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Keep an eye on this folks!!

Carnegie Cooke (CGKY.PK) in association with Charlson Broadcast Technologies (CBT, LLC), introduced North American horse racing to Brazil via the Campos Jockey Club and its OTB network. Carnegie Cooke is working in association with Kentucky-based horse racing technology specialists, Charlson Broadcast Technologies (CBT, LLC), delivering, via simulcast, some of the best horse racing in the United States. CBT will provide wagering technologies and video delivery, and arrange settlement services and content procurement.
Carnegie Cooke and its partners will provide horseplayers in Brazil the opportunity to wager on international horse and greyhound racing with unlimited wagering, track odds, and all available host track wager types with true track payoffs. All wagers will be converted into U.S. dollars before being fully placed into host track pools. To facilitate that betting into American pools, CBT developed its International Wagering Terminal (IWT). The IWT functions as a point of sale (POS) terminal, accepting and cashing wagers as well as generating multiple video displays of odds, exotics, results and changes and printing translated licensed Equibase(R) programs from a single PC. The IWT will also interface with popular sports and lottery systems once those opportunities become legal.
CBT, LLC will deliver the signal to Carnegie Cooke's outlets using the latest video streaming distribution systems. "Using our newest technological advancements, CBT will deliver multiple signals to numerous OTB Parlors at just a fraction of the current cost," states Cary Charlson, President and CEO of CBT, LLC. "CBT is very excited to work with Carnegie-Cooke and its associates in Brazil."
"Over 100 million dollars was bet legally in Venezuela last year on domestic racing alone, not including the additional estimate of more then 900 million through accepted illegal wagers. This is with less than 60 races per week", adds Charlson. "We anticipate providing 16 hours of international racing content on more then 30 channels, seven days a week. We expect to provide thousands of race event betting opportunities per week. That is simply a lot more chances for people to place wagers. We expect that the illegal wagers will be eliminated by the availability of low takeout wagers and the increased frequency of races that have enormous payoff opportunities of which the international racing provides. These types of bets include large carryovers such as the pick-six type wagers. I expect the same type of appeal in Brazil when Carnegie Cooke ramps up its International Simulcasting in January. The handle will increase dramatically from the current levels."
"This is an exciting time for all of us involved in this project." states Mark Goldberg, President and CEO of Carnegie Cooke. "Brazil can now experience the excitement of horse racing from some of the most exciting venues around the world." The turf industry in Brazil is divided among non-profit jockey clubs. Each Jockey Club owns a racetrack and has the right to open off-site betting agencies in its designated area. Through the 2000 purchase of The Jockey Club Eldorado in Porto Alegre, Carnegie Cooke, through its Brazilian subsidiary, Carnegie do Brasil, obtained the licenses and exclusivity agreements necessary to establish a gaming presence in Brazil. It currently is the only company in Brazil able to accept wagers on international simulcast from United States tracks.