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i still like this one but i sold this one all at 37 and plus. i had 50k from 27 and 27.5. watching it again to maybe buy back. fundamentally, i continue to like cml but decided to take the profit that was there because there just seemed a lot of sells coming in without commensurate backing on bid side.
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i decided to rebuy 25000 today at 34 cents for a nice swingtrade. the sell from orion is clearly agents' warrants being sold off. problem is they have a lot.
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once agents warrants done this one should climb nicely. huge potential as they already have very large known nickel and production to start soon.
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nice to play this mini swing perfectly (i often play them imperfectly, lol), bought at 27 and 27.5 sold at 37, rebought original position at 34 and a bit at 36, now 38.
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this one is moving! 42 cents now.
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I wasn't expecting this to gap up and run so agressively this morning, so eneded up chasing it a bit to get back in. I'd sold at .37 before after riding it from .28. Ah well, you win some, you lose some. I'm not perfect at this, but very happy that I'm back in. I think I'll just leave it alone for now, lol.
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i got back in on a 3 cent swing because i saw that the orion wall was only a ruse. too often, people get nervous about icebergs on the sell but this one kept getting chipped at with always strong replacement support for any sells. this told me the sp should move up, and it has.
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Thank you for the breakdown, Otobong. Your insight has been extremely helpful.
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you see al, how the iceberg continues to be chipped away at yet the bids are always there and if sold into replaced immediately. stock is going a lot higher.
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iceberg now gone meaning climb should now resume.
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Originally Posted by Otobong
you see al, how the iceberg continues to be chipped away at yet the bids are always there and if sold into replaced immediately.
I saw that before I had to step out for the day. I realised too that I had observed exactly the same behaviour over the past couple of days too and understand better your comment about the "ruse".

stock is going a lot higher.
Without a doubt.

Thanks again, Oto. Have a good trip.
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at toronto airport awaiting flight back to quebec city. val d'or was very interesting. nice to see cml up 2 cents on again solid volume.
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swung 15k of this one at 45 cents and rebought at 39 cents. put in for 40 cents bid and someone sold into me. i like the way this one is trading. retrenchment expected. this should continue to advance shortly.
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Otobong, what do you mean by "retrenchment"? Is that like what happened at 0.34? Thanks
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al, the stock went solidly to 45 cents from 34 without relief, and really 27 cents. there was bound to be some retrenchment, that is, tapering back of the shareprice. what is nice is that there is a nice solid wall at 38. also, the wall of sell at 40 cents late in the day was meant to bring out loose shares in the money. i saw this and immediately put in bid at 39 for my swing and it was filled. i think this will go to 50 cents very soon. anyways, that is retrenchment and more.
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I picked this one up at .21 and upped my position when it reached .38. This stock has a lot of upward room left. Good resource base in a stable environment.
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Oto, I just wasn't sure if by "retrenchment" you meant it would now hold its position (set up in the trench of today's retracement), or retrace a bit further. It's a variable definition on that term, so I simply wanted to clarify which you meant. Thanks for doing so.
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another big iceberg on the sell at 44 cents. i am reading this against the grain, that this will be taken out and the sp will move towards 50.
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iceberg ploughed through as i suggested, now 45 cents and stock on way to dollar imo.
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