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Go exxon, please raise your dividend! I think we'll see a good quarter for Q4 with refining margins decent and them buying out fields instead of just exploring and failing.
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XOM is a beast earnings on 29th
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XOM is a big drag on the oil names and the markets today, down on a stronger dollar.

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Oil rises to near $74 after US crude supply drop

Oil prices rose above $73 a barrel Wednesday after a report of an unexpected drop in U.S. crude supplies suggested demand may be recovering and the dollar weakened against other currencies.

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Symbol Price Change
MHP 32.73 0.00

{"s" : "mhp","k" : "c10,l10,p20,t10","o" : "","j" : ""} By early afternoon in Europe, benchmark crude for January delivery was up $1.07 to $73.69 in electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract dropped $1.31 to settle at $72.62 on Tuesday.

U.S. crude inventories unexpectedly dropped last week, the American Petroleum Institute said late Tuesday. Crude stocks fell 5.8 million barrels while analysts had expected an increase of 600,000 barrels, according to a survey by Platts, the energy information arm of McGraw-Hill Cos.

The Energy Department's Energy Information Administration plans to announce its inventory report -- the market benchmark -- later Wednesday.

"If the EIA number is similar, I think the market will jump $2 or $3 because this is a very bullish number," said Clarence Chu, a trader with market maker Hudson Capital Energy in Singapore.

Traders were also eyeing the U.S. dollar. Investors tend to buy crude as a hedge against inflation and a weaker U.S. currency. A strengthening dollar usually helps push oil prices down.

The euro rose to $1.4751 from $1.4703 on Tuesday while the dollar fell to 87.97 yen from 88.38.

"Oil market fundamentals are actually improving slightly, but prices have gotten too high on a weak dollar and stronger equities, and they are still well above levels suggested by improving fundamentals," said a report from U.S. energy consultancy Cameron Hanover. "In a phrase: Oil prices are artificially high, even after the last few recent declines."

In other Nymex trading in January contracts, heating oil rose 1.19 cents to $2.0028 while gasoline gained 1.82 cents to $1.9421. Natural gas advanced 9.4 cents to $5.208 per 1,000 cubic feet.

In London, Brent crude for January delivery rose 73 cents to $75.92 on the ICE Futures exchange.

Associated Press writer Alex Kennedy in Singapore contributed to this report.
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DJ Iraq To Award West Qurnal-1 Oil Field To ExxonMobil, Shell


Iraq is expected to award its super-giant West Qurna-1 oil field in southern Iraq to a consortium made of ExxonMobil Corp. (XOM) and Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDSA) shortly, a senior Iraqi oil official told Dow Jones Newswires Wednesday.

“In the coming few hours, the oil ministry is expected to award West Qurna-1 to ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell,” the official, who is involved in talks with international oil companies, said.
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might be the news to help xom bounce off the 50day ma
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xom did just what i expected this year. they bought out a nat gas co. buying xto for 41b. i figured they would make that move since nat gas is a bit cheap and if some how the push for nat gas in cars goes through they will benifit even more. wouldnt be suprised if they support T boone pickens plan now
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anyone have any idea when XTO shares convert to XOM shares, and when XTO will be taken off the exchange?
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Originally Posted by STC1709 View Post
anyone have any idea when XTO shares convert to XOM shares, and when XTO will be taken off the exchange?
it will be a while.
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Looking strong today, but I am still wary.
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saw on the local news "gas prices likely are going up" it was on the little heading off to the left I thought it was strange, just something to throw out there in the mix

its amazing how XOM was in the sine wave for about 4 months and then when the wave died it made a huge move, now its back to the dead zone of the original wave... what to think? One thing I know from experience is, options on XOM are no good unless its really moving starting a stock position down here might not be a bad idea. GLTA!
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Don't know how I missed the recent bounce but I'll be looking to get back in this one.
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Crazed, nice analysis. I see the same thing and am likely going to get into 70x Feb calls after the new year.
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XOM and PBR are both charting similarly. I got in PBR the 23rd. Almost sold it this morning for a small gain but I think I'll hold it through the new year and see if it heads up a few more dollars. My stop is set at 2% above my purchase price so I have some profit locked in.
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Originally Posted by REI_Chris View Post
Crazed, nice analysis. I see the same thing and am likely going to get into 70x Feb calls after the new year.
Maybe I'll join you in those just got my options account opened. Might test the waters with 5 or so contracts.
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i think the 70x calls look good. thought about buying before close but figured let the weekend pass
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Just because I love you guys, and more importantly, love money. :P

I can't believe how good this looks for a short term run! I 'might' buy calls tomorrow depending on the open, just so I don't miss any major moves. I'll have to look at whether XOM moves big during pmt, because if it doesn't I might just wait til Monday so I don't eat a big hole in premium.

Notice what kind of support this compressed coil is sitting at! MAJOR downward support, all the way from the highs. Also, we're sitting at upward support too. TWO intersecting supports! If this breaks and I am wrong, I cannot blame it on the TA!

I love looking at the past on charts to see if I can point out any kind of significant characteristics, because after all the charts are a reflection of human behavior--stocks don't buy and sell themselves. What I noticed was for the past two earnings, XOM ran for TWO weeks MINIMUM into earnings, almost straight up. Both of these runs were ~13%!! From right here, that puts us at the 76-77 range, or recent highs and the 50% fib level. Coincidence? I didn't really dig into this earlier when I picked up on it, but a 77 range puts those 70 calls at the very LEAST 7 dollars ITM, not to mention the time value with 1 month left since they're Feb calls. They're trading at 1.35 now, but even a MODEST run to the recent gap fill will put these up 100+%. IF you're feeling froggy and hold, you could very well be up 2-3-400% when all is said and done!

Of course, anything can happen. However, XOM has been HAMMERED in the past month, and since this is a game of odds, I like the odds of XOM to go up more than I do to go down, through major support, into earnings, etc.

Enjoy guys!
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Bought those FEB 70 calls at open and picked up some shares on the dip.
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Good job Crazed! I moved my SL up to my entry price of 1.24 now, so we shall see. I like XOM's little bounce off the lower trendline here, but it still kind of worries me that we're not up more on a day like today. Nevertheless, I'm up, and I have a margin of safety now which matters the most.
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Im seeing the same thing you guys are.

Just picked up one feb70 Call for 1.39

Im going to pick up another but i don't know how long this intraday strength is going to hold up. Hoping to maybe get one cheaper. Shoulda pulled the trigger back at 1.30. hah.
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