 million people as they tune in to talk-based offerings such as Major League Baseball and an Oprah Winfrey channel.

It also could allow XM to increase revenue with new advertisers while lowering the costs related to processing ads, the two companies said.

Web search leader Google has been testing ways to apply its technology for selling Internet search listings to more traditional forms of media, from magazines to video.

Under the XM deal, Google's AdWords customers would be able to place terrestrial and satellite radio spots through the search engine's dMarc media network, the companies said.

Mountain View, California-based Google plans to integrate dMarc, which it bought early this year, into AdWords in the fourth quarter, it said.

Officials at Google and XM were not immediately available for comment.

The deal comes a week after Washington, D.C.-based XM cut its subscriber forecast for the year and said its quarterly net loss grew because of higher spending to attract new users.
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Looks like its going below 4 in PMT, currently $3.98X$3.99, I may pick some up if it gets down to the low $3.80's range
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i sold out of SIRI at 4.15. then sold XM short....that is why you need a strategy! and to stick with it. something i didnt do when playing SIRI and XMSR. lost HUGE on them both. not holding XM anymore. my account got locked because i lost so much on these...
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Sorry to hear that. Are you going to buy SIRI back if it falls any lower?

Originally Posted by mattman27
i sold out of SIRI at 4.15. then sold XM short....that is why you need a strategy! and to stick with it. something i didnt do when playing SIRI and XMSR. lost HUGE on them both. not holding XM anymore. my account got locked because i lost so much on these...
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I'm just not real confident in the business models behind sat radio. Commercial free, but you have to pay and I know many people that take free over pay if they have to listen to a few commercials. Quality, http://www.hdradio.com/ and its free. The only thing it has is that it is not censored but that alone won't bring in that many paying customers.
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I agree with you and believe satellite will lose significant market subscribers to internet radio. I think both SIRI and XMSR best days are long behind them.

Management from a company I own and mentioned here before, MDVX will be speaking on a radio show on Monday at 2 pm central. I expect they talk about the issue of satellite radio and terrestrial radio in comparison to internet radio. You may want to listen in as it should be highly informative. I'd expect the analyst asking the questions to address both SIRI and XMSR specifically.

www.mn1.com at 2 pm central.

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In the radio world, it is the DJ your tuning into. He plays things you like and he has a gab your into etc.
Satellite, I listen to CNBC and news.
Sports, never liked it on radio, its visual for me.
Any other time my favorite DJ isn't on I'm listening to my own CDs
Listening to music Sat style never appealed to me because i'm always switching stations to find something better.
Then I just turn back to the radio. It is like being intouch with the real world.
I sat here and reviewed to myself the real importance, it had none.
Just my taste, but if I were paying for it, I probably would skip the next payment. I don't pay for it, (company does) so I don't care.
As far as commercials, ya it gives me the chance to see what the other DJ I like is doing.
One last comment, I would not buy it or short it. I would love to see it just go away. the hype is over on the street a long time ago but still lives here?
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Street.com commentary noting SIRI and XMSR

Supports my thoughts and commentary on SIRI, XMSR and MDVX here.

Technology is changing and I totally agree with Bradshaw from the Street.com and his take on Satellite radio. I expect this change to play right into the hands of Modavox/MDVX as they are already a player in internet radio and they have amazing technology in their BoomBox radio offering. Company's like Modavox are the wave of the future while I believe XMSR and SIRI best days are behind them. Modavox here represents the same unique XMSR and SIRI were in their infancy imo. MDVX is a great potential takeover target for someone like Clear Channel mentioned in the piece below.


JBL: Revolution Calling
Page 2

High definition (HD) radio will technologically leapfrog satellite radio. XM Satellite Radio (XMSR:Nasdaq - commentary - research - Cramer's Take) and Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI:Nasdaq - commentary - research - Cramer's Take) still have a pulse, but they are on life support. They may find a niche, but it will not be the widespread market that many once believed.

On April 24 Clear Channel (CCU:NYSE - commentary - research - Cramer's Take) announced that its HD radio service, Format Lab, will be expanded from 28 to almost 50 cities. Clear Channel has 196 stations in 48 markets that are now capable of receiving digital radio and is working with Motorola (MOT:NYSE - commentary - research - Cramer's Take) to deliver programming content to cell phones. HD radio will be able to tailor content for local audiences.
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I think everybody keeps forgetting one thing, nomatter what the delivery method for the audio is, it's the CONTENT that people are paying for. I want to see an internet radio site even try to compete with the personalities that are on both XM and SIRI right now.
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Just a Thought did you ever think you would pay for water in a bottle, and don't forget about all the auto contracts
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SIRI is the Elite

Check out the options, got some action. Power in this company. I figure a buyout is likely. Plus the increase in numbers is astronomical. Soon every car company will be offering either XM or Sirius as standard or optional. And I have both XM ans Sirius and they are 1000 times better than regular radio. But Sirius is the best. Lot better than XM, much better programs aand ofcourse Howard. IMHO
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It's better, but it needs positive cash flow.
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That will come. IMHO
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XM's been siding with the darkside(clearchannel) and losing a lot of people and programming(NASCAR) to Sirius.
I don't see who is going to buyout Sirius anytime soon. They're doubling or tripling their repeater #'s and going to add another unit in space I believe.

But the NAB, along with some well paid off members of congress, wants to make all these illegal.
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IMHO SIRI isnt going to have any significant movement until holiday season (Xmas) if at all.

Look how much the company has lost in revenues with each unit they install and, how much their share prices have dropped in the last 6 months from a high of over $7.80 to under $4.

Christmas will be when this stock becomes 'hot' again.
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i think the cash flow will start comming in since i'm almost convinced there is some sort of short-circut timer on the friggin hardware... ugggg

however, sirius radio seriously rules
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Time for a bounce!
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Originally Posted by beardeus
Time for a bounce!
Agreed. Jumping in!
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who said XM was losing Nascar?
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