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Yep this was another dewey pump and dump scam. There is a history of this if you do a little DD. Not saying that it's bad, because if you get in and get out at the right times you make money, but just something to be aware of.

This stuff happens all the time in the pinks.

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I tried to tell ya tyler... if you would have put it in my IMNR when I told u, you would be up 300%
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Originally Posted by bihoreanu
Bingo ! Here's the reason PLKC goes down. Pay attention to that 0.0025 and 0.0015 offering price ... That made me change my mind about the re-entry target. 0.003 is not feasable at this point !





(Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter)

Georgia 58-2466623
(State or other jurisdiction of (IRS Employer
incorporation or organization) Identification No.)

1415 Bookhout Drive, Cumming, Georgia 30041
(Address of Principal Executive Offices) (Zip Code)

2005 Consultancy Stock and Option Plan
(Full title of the plan)

M. Dewey Bain
1415 Bookhout Drive
Cumming, Georgia 30041

(Name and address of agent for service)

(678) 455-7075
(Telephone number, including area code, of agent for service)

Calculation of Registration Fee
Title of each Class of Amount to be Proposed Maximum Proposed Maximum Amount of
Securities to be Registered (1) Offering Price per Aggregate Offering Registration Fee (3)
Registered Share (2) Price
Common Stock, Par Value 80,000,000 $.0015 $120,000
$0.001 per share
Shares Underlying 200,000,000 $.0025 $500,000
Options to Purchase
200,000,000 shares of
Common Stock
Totals 280,000,000 $620,000 $ 66.34

How old is that?
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a couple of days I think. Check the SEC fillings. I should have done that before buying PLKC. Darn it ! Unless yoour plans are to stick around for long term, you are going to loose in PLKC.
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its taking off now thanks to this news

PlanetLink Announces Its First Municipal Contract
CUMMINGS, Ga., Feb. 14, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- PlanetLink Communications Inc. (OTCBB:PLKC), a provider of GPS satellite-based products and services, announced today that we have recently closed on a contract with a Florida municipality to provide GPS-based vehicle tracking products and services to their Public Works department vehicles.

The contract calls for installation of the TransTRAK(tm) device in existing trucks and monitoring services for those devices. Our initial focus will be on the Waste Management and Garbage Removal operations.

The contract will facilitate providing the city residents with the best possible service associated with roads and rights-of-way, storm-water solid waste systems, building maintenance, and repair and maintenance of all department vehicles.

Larry Lapaglia, Director of Agent Programs for PlanetTRAKS, stated that, "The muncipality's primary concern was to have a "real-time" tool easily and readily available to evaluate the routing, 'on-site' time, delays and safe operation of their many Garbage Removal trucks. They determined that TransTRAK offers them the functionality, flexibility and support that they were looking for. Not only will TransTRAK(tm) provide that valuable tool, its inherent value will also become very apparent to other departments within the city, enabling them to increase their productivity. Our intent is to utilize this partnership as a springboard into many other municipalities throughout Florida and nationwide."

If you wish to learn more about how PlanetTRAKS and the TransTRAK(tm) system can help your company reduce fuel costs and increase the productivity, efficiency and safety of your fleet, please contact Larry Lapaglia (210) 442-2404.
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Good news! Spiked it up to .0059 Let's see a little more now.
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.0048 x 2
.0054 x 1
.0055 x 3
.0056 x 2
.006 x 1
.007 x 1
.009 x 3
.01 x 1
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Wow, that run didn't last long. Maybe we'll see another run up tomorrow or EOD.
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.005 x 2
.0051 x 2
.0052 x 1
.0053 x 1
.0055 x 2
.0056 x 2
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Yep, moving back up a little at a time.
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did i see this right - did this thing actually range between 0034-0550 today and have a high of a 5 cents, or is etrade messing with me???
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yah, i saw that too...either it's a typo or someone typed in the wrong limit price and got royally screwed..
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tell ya what - hsm has the same thing listed as the day's high, so is it a typo or did this really go that high??
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HAHA...i couldnt imagine buying this at .055.......someone must have got screwed...i watched this today and it didnt see it durning the day but yea its showin it now!!!!!!!! someones down 95% ouch
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lol i lost my pants on this one , I played it a few weeks ago, im not going to toy with this one again lol.
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Didn't loose my pants but I did take a loss with this one. Be careful and do you DD before jumping in. You can make money with this one but many have not.
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i'm in this one right now..gonna see if it's gonna do anything...but man that would suck to have bought at .05...ouch
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i bought @ 0006 and then MANY more @ 0003. so i am watching this one real close and am hoping to get investment (s) plus commission back...
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cancel last post price quotes - confusing with another one like this one that i'm trying to get out of without any loss... came in on this one @ .004, and am trying to figure out how high it will/can go....
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new contract, another run
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