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Originally Posted by ze20001984 View Post

i wondering whos selling...do they know something i dont

I've been watching for months now. Daytraded it after Japan then bought and held from 3.87 - 4.27. I have no idea whats going on now, all I know is until it stops dropping, I can't get in. Book value is at $2.35 - has to stop there. 

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If you look at previous market trends, it usually hits it's 52 week low in and around this time of year

i recall it's previous low of 1.67 (roughly) 1 or 2 years ago...perhaps this isnt related, it is just something I've noticed also.


I too day traded it following Japan and had some pretty good success with it....I am contemplating it now however, I share your same concerns.  If I had to put an educated guess forward, I would assume that this would see a $1-2 increase by November..again, it's just a guess and seeing as how I cannot see it lower much more than it already has, it seems plausible to me...thoughts?

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yea i dont understand the selling...i really dont


esp the drop in uranium prices...


its not like there closing down nuclear points left right and center...im seeing nonstop increases and expansions in the nuclear field (abit..yea there 8-10 yrs in the future)- but still..


oil prices seem to holding as of the momment...


this cannot be all from the recession!!

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also the biggest drop in short sellers in UUU...

when UUU was n the 7s it was the #1 shorted stock!now its at the top 10

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No I completely agree with you

Quite frankly, I don't see the logic in selling it however, do note that there are many possibilities as to why someone might be selling that isn't directly correlated with how the stock is doing.


I assume you hold a position in UUU or are interested in doing so..Thus, consider that it is possible some may be selling because they see a larger opportunity in a different stock (I am willing to bet a handful of people sold a position in UUU for TRE purely compulsively as they assumed the large profit potential) We both know, this is not likely however; still is possible.  Also, some people may have have acquired it when it was under $2 and are afraid it may dip well below that again which I personally cannot see (just my opinion though)


Regardless, I do see the potential here - very good choice


On a side note, ze20001984, I found your thoughts on Yellow Media quite humorous and quite possibly......true lol

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UUU..no clue..taking one of those lazy days of not moving in either direction...during an upmarket


it might play the old..going up on a down day tune...but again..no clue..im lost and speechless...everything ive been reading has been pointing up..and thats y ive been continously buying as it was dropping..pretty at every single .15-.2 level down...


some ones selling.....even the insiders have buys at these levels!! ahaha


with respect to the "those that bought at $2"- im sure they also had the oppertunity to sell at $4, or $6 or $7.5..why wait now?


i cannot see it droping near its book value!its a f-ing energy stock...


anyways..im pretty much holding it for another 50 years..lol hopefully then it will jump to my predict value of $600...lol



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im jus thinking maybe if japan stopped writing articles about there damned radioactive children..ahhahah..i think it would at least get some positives

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actually..i dont think this stock will move up until the fukishma stuff gets cleared...


i dunno why..but the buyers minds are set that nucks are bad

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Originally Posted by ze20001984 View Post

i wondering whos selling...do they know something i dont

Everybody that bought this stock from the previous break out above $3.50.


They dont want to be holding a losing position, plus Im sure there are lots of funds unwinding, not wanting to be in this anymore.

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yea i guess...cameco is doing well..in the wake of the hummm "high" uranium...


the smaller guys (uuu, pdn).....are getting effect

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its jus sitting there...doing nothing!!!...its mocking me

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I hear ya man..
It's even more frustrating looking at the charts..theres so much fluctuation over the past year and lately it's literally been untouched

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cameco continues to shine!


plus divident...the top dog is winning.....for now


that wont last when UUU is #1 in production

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The stock is trying, we are seeing another +4% day, but again, coming off new 52wk lows. 



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yea it was agood day..i was away and didnt have a chance to look


the friday was also good.. cameco and palladin and ura etf all positive 1-2%...


we should see a quite day on monday as the US is closed...it would have been nicer if TSX wasopen on friday..as i expected it to probably move up with URA and cameco to 2.7s...


i dont expect much on monday...(but i think the direction will be key!!...as some funds might be trying to get a early jump on the market before the US opens..which means they predict a continued price rise in ura).....


cameco continues to out perform all ura companies.....however, M&Aaction with palladin is continually being pushed...so we should expect somepeople to get out..before the offer..there will be alote of money being exchanged between ura companies in the comming weeks..and should determine the direction



UUU showing high volume with the 2.66 rise...




we are still long ways from home dorothy...but i still think...we will have a positive week...

as long as the fukishima news continues to die down the negative head winds will also...


2013-2014 will be the year of nuclear power stocks...get in while there cheap


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I will post info from cameco...as UUU is a smaller company


Analysts at BMO Capital Markets upgraded Cameco Corp (NYSE: CCJ) from “market perform” to “outperform.” CCJ's shares closed at $24.40 yesterday. Cameco's PEG ratio is 0.52.

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continues to move up like a beast

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Genkai mayor OKs restart of reactors

OSAKA, July 4 (Xinhua) -- Hideo Kishimoto, mayor of Genkai, Saga Prefecture in southwestern Japan, approved Monday the resumption of two suspended reactors at the Genkai nuclear power plant, local press reported.

Kishimoto conveyed his approval to Kyushu Electric Power Co. President Toshio Manabe in a meeting, the report said. It is the first time that a Japanese municipality gives the nod to restart reactors since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami crippled the Fukushima No. 1 power plant.

Attention now turns to whether Saga Governor Yasushi Furukawa will also agree to the resumption. Furukawa is expected to make a decision on the issue in mid-July.

Two of the Genkai plant's four reactors, the No. 2 and No. 3 units, are currently shut down for regular checks. Their restart was postponed in the wake of the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

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