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Originally Posted by Umpolung
CML appears to be on the verge of a nice move. Tried to pick up another 10k today assuming Sprott would be back hunting at $0.35 but didn't luck out.
Same here, Ump. Looks like Canaccord buyer wanted 135K shares towards the end of the day and was willing to pay up to .40. Similar behaviour as LGO yesterday and today where the block buyer was willing to pay up to, but no more than .23. The buyer here obviously has a risk limit in mind and considers .40 as acceptable risk for profit potential. This is all nothing more than my opinion, of course, but the sizable buy-ins (like those we've been witnessing here lately) usually bode well for a stock's near term future, n'est pas? Or at the very least, there is some (presumably) educated anticipation of such.
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i continue to like this one a lot, adding at 36 a couple of days ago.
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this one is looking strong today. news is impending possibly about town hall vote.
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Yes, lets hope it is good news. The Crow wants to take flight and any good news from the public hearing along with the rising price of zinc will boost Crowflight up of its perch.
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What's does the price of zinc have to do with nickel? ;-)
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Zinc-Nickel combination is quickly becoming an alternate to other high cost components in manufacturing. For example, the reflectalloy alkaline zinc-nickel plating process is a direct replacement of the cadmium process used on fasteners and steel components to provide protection against corrosion. Zinc-nickel provides equal or better corrosion resistance, adhesion, and torque-tension properties to cadmium.

Zinc-nickel batteries and many other excellent products are making the zinc-nickel marriage a good relationship. That's what I was getting at but should have provided a more detailed explanation.
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Crowflight Begins Construction Activities at Bucko Lake Deposit, Manitoba
Wednesday November 1, 8:01 am ET

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 1, 2006) - CROWFLIGHT MINERALS INC. (Crowflight, the Company) (TSX VENTURE:CML - News) is pleased to announce that it has begun construction activities at the Bucko Lake Deposit, located approximately 100 kilometres south of Thompson, Manitoba in the prolific Thompson Nickel Belt. Crowflight has begun foundation work in support of infrastructure to dewater and rehabilitate the historical 3-compartment, 330 metre deep shaft (approximately 1,000 feet below surface), on the property with the goal of advancing the development of the project towards production. The contractor mobilized on-site in mid October and has begun assembling re-bar and will soon be pouring the concrete foundations in support of the used hoist and headframe set previously announced to have been purchased by the Company. Additional work is underway on related surface support infrastructure buildings and the installation of a 40-man camp. Underground access will, in the near-term, facilitate underground in-fill diamond drilling and the development of underground workings to gain access to nickel mineralized areas of the Deposit.

Paul Keller, Crowflight's Vice President Operations commented on the construction activities, stating: "A lot of work has gone into advancing the project to this phase of development by a number of individuals within the community of Wabowden, the province of Manitoba, among various consulting firms working on the project in Crowflight's behalf and by members of the Crowflight technical team. We're endeavoring to advance the project in as timely a manner possible in the context of the current strong nickel price. We look forward to success in these activities over the coming months as we move the project towards production."

Crowflight's activities are being advanced under the terms of a permit issued by the province of Manitoba that permits the Company to de-water and rehabilitate the historical underground workings at the Bucko Deposit, perform underground drilling and advance underground development in pursuit of the extraction of a bulk sample. A bond has been posted with the Manitoba government for the decommissioning of the site as a prerequisite to the commencement of this work. Crowflight applied for full project permitting in April 2006 and completed a public review of its permit application on September 28, 2006. The Company is working towards full project permitting based on a development plan which envisions an underground mining operation and surface concentrator plant with mine production and plant throughput averaging 1,000 tonnes per day over an approximate six year mine life based on current Measured and Indicated Resources and Proven and Probable Reserves (refer to feasibility study filed on Sedar, January 2006).

Full release: Yahoo Finance
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Good participation in the PP by Bharti:

Nov 01/06 Oct 31/06 Bharti, Stan 11 - Acquisition carried out privately Common Shares 1,250,000 $0.400
Oct 11/06 Oct 04/06 Bharti, Stan 10 - Disposition in the public market Common Shares -200,000 $0.350
Oct 11/06 Oct 10/06 Bharti, Stan 11 - Acquisition carried out privately Warrants 1,071,428
Oct 11/06 Oct 10/06 Bharti, Stan 11 - Acquisition carried out privately Common Shares 2,142,857 $0.350
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If I recall correctly, positive insider activity is one of your signals teepee. This PP replenishes Bharti's position that was reduced due to sales to Sprott.

PPS experienced a pullback on low volume today.
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That's right Ump. As we all know, the insiders must first be loaded up before any stock is allowed to run.
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$0.455, first hit above $0.45 in roughly 2 months. A break of $0.45 on volume is the signal we're looking for. Sellers have dried up IMO.
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BIG volume
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Originally Posted by teepee
BIG volume
of the 1.9Mil volume, 1.75Mil was a cross by Sprott Securities at 0.455
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That is the reason for the big volume.

12:21:34 0.455 0.01 1,752,500 73 Sprott 73 Sprott
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looks like we may have finally broken the 45 level.
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Forgot to post yesterday's chart here. If ever there was a perfect cup with handle, this was it. Technical target is $0.55 but it could fall short or surpass it. News and all bets are off. IMO.

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Yeah the good old cup and handle analysis. Well its about time the Crow started to fly. Investors are starting to realize the value in this company.
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