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alright guys i managed to scrounge up a thousand dollars im in on this @.225 lets hope the bird flu does some serious damage
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innate, imo we should see some nice movement over the next week or two.
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Originally Posted by otcaddict
innate, imo we should see some nice movement over the next week or two.
I agree, this will be nice throughout the week and a great buy today for tomorrow morning gapper!!
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Originally Posted by Happyforce
If you thought the UCHB news was good, wait until you see this .

I agree.... This is a monster.... it was last time I called IT!!
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Buying as much as I can, gonna be a good couple of weeks.
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Just punched my ticket for this ride at $0.225. Should be fun.
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just checking out the bird flu some more

apparently its just now getting into Europe and india i think this is gonna be big India slaughtered over 100,000 chickens wont be long until it comes to us! all the continents have been hit except the americas! im kinda excited in a perverse way
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The more I research this company it's also involved in homeland security, this thing could go to a $1.00 + when it takes off.
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Volume keeps coming in. Let us see a EOD run.
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Just want to clarify here that I am by no means wanting the bird flu to spread or come to North America. I am a HUGE animal lover and even with birds it pains me to see what is happening.

At the same time though, this is a great opp to make some major money as imo the bird flu hype of last fall will pale in comparison to what is about to hit.
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I am getting in STTK at .23 looks very good right now.
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After doing a little DD, I found this from the STTK website.

Smart-tek Comunications Inc.

SCI is a market leader in integrated security, voice and data communication systems. SCI provides seamless integration of the latest in security technology with proven electronic hardware and software products. SCI specializes in integrated security and communication systems for commercial and governmental organizations typically located in commercial office buildings and properties located in Western Canada.

The Company’s products and services sold include the design, sales, installation and service of:

Closed Circuit TV
Access Control
Intercom and Communications Systems
Alarm Monitoring Systems
Voice and Data Structured Cabling

SCI has positioned itself as a leading security and low voltage systems provider in the Greater Vancouver area, currently supplying over 45% of new construction projects in the downtown core alone. SCI has also positioned itself as one of the outstanding integrated security and surveillance system providers in Western Canada. SCI provides its clients with a complete range of security solutions, and their clients do not have to settle for a "one size fits all" approach. SCI has the resources and expertise to develop creative security solutions programs tailored specifically to each client's business, and they leverage their core competencies to create unparalleled customer value. Clients include:

911 Emergency Call Centres
Municipal and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
National and International Property Developers
National and International General Contractors

SCI's competitive advantages are derived from management's past performances with general contractors, electrical contractors, electrical engineers, architects and end users. The Company's flexible work force, its' reputation, relationships and design build capabilities have given them the ability to compete with and win business from larger firms in the Western Canada market.
I know that this is a bird flu play, but the cool thing about STTK is they are a profitable company, as per their SCI subsidiary. I live in Vancouver, BC and let me tell you, the residential and commercial development market has been HUGE here the last couple of years ever since we won the right to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. So there isn't too much downside risk in owning this stock IMHO.
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just posted in the bird flu sticky about STTK, people should see whats about to happen here imo.
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L2 show's they're starting to line up at .25
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looking good here, this thing is starting up
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Breakout .27 * .28
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it's running
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running strong, happy change the title.
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nice find
ive been watchin since you called it
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