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Originally Posted by Hyper
can i ask how you guys get the bigcharts.com to show the red and green bars? I don't see that option when I go to make charts.

advanced chart
chart style
candle stick
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Originally Posted by dr_sean
don't get greedy now. (100 is t/p in my humble opinion)

good gains for you
you dont have to worry about that i take gains on about 5k of it every once in a while and buy back lowersold some in 100 range.
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siri... where do you think this is going in the next 2 to 3 months???
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Originally Posted by Borat
siri... where do you think this is going in the next 2 to 3 months???
110-120. i bought back 2k last week to get to my origial amount of shares paid 96.20. still holding the 70's though. this will perform close to what goog did top should be 200. although i dont plan on selling in the next 30 years. unless something bad happened to nyx. my grandma has been holding xom for about 25 years and i think nyx can do the same and that is be up at the end of every 5 years. thats the kind of growth i am looking for on nyx.
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That'd be nice
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anyone else get a giant book from nyse? holy cow i thought it was my jcpenny catalog!
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Cramer announced today that NYX is his Growth Stock Pick for 2007.

Says its the next CME

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Anyone play this Cramer Pop!?

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Originally Posted by amohedas
Anyone play this Cramer Pop!?

I think he has a $250 price target....that would be a beautiful option play
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NYSE Group to purchase 5% equity interest in National Stock Exchange (NYX) 104.58 : Co announces that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire a 5% equity position in the Mumbai-based National Stock Exchange of India Limited, the maximum investment permitted by a foreign investor in a stock exchange under the securities laws of India. NYX will purchase the shares of NSE for $115 mln in cash from a consortium of selling shareholders, including ICICI Bank Ltd, Industrial Finance Corp. of India Ltd, IL&FS Trust Ltd, Punjab National Bank, and General Insurance Corp. of India.
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nice movement it looks to be good to hold the 100 mark this time.
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I posted this in the ICE thread, thought it was relevent...

I have to credit Cramer with coming up with some great DD on this stock.

He brought up the NYBOT acquisition, which they offered the NYBOT seatholder either $1,000,000 or 17,000 shares (valued at around $2.3 Million now after the huge run up)

Since the seatholders have no restrictions, they are free to sell there shares which will really hurt the stock. I am looking at buying puts early in the morning. Since the deal closes next friday, Feb puts are a MUST, if not farther out.

After we get the correction in ICE, it will be time to back up the truck. We should see some selling in the other exchanges aswel, so watch out...
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N.Y., Tokyo Exchanges Announce Alliance
Wednesday January 31, 9:48 am ET
By Joe Bel Bruno, AP Business Writer
New York, Tokyo Stock Exchanges Announce Alliance That May Lead to Eventual Combination

NEW YORK (AP) -- The New York Stock Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange announced an alliance Wednesday that extends the NYSE's global reach and could lead to an eventual combination of the world's two largest financial markets.

The broad, non-exclusive agreement announced by NYSE Chief Executive John Thain and TSE President Taizo Nishimuro allows the two stock markets to cooperate on joint developments such as financial products, mutual listings and technology.

The deal comes amid a backdrop of mass consolidation between domestic and global exchanges, highlighted by the NYSE's transformation into the first trans-Atlantic market with its recent acquisition of Paris-based exchange operator Euronext NV. The NYSE Group Inc., which is competing fiercely with the Nasdaq Stock Market Inc., just weeks ago announced that it had led a team of investors to buy a 20 percent stake in India's largest financial market, the Mumbai-based National Stock Exchange.

The agreement with the TSE gives the New York exchange an entree into the Pacific. It is also a first step toward a possible merger or acquisition between the two exchanges when the TSE becomes a public company in 2009.

Thain made it clear during the news conference that the two companies planned some form of combination in the future, saying, "We're also setting the stage for a potential capital linkage."

The two exchanges did not offer any details of what form that would take, but Nishimuro said in prepared remarks, "I strongly believe that this agreement will be a good starting point for a much stronger tie-up with the NYSE and will contribute to the benefit of various market participants of our respective markets."

Under the terms of the agreement, NYSE Group and the TSE will establish working groups to discuss such things as infrastructure, technology and trading issues, as well as market data products and regulation and governance of listed companies. They also will examine ways to enable companies who are listed on only one exchange to have better access to investors from the other.

The agreement between the two exchanges was hammered out not only by two of their respective nation's most visible business leaders, but between two close allies and friends. Thain and TSE President Taizo Nishimuro have maintained a friendship after they met in 2001 during U.S.-Japan business talks.

Thain and Nishimuro met several times over the past few weeks, including at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and at a meeting of exchange leaders held in Paris. Both also spoke before the Japan Society in New York on Tuesday, but neither confirmed completion of a cooperation agreement.

The Tokyo exchange is in the midst of demutuilization, much like the NYSE did before it went public last year, and would not be able to have any cross shareholdings with the NYSE until that is complete.

One obstacle both exchanges face is symmetry between the regulatory bodies that govern them, Thain and Nishimuro both said Tuesday. In addition, companies based in Japan and in the U.S. have different regulatory standards to guarantee they are safe and liquid.

Nishimuro said there would have to be "harmony" between them, a process that could take a number of years. Last week, the U.S. and European stock market regulators inked an agreement to join forces considering NYSE's takeover of Euronext's five regional exchanges.

The chief executives of both exchanges will talk at least once a quarter to review progress on the agreement, and may exchange some personnel if necessary, the companies said.

The NYSE is on a global expansion campaign, having acquired Euronext and announcing the National Stock Exchange deal earlier this month. The NYSE has said it intends to make similar deals around the world.

Covering three major time zones has become a priority for the NYSE, which is now in the midst of planning its integration with Euronext. Meanwhile, rival Nasdaq Stock Market Inc. is still pursuing a hostile takeover of the London Stock Exchange and has already expressed interest in striking a deal in Asia.

In Tokyo, leaders of Japan's biggest exchange also are feeling pressure as rivals in Hong Kong and Singapore might also begin to expand. The Asian exchanges have fielded some of the world's best stock performers last year.

The NYSE's stock was up 31 cents at $101.06 Wednesday morning, while the Nasdaq was down a penny at $33.47.
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Friday is when NYX shows its strength. Lookin forward to it.
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need to pull away from the 100 mark and get to 110
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back under 100. i sold 200 of my shares today and will buy back if it falls lower. if not it doesnt matter because i still hold more.
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NYSE Group misses by a penny, beats on revs (NYX) 101.69 :

Reports Q4 (Dec) earnings of $0.45 per share, excluding non-recurring items, $0.01 worse than the Reuters Estimates consensus of $0.46; revenues rose 12.3% year/year to $477.7 mln excluding activity assessment fees, vs the $461.2 mln consensus. "Our recently announced agreement to acquire 5% of the National Stock Exchange, India's largest financial marketplace, and our strategic alliance with the Tokyo Stock Exchange are a strong start to the new year. In 2007, we will finalize the roll out of our Hybrid Market, deliver against the integration targets in conjunction with the Archipelago transaction and complete the Euronext transaction. We will continue to improve our business model and lead the global transformation of the exchange landscape in order to benefit our investors, listed companies and market professionals."
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Think it could test the 200 day?
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Starting to look oversold, anybody have any positions on this. I know it has a high multi but the growth in this sector is crazy. Im looking to pull the trigger soon, maybe some options its looking really good March 85
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Missed it on this one. Should have bought at $88 a few days ago.
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