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hey umpolung....where do you get these cool charts with the comments from?
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From my brain :-). I annotate them with my thoughts and share them with the masses (or you guys at least). Canaccord seems to be playing games to accumulate in the $0.35-$0.40 range. I doubt they'll take it below the MA(200) of $0.35 but crazier things have happened.

p.s., thanks for posting the Minesite article.
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weird selling mood?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
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Gap down today with a bounce off the MA(200) of $0.35 (look for this to hold) and closed with a spinning top (signalling a potential bottom--look to tomorrow for confirmation). Had a call into IR today but they were at the Cambridge show, presenting at 3:30. Meetings with several newsletter writers have either happened or are going to happen in the coming days.
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Don't know how low it can go and really don't know why this stock goes down so much. Yes, I read the posts here and NRs again but I don't think CML has any special reasons to be that bad. Anyway, picked up 10k @ 0.36 (average down).
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The huge volume that's moved through over the past week is most likely a big player taking a position. That the MA(200) has held so far is very bullish.
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This has got to be a good price as Stan Bharti exercised 500,000 warrants at 0.40 in December.
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Looks like it TP...

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Is Stan Bharti associated with BTP Beartooth Platinum? I'm going to check into this.

*Just Editing*

Yes he is on the board of directors with BTP. Hmmm
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What's the "Hmmm" for B&R? (I know nothing about BTP).
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Oh I was once a BTP holder and just Bharti (name) sounded familiar. Sometimes names are catchy.
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Pierre Vaillancourt of Orion has issued a one-year target of $0.80 on CML and we should see several announcements over the next 4 weeks...Even IF the Bucko lake tailings pond proposal is not accepted, there are several land-based alternatives.
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I am keeping my shares...not selling for a while
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Could someone please post depth?

Thanks in advance

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huge volume for the last 5 days...up trend and bullish
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Thanks for your chart Umpolung !
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