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MIN.V - Excelsior Mining

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Excelsior Mining V.MIN



Upcoming super low cost In-Situ copper producer located in Arizona.

Target Price $1.50 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEmD9a6dQUI

Recent share price $0.13




• 3.21 billion pounds of measured and indicated oxide copper resource

• After tax NPV of US$562M (7.5% discount using $2.50 copper price)

• After tax IRR of 30%

Initial costs of US$325M (Payback in 3.6 years)

Operating costs = US$0.68 per pound

• Royalty = US$0.01 per pound

• Production of 85M pounds per year

• Life of Mine = 20 years


• Shares Outstanding 66.1 M

• Fully Diluted 78.7 M

• Recent SP $0.13

• Market Cap $8.6 M 

• Cash $3 M

• No Debt










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Where'd this guy go????  We need him!


355% today, and likely a gap up on monday. I really wish I was saw this post..... :(



Incredible.... If one truly believed in this stock, 10,000 at 0.10cents (November..prices) = 100,000 shares = 55,000 dollars today prices.


In 2 months, jaw dropping stuff. Mackie Research has a 1.50 target.

With the PFS, basic calculations would mean this stock is roughly (with X 10 EPS) = 7.33/share. It'd get bought out though.

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I bought,


I believe a PP is being done at .45 cents, that's why the move is being held. After close, we get a PP financing released, then the stock consolidates a bit more, then runs again.

I saw this with LX Ventures, and may likely happen again with MIN-V. @ .50 cents, I don't see this run finished yet.

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INsiders on MIN taking some profits here, interestingly Callinan Royalties selling some....


Insider Name Ownership
Securities Nature of transaction # or value acquired or disposed of Price
Jan 21/14 Jan 20/14 Butler, Roland Wayne Control or Direction Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -100,000 $0.503
Jan 21/14 Jan 20/14 Callinan Royalties Corporation Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -100,000 $0.503
Jan 21/14 Jan 17/14 Butler, Roland Wayne Control or Direction Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -350,000 $0.429
Jan 21/14 Jan 17/14 Callinan Royalties Corporation Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -350,000 $0.429
Jan 13/14 Jan 13/14 Atwal, Sonya Direct Ownership Options Incentive Stock 00 - Opening Balance-Initial SEDI Report 100,000  
Jan 13/14 Jan 13/14 Atwal, Sonya Direct Ownership Common Shares 00 - Opening Balance-Initial SEDI Report 33,333  
Dec 20/13 Dec 19/13 Twyerould, Stephen Indirect Ownership Common Shares NON-VOTING 11 - Disposition carried out privately -2,331,000  
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Yeah, I noticed it as well, weird.....


Either something isn't right, or these guys want to get into the cheaper PP?

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I suspect a private placement is in the works, question is at which price..... I am thinking .35 range might make it attractive to some investors..

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I averaged down. Past experience usually tells me 3 days of Red, mean a decent up day tmr.

If I'm wrong, well, damn.


I noticed selling dried up substantially as well, so hope thats done.

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Excelsior Mining Corp. (TSX: V.MIN, Stock Forum), the junior that enjoyed a 358% jump in its stock price last week, is looking to do a financing in the near future.

Excelsior President and CEO Stephen Twyerould told Stockhouse this week that the company needs to raise another $14 million in order to fund a feasibility study and secure permits for its Gunnison project near Tuscon, Arizona.

That’s on top of roughly $9 million that would come from options potentially being exercised, he said.

Excelsior shares climbed 358% to 55 cents last week on the back of results from a pre-feasibility study that was conducted on the North Star Deposit at Gunnison. It shows that Gunnison has the potential to be one of North America’s lowest-cost copper producers.

The company hopes to achieve that goal by using a complex procedure known as in-situ recovery to produce 110 million pounds of copper annually at an average life-of-mine operating cost of US68 cents a pound. Copper was trading this week at US$3.33 a pound on the spot market.

As investors continue to take profits off the table following last week's rally, Excelsior was down 8.6% to 37 cents Wednesday, leaving a market cap of $22 million, based on 59.1 million shares outstanding. The 52-week range is 64 cents and 9.5 cents.

“What we would like to find is a financier with deep pockets who is willing to do an offtake agreement,’’ Twyerould said.

He said the company hopes a financing might come from someone in the private equity sector who could easily write a cheque for $15 million.

In the short term, he said the company might look to do a small equity financing, one that would avoid excessive dilution.

Twyerould said dilution is something the company hopes to avoid because family of the company's later founder Jim Sullivan continue to be big shareholders.

 A family trust set up James Sullivan, added to the holdings of his son Kevin, means the family currently control 9.7 million shares or 18.3% of the voting rights attached to the common shares. For his part, Twyerould holds 7 million shares.

Mark Marobito, a Vancouver-based director who provides management services to the company via King & Bay West, also owns 1.9 million shares.

Twyerould is a native of New South Wales in the Australian Outback. He said it was family ties that brought him to his current position as CEO after his wife expressed a desire to move back to Pheonix from Australia in 2005 so that she could be closer to her family.

It was soon after moving to Phoenix that Twyerould was introduced to the late Jim Sullivan, the original Gunnison property holder.

Twyerould had previously been involved with Reliance Mining Ltd. a western Australian company with nickel projects, which was acquired in March, 2005, by Consolidated Nickel Pty Ltd.
Some of that selling likely related to the options/warrants that are outstanding. This will raise some cash, but dilution will be at much lower prices than todays..
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Thanks Mouser.


Wish I waited now. :hmmm: 


Actually, it's a pretty solid project with a minimal investment. It looks like the venture exchange is picking up steam again and when that time does come, it'd bring many stocks to good valuations. This play would definitely be a hold and wait situation.

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Nicely traded so far, I'm looking at a .49 target to close a candle gap.

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Out at .46.


I'd get back in when the dust settles and if the price is nice. But like Mouser said, they will be looking at a pp, IF they can not get an off-take agreement.

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Wow terrific move back up, had a bid in lower , as I thought around .35 might be where a PP would take place. I dont think they will do a big  financing here, as some capital is likely to come in from warrant and option exercising.

Offtake agreement would limit dilution , but you lock in metal prices in that scenerio, which may not be the best alternative.....

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 is Excelsior transparent with private investors in its dealings and does it communicate with private investors?

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what are Excelsior like in its communications with private investors?

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