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i got from thier websight just shy of 6 mil os and float 1 mil that could have changed though. even if the float is 5.2 million that isn't very many shares
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I agree, 5.2 million is a kick in the bucket to the billions that some companies have.
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I keep watching Google's price continue to sail, and wonder if this could happen with tdcp.
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hitachi and jvc said it could be bigger then the industrial revolution and the internet combined. that tells me yes the possibility is thier
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3DIcon Names Judith F. Snider Director of Investor Relations
Wednesday January 11, 4:55 pm ET
Corporate Secretary to Assume Additional Role on January 15, as Company Positions Itself for 2006 Marketing Effort

TULSA, Okla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 11, 2006--3DIcon Corporation (Pink Sheets:TDCP - News), a communications development company, announced today that Judith F. Snider, its Corporate Secretary, would assume the additional duties of Director of Investor Relations, effective January 15.

"Many of our shareholders already know Judy Snider, as they have spoken with her about their stock as far back as 1998," said Martin Keating, 3DIcon's CEO. "Judy has been with 3DIcon since its inception, she's a shareholder herself, and she realizes the importance of straightforward communication with those whose investment has helped build the Company. As we look forward to our first marketing program this year, Judy will now be in a key position to keep people informed of our progress." Ms. Snider worked for two Tulsa CPA firms before joining 3DIcon.

3DIcon Corporation is a development-stage company whose mission is to create and market full-color, 360-degree person-to-person holographic technology that is both simple and portable. Such a system could revolutionize or replace all existing forms of electronic communications, including television, telephones, and personal computers. This "next-generation" technology should be well suited to such industries as construction, transportation, healthcare, education, entertainment, financial services, and the military.

Forward-Looking Statements

Any statements contained herein which are not historical facts are considered "forward-looking statements" under federal securities laws. Such forward-looking statements are based on the beliefs of our management as well as assumptions made by and information currently available to management. Actual results may vary significantly from these forward-looking statements based on a variety of factors.
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1/20: Stagnant.

Although TDCP had a volume of about 24,000 (???), the price remained pretty much at 0.16.

I wonder why traffic has been so low lately with TDCP?
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Someone I know is having dinner with Martin Keating on Thur. night and he is going to ask Martin if he has any new info I can share with you all here. So keep your eyes open for Fri. or Mon. for hopefully some new info.:
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Looks like were on the move again!! .23 close
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Been a good week

for TDCP.
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told you all about this when at .13 now at .237 and it has not even started to go. when it goes you will be amazed. its just a matter of time
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I'm showing TDCP at 0.27 right now (3/9/06). Gone up .10 slowly but surely since January.
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Can anyone find the float on TDCP? I can't seem to locate it here. O/S is 6 mil.
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last time i talked to the company last fall it was 1 million in the float which is easy to see the way it moves. at .28 now. loving the ride
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just added more at .29. take a look it is ready to blast off
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Damn it looks good.

It's probably going to steady back after profit-takers jump in. Probably with a new plateau around .25. Who knows.

Great call atcspaul. Going long on TDCP.
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i dont think so charlotte. all buys right now and they keep coming in
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printing .33 people told you at .13 gonna really go soon i belieive
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Damn!! This is tight!
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new 52 week high printing .35
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