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in 2x etf calls

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in more 2x etf and calls


and uso stock

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thank you iran!




some expecting 200

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Something is cooking this month. Saudi Arabia is sending the US 11 supertankers containing 22 million barrels of crude oil the the US this month..





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By the time that hits inventorirs will take months

Add the fact we are hitting driving season n iran oil ban

Dips are buys
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Crude-oil prices, which fell throughout the session Wednesday, declined further after the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that U.S. oil stockpiles rose by 7.1 million barrels last week to a seven-month high. Analysts had expected a more modest 2.2-million-barrel increase, and the larger build suggested that, at least in some parts of the U.S., supplies are plentiful.

"It's huge," Tony Rosado, a broker at GA Global Markets, said of the inventory report. "If you've been fighting against this market at $106, $107, these numbers should make you a happy camper. The market should be working lower


So...does this make any sense...


A MASSIVE rise in inventory...




did MAYBE iran sanctions force the US to build a greater inventory??hummm

then why is obama out there trying to tap into the reserve inventory to reduce oil prices? hummmmm


something doesnt add up...



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im in more calls...


dont believe in any of this...as long as obama doesnt bring out new election news to drop oil...we will hit all time highs

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i feel like ive done the wrong thing...they are doing anything to drop the prce and have a full blown economy...those bastards!!


PARIS - France is in talks with the United States and Britain on a possible release of strategic oil stocks to push fuel prices lower, French ministers said on Wednesday, four weeks before the country’s presidential election.

Earlier in March, British sources said London was prepared to cooperate with Washington on a release of strategic oil stocks that was expected within months, in a bid to prevent fuel prices choking economic growth in what is also a U.S. election year.

France’s Energy Minister Eric Besson told journalists after the weekly ministers’ meeting that the United States had asked France to join it in a possible emergency inventory release.

Such a release could happen “in a matter of weeks”, Le Monde daily said on Wednesday, citing presidential sources.

Crude oil prices, which have risen almost 16 percent since the start of the year, fell more than a dollar on the news.

“It is the United States which has asked and France has welcomed favourably this hypothesis,” Besson said. He also said that the countries were awaiting conclusions from the International Energy Agency (IEA), which coordinates emergency stock releases in case of severe oil supply disruption.

Read more: http://www.calgaryherald.com/business/France+looks+join+tapping+strategic+reserves/6373942/story.html#ixzz1qRbVMVOA



good oil hedge plays:


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Maybe FDX, UPS, or airlines as a hedge, but a purely transportation or trucking company might be better.

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deff the wrong move on my part...


on a side note..look at the airlines!!


DAL!! what the!!



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up 5%


r u f#$# serious!!


looking to enter oil trade again

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bump.. /cl still trading alone the 200 ma this past week.. anyone have any insights or predictions?

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This is not my chart, it's from a guy I like to follow Ron Walker over at StockCharts. I think any chaos out of the EU or the Arab Spring and we could be headed below $92.50 and to the October lows.



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keep adding...

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oil close under 92 for first time since oct 2011
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Gotto mov up
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Originally Posted by ze20001984 View Post

Gotto mov up

lol prolly will level off soon and turn up a bit but def doesnt have to
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Originally Posted by kevin1612 View Post

oil close under 92 for first time since oct 2011

bout time...no reason to be up...actually 70 would be fair
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so this is what $87 oil does lol


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jjahhh,,,i jus wanted 1 more day jump!!

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